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Weird Pregnancy Dreams

We had Bumpies spill the craziest things that have happened to them during sleeping hours. And to get to the bottom of what the heck those dreams meant, we asked professional dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg, founder of LauriLoewenberg.com and author of Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your life, to decode them. Check out what surprising things she had to say.

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school of fish

Fish Attack

"I spent eight months of my pregnancy with the creepiest, scariest and craziest dreams about fish. Some of the dreams included holding up a fish tank hanging on the wall because it broke (the fish in that tank were so creepy-looking), a fish chasing me through the kitchen, being stuck in a room with 50 fish tanks, all containing scary fish trying to get out of the tanks.... The dreams scarred me so much that I don’t like fish anymore. I don’t swim in lakes, the ocean and not even a pool unless it’s the shallow end." -- Jennifer R.

What Lauri says: Fish are super-common in pregnancy dreams because, like a fish, the fetus is a water-dwelling creature and, as a pregnant mom, we’re kind of like a walking, talking fish tank! It seems that, since the fish in your dreams were menacing, perhaps your pregnancy was difficult. Just like the fish wanted out of their tanks, you were probably eager to get your own little water-dwelling creature out of your tank (ahem, uterus!). Remember, dreams are symbolic, not literal. Don’t let the imagery in your dreams keep you from enjoying certain things.

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