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Bringing Twins to Full Term?

What are the chances of bringing multiples to full term?


What are the chances of bringing multiples to full term?

The Bump Expert

You’re about six times as likely to deliver before your due date. Why are so many twins, triplets, and other multiples born early? Think of it this way: Your uterus is a pretty amazing place, but even the womb has its limits. The more baby (plus fluids, plus placenta) in there, the more distended it can become, which means you have a higher chance of breaking your water, developing preterm contractions, or having your cervix dilate.

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Bringing Twins to Full Term?

I am 36 weeks and my doctor is trying to get me to 37 or 38 weeks. She said that the girls are starting to get crowed, and that she said they will be fine if i have them any time soon.

AllieElyse |

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