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Checklist: What to Ask HR About Maternity Leave

Every company’s different, and state laws differ, too. When you’re ready to talk to human resources, bring these questions. And take notes!

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[ ] What is going to happen during the rest of my pregnancy?

[ ] What kind of paid and unpaid leave is available?

[ ] While I am on leave, is my job protected?

[ ] What provisions are there for me to ease into coming back?

[ ] What type of leave do I have to cover my doctor’s appointments?

[ ] Is there less strenuous work available while I am pregnant?

[ ] What kind of policies do we have for maternity leave and bonding time?

[ ] Am I covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act or a similar state law?

[ ] What kind of policies do we have for short-term disability?

[ ] Does our state have a temporary disability program?

[ ] What will happen to my job while I am gone?

[ ] What will happen to my benefits while I am on leave?

[ ] What policies do you have to support new parents on the job?

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