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What Are Your Pregnancy Cravings?

You can’t explain why, but it’s fatty (or sweet or salty) and you want it. Now! Here are some healthy ways you can satisfy those crazy cravings

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We’ve all heard the cliché: partners sent out searching for pickles and ice cream to satisfy a 3 a.m. urge. It may not be those exact foods, but pregnant women know this is no joke. Food cravings are strong and hard to ignore.

Pregnancy experts haven’t figured out exactly why women crave certain foods while pregnant, but they know how to prevent unhealthy snacking. “We do know that eating regular meals and snacks can keep a woman from overindulging,” says Swinney. “By eating a little protein at meals and with snacks, and eating high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables, you can keep that late-night fridge rummaging to a minimum.”

But when the foods you want aren’t the healthiest, you have a dilemma. How do you satisfy the need to snack without throwing healthy eating out the window? After all, most pregnant women only require 300 extra calories per day (and that’s just a healthy snack or two). Here’s what to do if you’re craving crappy food.

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