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Pregnancy Problems

During pregnancy, your health is number one priority. That’s why we went straight to top pregnancy health experts for all the details you want to know about the most common pregnancy problems. In our pregnancy problems guide, you can read about a slew of pregnancy conditions – everything from hemorrhoids to gestational diabetes. Find out what any pregnancy symptom could possibly mean (are you swollen just because you’re expecting, or is it a sign of some complication?) and find out whether or not it’s worth a call to your OB. If you already know you’ve got a pregnancy complication or health condition, our comprehensive articles will give you the scoop on its causes and how it can affect you and baby. Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup, we've got answers to all your questions about pregnancy health problems right here!

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HPV During Pregnancy

If you have HPV, you're probably wondering how it will affect you and baby throughout pregnancy. We've got answers.

What’s the best way to treat HPV during pregnancy?

Most of the time, no treatment is necessary during pregnancy. Various topical meds can be used to “freeze off” genital warts; some of those can be used, if needed, during pregnancy. If the warts are really extensive, they can be removed surgically.

What can I do to prevent HPV or genital warts?

Your best bet: Don’t have sex with someone who has HPV or genital warts. Your next best bet: practicing safer sex. Using condoms can decrease, but not entirely eliminate, your chances of getting genital warts.

What do other pregnant moms do when they have HPV or genital warts?

“After having normal Paps, I got an abnormal one early on in the pregnancy. I had a colposcopy, and everything looked ‘okay.’ I’ll be getting another Pap in the next few weeks.”

“I had a LEEP years ago to remove cells (part of the reason for my short-cervix issues now). Last year, my doctor started doing HPV blood work, and I always come back positive, but my Paps have been normal. I get one every six months now but refuse to do a colposcopy for fear that I’ll further damage my cervix. As long as my Paps keep coming back normal, I'm okay with that.”

“I had an abnormal Pap last year. I went in for a colposcopy (the doctor said it looked good, and I had mild dysplasia). Had a follow-up Pap in July (the doctor said that Pap came back abnormal and I needed another colposcopy in November). Since then, I’ve changed OBs because the old one was too far, and I wanted to start a relationship with the new one before I got pregnant.”

Are there any other resources for HPV or genital warts?

US Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health

March of Dimes

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-- Jennifer L.W. Fink

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