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Telling Twins Apart In Utero?

Will I be able to tell my kids apart when they're down there?


Will I be able to tell my kids apart when they're down there?

The Bump Expert

It depends on how far along you are and whether you’re carrying more than two. Starting at about the 24-week mark, those babies can clearly establish their own territories. Often, baby A (so named because she’s closest to the cervix and therefore likely to be born first) will stay on one side while baby B stays on the other. The less room they have, the less likely they are to move around. But baby A may switch with B without your even realizing it (see, they’re playing games already!). By the way, while you may not always know which baby is which, your doctor, who is monitoring each one’s progress, should be able to distinguish who’s who and how well each one is doing.

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