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What is heparin?

My doctor said I should take heparin. How can it help?


My doctor said I should take heparin. How can it help?

The Bump Expert

Heparin is an anticoagulant. That’s a medication that’s designed to slow the blood’s clotting time. Normally, when you get a cut, your blood clots in a matter of seconds. That process takes longer for someone who’s on an anticoagulant.

If you have a clotting condition, like thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or a family history of clotting, your doc may prescribe heparin.

Heparin needs to be injected, so if you’re prescribed it, your doctor or nurse will teach you how to give yourself the shots. Sounds scary we know, but it’s actually pretty easy -- since the needle is really thin and short, it’s more like pricking your finger than getting a shot.

Note that since your blood will be thinner, you might be more prone to bruising while you’re taking heparin. The good news is that effects of heparin wear off quickly, so even if you need surgery (such as a c-section) at the end of your pregnancy, your doc will be able to control your bleeding so it doesn’t cause complications for you.
Many women who use heparin during pregnancy can stop using it after baby’s born -- but since that’s decided case-by-case, you’ll need to ask your doc what’s best for you.

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Myra Wick, MD, ob-gyn, medical editor in chief of Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

What is heparin?

I really don't understand these public health terms, but I am sure that if your doctor recommended to take these pills, you should take his advice. After all he knows best! And of course, you will find the drug leaflet in its box, when you will buy it.

lionking44 |

What is heparin?

Don't worry, the heparin is used for many health problems, including for your symptoms. And it doesn't affect the development of your unborn baby. I had some eye diseases symptoms and my family doctor prescribed me these pills. I got better fast.

negruvoda |

What is heparin?

I know that heparin induces skin lesions so you should really take care of your skin. Even if it may have some side effects it doesn't mean it's all bad. Just consult your doctor.

PurpleHope |

What is heparin?

Heparin works to make blood clothing time slow. Whenever I want to get details about any medicine I buy custom essays UK to read about it completely.

Knottie68946539 |