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Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I’m definitely noticing the mood swing thing. Why does this happen, and is there anything I can do to balance myself out?

Re: I’m definitely noticing the mood swing thing. Why does this happen, and is there anything I can do to balance myself out?

The Bump Expert

The easy answer is hormones. They get blamed -- and rightfully so -- for many of pregnancy's discomforts. Especially in the first trimester, hormones like progesterone are rapidly increasing, causing numerous physical and psychological changes. But, hormones aren’t the only culprit. Whether the pregnancy was planned or not, whether it’s your first child or your fifth, having a baby is a life changing experience. People have normal anxieties and worries about the health of their unborn child, the pregnancy, finances and their ability to parent... to name a few. With all this to think about, it’s no wonder you're experience mood swings. 

So how can you balance yourself out? The answer depends on the degree of the mood swings. It’s important to let your provider know if you have a history of anxiety, depression or other mental health problems and if you are or have been on any medications to treat these issues. Women with a history of depression or mood disorders are at higher risk for depression both during pregnancy and postpartum. 

If it’s mood swings and not depression, I highly recommend taking stress reduction classes and/or couples counseling.  You can also try prenatal yoga, meditation and exercise. Add to these a healthy diet consisting of whole foods and small, frequent meals. Drops in blood sugar levels can increase mood swings. It is very important to get your partner involved. The more your partner knows about the normalcy of your mood swings and techniques for reducing their severity and frequency, the better for both of you. This is also a good time to call upon your friends, family and online community for support and understanding. Remember you’re not going through this alone, and the tools and relationships you develop now will benefit you after the baby comes.

Maria Kammerer

re: Q: Mood swings?

I thought I was going crazy! All of a sudden I go off on someone. Don't get in the line of my destruction. Super sensitive!!!!!?

bebabyscott |

re: Q: Mood swings?

I've had almost no signs of being pregnant EXCEPT for being moody. Everything makes me annoyed very easily. Plus I'm tired which only worsens it. My poor husband. I read a comment by someone though that said whenever you feel like exploding just take deep breaths, count to ten, and realize that it's probalby just your hormones blowing things out of proportion. So that's what I'm trying to do!

rcollier_17 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I'm going through the mood swings right now! I work in a doctor's office, where I have to check out patients, and they are driving me INSANE! I honestly feel like I'm going crazy! It's like one second I'm cool, and the next I'm like the exorcist! Lol.

MaryB010 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I have been very crazy too! I get fired up and mad and then I want to cry. It takes me a while to get a grip. I am ready to have control of myself again...hopefully after the 1st trimester!

shellkat |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

Oh thank goodness I have read this. Today was the first time I have yelled at a stranger (err my electrician) in my life! I am so moody it's pretty funny. I hope my husband can handle this...I'm glad I'm not the only moody person though:) Makes me feel more normal. lol

nadine_mm_hamilton@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

im mad all of a sudden. poor DH, sometimes I wanna slap his face!! im so mad at myself. im even a meany to my mom, poor mom.... i cant control myself. imma try what u said rcollier 17... thnx

laiscristinek |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I haven't had much for mood swings, 'til last week when I began my 3rd trimester. I can go from weepy to witchy in about 3 seconds. I feel incredibly sorry for DH, who is dealing with me really well. Wish I knew a few more tips on how to stay a little bit more stable....and hoping this will pass soon.

Nutmeg19 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I've been moody and irritable lately, then i get sad and start crying.. it doesn't help I have a stressful job. I was mad at my husband for not helping with chores around the house. I went shopping to cool off, felt better, but then I got back to the house and felt like crying again.

gamadem73 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

oh yes i just recently had a misscarriage about 2 months ago i started having anxiety attacks before i knew i was preganant. and all to show thats why i got them but i didnt know that. I have been blessed to concieve again and when the syptoms of anxiety cam up again i had to test. Positive! all to show it was just from my hormones. i am a mom to be with history of anxiety. its been easier to know there are things to help with this. So i hope no one feels alone

bgrieve269 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I have been very moody during my pregnancy. It is my first and was unplannedso the stress of everything makes it way worse. My boyfriend does not know how to handle it and everytime I have a mood swing, mad, sad, or otherwise, he gets very mad at me and it turns into a fight. I dont know what to do because he just doesnt care and I feel unsupported and unloved by him because of it. I dont know how to handle it and he doesnt try too...

MissAmanda10 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I'm about 4 weeks in and I have been pretty moody and getting mad about stupid stuff as well. I just try to remember to tell my husband that I'm sorry for being mean to him sometimes because my hormones are all out of wack!

barrif1 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I'm im my 6th week of my pregnancy, and for the past month I feel like I want to scream at my husband for all of his habits and comments, and then I find my self crying uncontrollably. All of the hormones, the exhuastion, the stomach issues and worrying about the health of the baby is taking everything from me.

franzez |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

The first two weeks of my pregnancy, when I had no clue I was preggo, I was biting my husbands head off every night! The poor guy, he loves me so and tried so hard to e patient but I am sure he thought I was going crazy! It was a very rage-filled time and I am glad that's passed. I notice fleeting moments of it now, but at least I know why! God Bless our husbands who love us through the moodswings...and farting...hahaha

lalaluvsyou33 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

My poor boyfriend and our two sons...they don't even talk to me, they are afraid to get snapped on! I work in a nursing home and last night I felt like I was losing control...absolutely no patience...I had to get outside to take a breath. I feel *itchier than I ever have in my life. I don't like it because this should be such a happy time and I think my kids hate me. Hopefully in the 2nd trimester I will be so different they wont remember all this. Here's to the 2nd trimester!!

nmorales84 |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I've been super exhausted so I know thats not helping my case. I teach kindergarten and unfortunately every little thing they do right now irritates me to death! I have to keep in mind, it is probably me, because the first half of the schoolyear when I wasn't pregnant, I was super patient and kind. Oh well, thats the way it is I guess!

ginger02topaz |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

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jerryms |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I've been so tired and angry about everything. Today I blew up at the cashier at walmart because he was moving in slow motion. I feel so bad afterward because I work in retail and swore I will never act like those crazy customer. I just can't get over the fact that he was ringing up the items one by one in the slowest speed possible. Help me!!!!! I'm only 9 weeks in. I've been upset and annoyed at just about every little thing around me.

nghithy |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I also feel like people have advice about everything from what to eat to if you are taking your vitamins.At some point you start to think do they think I dont read up on pregnancy or have a doctor.This is my first child and pregnancy but had been trying so I have done my homework.It just drives me crazy.

Alexandramark |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

Praise the Lord I found this...I feel somewhat "normal" for the first time in weeks reading the responses: I've been SO moody. One moment I can be perfectly fine and then I get a near anxiety attack and need to bawl my eyes out. I am finally at week 11 so I am praying this only lasts a couple more weeks!

sarahmmmiller |

Q&A: Mood swings during pregnancy?

I am 4 1/.2 weeks pregnany and I am going through crazy mood swings not to mention that I am tired, hungry all the time. I drink water like a mad woman and try and eat howeve I am really a wreck. My husband keeps telling me its to soon for hormonal swings like this...but I am glad to know that i am not the only one. I am not a very nice person tobe around right now, and I definetly have to walk away from my husband and just breath...go sit outside...do something to not wreck havoc.

MichaelSC28 |