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Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

Why am I peeing so much, and is there any way to cut down on how many times I pee during the day? It's driving me crazy!

Re: Why am I peeing so much, and is there any way to cut down on how many times I pee during the day? It's driving me crazy!

The Bump Expert

There are a few reasons behind your steady stream. For one thing, the hormone hCG triggers an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area, causing you to make more pee. In addition, the efficiency of the kidneys improves during pregnancy, so your body gets rid of waste products (i.e. pee) more quickly. And let's not forget your growing uterus, which puts increasing pressure on your bladder as it gets bigger. (And bigger!)

The good news is, this pressure lifts once the uterus rises into your abdominal cavity in the second trimester. Until then, be sure to lean forward when you pee to completely empty your bladder, which might cut back on trips to the WC. But don’t stop downing the liquids -- your body needs them.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

Sorry but when your prego your body works the best it ever will.. and YES your Kidney function works A++ like never before. This is for good reason too, your baby needs nutrients, and your kidneys help with all of this, especially for ridding your body of wastes ( urine ). So even though you may not be drinking that much at some points in the day and you have to pee AGAIN- its not always because "the baby is sitting on your bladder" .. your bladder is full from your kidneys that are in overdrive!!!

br1ttanymharney |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I know how you feel, I had to pee so much when I was pregnant! I actually wet my pants more than once! so embarresing... I ended up wearing a diaper for the last three months.

Jessica20101 |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I am only 5 weeks & 4 days along and I get up 3 to 4 times a night to pee! I never imagined this would be my reality before the age of 60! LOL!

Mora2010 |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I'm 16 weeks and I go every 2-3 hours on average. When you I went for my ultrasound, they showed me how fast my bladder filled up. That is normal and just part of pregnancy. However, it is no picnic!

hubjen |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I got this like tingling sensation when i pee i want to say it hurts but really it doesnt it just kinda bothers me i guess why is it is it even normal? first baby so i really dont know if i should be having that feeling when i pee HELP SOMEONE GIVE ADVISE ASAP PLZ!!!!

VeronicaAR |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

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jerryms |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I just found out today that I am preggers (I'm still in shock!), and am 4 weeks. Yesterday, I must have peed 20 times during the day at work, and got up once during the night to pee. I do drink alot of liquids, but did not drink any more yesterday than I normally do. Do you think that my excessive peeing yesterday was because of the pregnancy? I mean, could that be happnening already? This early? Or was it just a fluke?


Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I've had two babies within a short space and noticed that I peed much more with the second than with the first. I'm not sure if it was a pelvic floor issue, maybe it never recovered between babies? Into my third trimester with DD I noticed that my control at night was compromised and needed to get some protection for the mattress. If anyone else is finding the same thing, definitely get a couple of Brolly Sheets off Amazon or their website www.brollysheetsusa.com. They're also good for protection if you're bf'ing and leak at night. Let's face it, nobody likes waking up to a wet milk patch in the bed :(

JoFarmmer |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I pee a lot too like every time I drink a liquid it comes str8 out within 20 mins...

Tracy Shannon |

Q&A: Pregnant and can't stop peeing?

I am 9 weeks today have been peeing every 2.5 hours at night since 7 weeks and I just look at it as good practice for when you have to get up every 2-3 hours at night to feed baby! Congrats ladies! :)

Celiawhite1 |