Pregnancy Symptoms

Ah, the parts of pregnancy every woman looks forward to: morning sickness, crazy food cravings, hair loss, bigger boobs...yep, pregnancy symptoms. (And, yes, that was sarcastic.) While pregnancy signs are generally not much fun, the good news is they all eventually pass...and in the end, you’ll have a loving little boy or girl as the result of all you’ve been through. We’ll help you figure out what’s normal and what might be a cause for concern. We also have tips and tricks for how to deal with all those unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. The early signs of pregnancy might be easy to confuse with regular old premenstrual syndrome, but by this point you’ve clearly recognized they are, in fact, early pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness, swollen and tender boobs, lethargy, backaches, and headaches aren’t much fun, but the good news is, we have some things you can try to get through the unpleasantness. Then there are the symptoms that aren’t so much painful but just odd: changes in hair and nails, blotches on your face, itchy skin, and forgetting things left and right. (You know, pregnancy brain). We’ll also help you deal with all the emotions and mood swings that come with pregnancy; again, not fun, we know, but trust us when we say it all will pass.

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From food cravings to nausea and frequent urination, pregnancy symptoms are inescapable. Find out what you can do to deal with the physical changes and discomforts that you may experience during early, mid, and late pregnancy.

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