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Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I am eating pickles straight out of the jar right now. Why do we get these weird cravings? Is it okay to indulge?

Re: I am eating pickles straight out of the jar right now. Why do we get these weird cravings? Is it okay to indulge?

The Bump Expert

Studies show about 90% of expecting women have cravings, particularly in the first trimester. Experts aren’t sure why, but one theory is that your body is simply asking for what it needs. The boost in blood volume increases your need for sodium -- hence, you crave pickles. Why the sudden change in food preferences? Blame it on raging hormones, which are messing with your senses of taste and smell. Hunger, restlessness and difficult emotions can intensify cravings, so make sure to eat breakfast, exercise regularly, and ask for support when you need it.

Moderate indulgence is fine (and totally inevitable), but watch your intake of empty calories -- especially if they start to replace important nutrients. Here are some healthy alternatives to common junk cravings.

Instead of ice cream
Try sorbet, popsicles, low-fat fro-yo

Instead of donuts, pastries
Try whole grain toast with jam

Instead of cookies, cake, pie
Try angel food cake, graham crackers and peanut butter, low-fat banana, zucchini or pumpkin bread, oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, low-fat pudding

Instead of candy
Try trail mix

Instead of chocolate
Try low-fat chocolate milk, low-sugar hot cocoa

Instead of chips
Try popcorn (air-popped or light microwave), pretzels, whole grain cereal

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

i had cravings for carrots (like a small plate full), chicken nuggets, and cheesy ranch fries. for some reason im having a hard time eating other vegetables now. it just makes me nauseous.

Dannyswifey10 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

Yea its okay to indulge were pregnant we have an excuse to make our hubbies run out to fill our cravings in the middle of the night!!!!!! ... ^_^ ... lol ... I crave chocolate like crazy and extra toasteddd wafflesss very oftennnn!!!! :P

sengyalanis |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I have been craving chocolate milkshakes like crazy!!! I have one twice a week it seems. I think it's because I don't drink milk and my body is telling me I need calcium :)

septbride0906rf |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

With my first I couldn't get enough eggs....sandwhiches,hardboiled,omletes...you name it! This time it's bacon and beef jerkey....god help me! lol

cailiejan |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

It's funny how everyones cravings are different. My cravings include pretzels, fruit, and macaroni but the sight of meat makes me want to vomit. Oh and I don't have any chocolate/sweet cravings, it feels like I'm eating straight up sugar!

sparklenshine_89 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I am craving milk, bbq sauce, and sour granny smith apples! I thought it was too early for cravings but I didn't like any of this before!

kgraessle |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I was buying dozens of those little conatinors of butterscotch pudding and big bags of cheesies and dipping them in the pudding, i couldn't get enough

PrettySue |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

i have been craving water i drink like 6 bottles a day at work then another 4 before i go to bed and i also i dont even want anything sweet.

missy83cn |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

Bean burritos!!! I know it is weird but I could eat one for every meal with sour cream and cheese on them.

Sammeyg |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I envy the women who craved chocolate... Normally I LIVE on chocolate... Not now. I bit into one of my chocolate easter bunnies and it tasted horrible... for four days I've tried to eat chocolate... and it just tastes yucky... I'm heart-broken.

ChristyPooP |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I have been obsessed with fruit and sour cream & onion potato chips! I cannot get enough of them!

soperjooli |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

My Fiance LOVES Sour Cream and Onion Chips, and normally they're my favourite but the smell of them make me sick. I have weird cravings: -Carrots & BBQ sauce -Dipping bacon in vanilla ice cream, -Pickles and Mustard. -Cheese pizza and fruit loops. And the nastiest: -frosted flakes and milk with jalopeano poppers. Then I have my normal cravings: -Fruit smoothies -Apples. -Cottage cheese on whole wheat bagel

Jurban30 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

Oh my gosh, bagels with cream cheese with bread and butter pickles right on top! That and anything raspberry :) which is great because red raspberry tea helps bunches with nausea

zippygonzallez |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I crave oranges and snow the most. But a lot of the time, ANYTHING sounds good. I also crave the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap and leather. It's weird and all of my friends make fun of me for it. But, hey, it smells really good!(:

bnichole13 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I have been craving LEMONS with salt.... Thats about it. well... Pizza.

mustanglvoerana |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

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jerryms |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

omg! my weirdest one right now is ground beef and italian dressing! everyone says it sounds nasty, but when i ate it, i was in heaven!

brittanyhuffine |


I found that Korean style lightly salted roasted seaweed is a wonderful alternative for salty cravings. It has iodine and other goodies that are great for the little one. Plus I'm craving it like there is no tomorrow! Lol

KSangel180 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I'm craving cream cheese so bad. And not like on bagels. I mean straight out of the tub with a spoon. I don't understand it.

Stephanietuttle1024 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I crave orange juice and milk. Mmm...a big glass with ice. However, how many of you like myself have their husbands with the cravings? lol my husband never liked chocolate and now he craves for it. Too funny!

vivianhrndz |