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Q&A: Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

What is "Vanishing Twin Syndrome"? I'm having twins, is this something I should worry about?

Re: What is "Vanishing Twin Syndrome"? I'm having twins, is this something I should worry about?

The Bump Expert

In some cases, one fetus in a multiple pregnancy will die in the womb, and the fetal tissue will be condensed in its sac by the other twin, placenta, or mother, giving the appearance that the baby has literally disappeared. This is what we call Vanishing Twin Syndrome (VTS). VTS usually occurs in the first trimester, and rarely are there real medical risks to either mom or the other twin that are associated with it when it does happen this early on.

Karen Moise, RN

Q&A: Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

I found out early on at 6 wks. that I was having fraternal twins. I read all the scary things on the internet about vanishing twin syndrome and was convinced it was going to happen to me.I went back in for a 15 wks. check up and one of the babies had stopped growing and had no heartbeat. It was like going to a Funeral and a Birthday at the same time because the other one was perfectly fine. It was very hard to deal with, but we are blessed the other is ok. As scary as this may seem, it is common. Im glad I read up about it to kind of prepare myself that it was possible, and though it was very sad, I think everything happens for a reason, and we have a healthy one coming along just fine. Due June 3 2014. keep us posted, and good luck to you!

lacy223 |

Q&A: Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

Lacy... ((hugs)) I JUST went through that on Thursday... Due date Aug 13. <3

rdeem328 |