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Foods That Ease Morning Sickness

If you’re pregnant and nauseous, you’re probably just trying to find foods you can keep down. But some eats can actually help you feel better (about time, right?). Try these Bumpie-approved morning-sickness remedies.

“I love dried mango!” -- littleangel_2003

“Easy Mac! I never really cared for mac and cheese much before, but now it helps with any nausea I might be feeling.” -- MrsW722

“Lemons are good -- either in ice water or by themselves.” -- Jessie55

“I have a plain bowl of cereal right before bed. By plain, I don’t mean dry -- I mean Kix or cornflakes. That helps me a lot, plus not drinking water in the morning when I’m thirsty. I drink juice or eat something instead.” -- Cassianddavid

“Gum helped me a lot, and also natural ginger ale.” -- CTri17

“My mother-in-law had her sister (who runs a gelato shop) make me some lemon ginger gelato. One spoonful of that stuff makes my nausea go away almost instantly.” -- Jillane513

“Wintergreen Lifesavers and any kind of sour hard candy helped my morning sickness.” -- Kes77

“I eat Carr’s Rosemary Crackers. For some reason, the rosemary taste really helps me, plus they’re salty and full of carbs, which is all I want to eat lately.” -- missfire

“I drink soda water with a little bit of lemonade.” -- Dstar

“Triscuits and cottage cheese are a lifesaver.” -- Hannibee

“I have a Coke and a bagel. It makes me feel a lot better.” -- Shortcake2675

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