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Pregnancy Problems

During pregnancy, your health is number one priority. That’s why we went straight to top pregnancy health experts for all the details you want to know about the most common pregnancy problems. In our pregnancy problems guide, you can read about a slew of pregnancy conditions – everything from hemorrhoids to gestational diabetes. Find out what any pregnancy symptom could possibly mean (are you swollen just because you’re expecting, or is it a sign of some complication?) and find out whether or not it’s worth a call to your OB. If you already know you’ve got a pregnancy complication or health condition, our comprehensive articles will give you the scoop on its causes and how it can affect you and baby. Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup, we've got answers to all your questions about pregnancy health problems right here!

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) During Pregnancy

Answers to all your questions about how ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases affect pregnancy.

What’s the best way to treat inflammatory bowel disease?

Certain anti-inflammatory meds can keep your disease in check. Talk to your doctor about which meds are safe during pregnancy. Surgery can also be used to treat severe cases of inflammatory bowel disease, but that’s something that will have to wait until after pregnancy.

What can I do to prevent inflammatory bowel disease?

You can’t prevent the disease, but if you have it, you can prevent flare-ups by eating a low-residue diet -- which means avoiding nuts, seeds and raw fruits and veggies. Talk to your doctor about any food regimen, since baby needs a wide variety of nutrients. Managing stress (with yoga, meditation or group therapy) may also be helpful.

What do other pregnant moms do when they have inflammatory bowel disease?

“The worst flare of my life happened when my oldest son was around four months old. I did so well with my Crohn's during pregnancy, but life with a newborn just made my body crash. I think it's the lack of sleep combined with the toll breastfeeding takes on me... I went to a holistic doc who found out I had a soy intolerance that was flaring my Crohn's. Once I cut out the soy and all other trigger foods, I haven't had a flare ever since.”

“It seems that a lot of women with IBD flare following childbirth. I think I might have been in a very mild flare during pregnancy, because I was never, ever constipated (in fact, I was surprised to be more regular than I ever had before!), and my son was born three weeks early, with no complications. By about eight weeks postpartum, I was so sick.”

Are there any other resources for inflammatory bowel disease?

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

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-- Rebecca Kolp, MD, ob-gyn and medical director at Massachusetts General Hospital West

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