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Q&A: Pregnant and uncomfortable?

My belly is so big... and my body is so sore. How can I reduce the all-over aches and pains?

Re: My belly is so big... and my body is so sore. How can I reduce the all-over aches and pains?

The Bump Expert

You've got our sympathy. At least in terms of physical comfort, sometimes pregnancy just plain isn't fun. There are ways to reduce the soreness, though. A massage from your partner can help you feel better, as can stretching and light exercise. A few laps in the pool can work in two way, both by strengthening your abdominal and lower back muscles and by taking some strain off of your joints and ligaments. Working on your posture is another biggie -- proper alignment strengthens muscles and reduces strain. Simply shifting positions also might help a bit, and heating pads can offer soothing relief. As with any pain, listen to your body and avoid activities that seem to make the pain worse, particularly those requiring extreme movements of your hips or spine. And try not to let the pain get you too down -- delivery day is coming soon!

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Aches, pains and sore spots?

The tendons and muscles in my groin area just hurt. It feels like a huge bruise down there when I get up and try walking...What I have been doing to manage my pain is having my fiance' stretch me and going to biweekly Chiropractor appointments.I highly recommend both!!

kima76 |

re: Q: Aches, pains and sore spots?

I have pain in my hips and lower back everynight when I try to go to bed. It doesn't bother me too much during the day. Besides a chiropractor anyone have any suggestions? I have tried pillows between legs, underneat them. I have tried massages, sleeping on the couch and floor.

ckwas26 |

re: Q: Aches, pains and sore spots?

my sciatic nerve has been hurting SO bad lately. It hurts to walk or sit down or anything. :( I hope this doesn't last throughout the rest of my pregnancy. :(

sugareexx |

re: Q: Aches, pains and sore spots?

my back is the worst, i have a sore spot for 2 weeks now and can't wait to visit my chiropractor!!! a god send if you ask.

turkeybaby11 |

Q&A: Pregnant and uncomfortable?

I had a prenatal massage and told her about my sciatic nerve. It has not hurt at all since then. She worked on it for about a half hour. It kind of hurt while she was doing it, but afterwards I have never felt better. It has been a week since, and I don't regret spending the money at all.

mollykay12 |

Q&A: Pregnant and uncomfortable?

Do you guys go to a general chiropractor, or have you found one thta specializes in pregnancy? I have one, but I am not sure if I need to find one that has that specialty.

GMonet |

Q&A: Pregnant and uncomfortable?

Youshould find a chiro who specializes in pregnant women and knows the Webster technique...

jdaldin |

Q&A: Pregnant and uncomfortable?

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