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Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

My ankles and feet are so swollen. Is there anything I can do?

Re: My ankles and feet are so swollen. Is there anything I can do?

The Bump Expert

Pregnancy puffiness: Another of those uncomfortable and annoying, but not usually dangerous, symptoms. First off, know what’s normal and what isn't. Call your doctor if you see swelling in your face, your hands puff up more than just a little bit, one leg is much more swollen than the other, or your ankles or feet swell very suddenly. (This can be a sign of preeclampsia.)

For everyday swelling, R&R coupled with prevention is your best bet. Get off your feet and lie down (preferably on your left side) whenever possible. When you sit, elevate your feet if you can, don't cross your ankles or legs, and stretch frequently. Also, get up and walk around to keep your blood moving. Drink plenty of water, even if it seems counterintuitive. If the swelling gets really bad, try support hose. You may feel like you’re channeling your grandma... but the sweet relief will be worth it!

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Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Swollen feet and ankles?

I just received a lymphatic massage from a prenatal massage therapist that really helped to ease the swelling of my feet!

CharlieandJenn |

Q&A: Swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy?

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