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Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

My nails are growing like crazy but they’re also dry and brittle. Any advice?

Re: My nails are growing like crazy but they’re also dry and brittle. Any advice?

The Bump Expert

Almost every part of your body changes during pregnancy, nails included. Thanks to increases in blood pressure and hormone levels, you may find them growing faster and longer than normal. The bad news is, can result in thin, weak nails that crack and peel. Our suggestion: Use this as an opportunity to pamper, pamper, pamper! Pay a visit to the salon and enjoy having those swollen feetbuffed and shined. Make sure the salon is well-ventilated to avoid fumes (pregnant women are extra-sensitive). Apply lotion to your hands and cuticles liberally, and avoid moisture-sucking polish removers. Cut nails short and rounded, and keep an emery board handy to deal with broken and split tips. Gelatin capsules and prenatal vitamins containing the B-complex vitamin biotin, both safe during pregnancy, have also been shown to improve nail strength.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Fingernail Therapy?

Neutrogena makes a great vitamin-enriched nail treatment that brushes on and dries in seconds. It nourishes and conditions nails, and gives them a pretty buffed sheen. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is great for nails as well.

happysparkle |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

a couple weeks ago my nails seemed to undergo a growth spurt but my nails weren't equal lengths with each other and my middle finger nails both broke and both thumb and pointer finger nails cracked and peeled..

Dannyswifey10 |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

My friend's two toenails randomly fell off in her first trimester and that never happened to her before...

jillybean800 |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

My fingernails were beautiful and all long until about week 30 then 'Bam' 6 randomly cracked and had to be trimmed almost to the quick! taking forever it seems to grow back too!

suzzyb73 |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

i too am having nail troubles, but it never happened when i was pregnant with my son. especially the toe nails, they just keep chipping and breaking at the ends, most annoying, as its hard to bend down to fix them up! lol.

mandycruicky |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

While reading a pregnancy magazine, I recently learned of a new polish line developed by podiatrists and specially made with natural ingredients...like tea tree oil, that are perfect during pregnancy. Check out www.remedynails.com. I just received mine (polish and remover) in the mail.

conniead |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

My toenails are so weak and brittle - its impossible to bend over to fix them up - I'm booking an appointment with my manicurist quick!!

LEB2009 |

Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Fingernail problems during pregnancy?

I had a similar problem during my pregnancy, only that mine was worse than yours. I had to resort to surgery, to a private Seattle nose job cabinet. I could do the surgery only because I was in the first semester of pregnancy. Otherwise I could put my unborn baby in danger.

lionking44 |