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Breastfeeding Gear for Twins?

I really want to breastfeed. Is there anything special I need at home?


I really want to breastfeed. Is there anything special I need at home?

The Bump Expert

In theory, you’d think two breasts would really be all you’d need to get the job done. But in reality, all moms -- and especially mothers of twins or triplets -- require a little extra equipment to make things a little easier. Start with a good pump (you can rent one at the hospital or purchase a new one). There’s a good chance your babies might be born a bit early and may be staying in the NICU, so you’ll need it to pump and store your breast milk to keep up your supply while you’re apart (actually, you’ll likely need a pump even if your babies do come home with you, so consider it a good investment). To make the actual act of breastfeeding easier, consider getting a nursing pillow specially designed for twins (look for one with a large, firm surface that can help support two babies at once). If you can’t find a twin pillow, you can also use rolled up towels or regular pillows to support your back and elbows. Then of course there are the necessary accoutrements: bottles so your partner can feed your pumped milk (or formula if you’re supplementing) and you can get a much-needed break, breast pads to absorb leakage, and lanolin ointment (find it in most drugstores) to soothe sore nipples.

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