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Pregnancy Problems

During pregnancy, your health is number one priority. That’s why we went straight to top pregnancy health experts for all the details you want to know about the most common pregnancy problems. In our pregnancy problems guide, you can read about a slew of pregnancy conditions – everything from hemorrhoids to gestational diabetes. Find out what any pregnancy symptom could possibly mean (are you swollen just because you’re expecting, or is it a sign of some complication?) and find out whether or not it’s worth a call to your OB. If you already know you’ve got a pregnancy complication or health condition, our comprehensive articles will give you the scoop on its causes and how it can affect you and baby. Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup, we've got answers to all your questions about pregnancy health problems right here!

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Heartburn During Pregnancy

Ah, heartburn. Just another annoying side-effect of pregnancy -- that can make you feel like crap. But you're not doomed to be uncomfortable from now until the birth. We've got answers to why you're getting all this heartburn and what you can do to prevent it (as much as possible, at least!).

What can I do to prevent heartburn during pregnancy?

Reduce the risk and severity of heartburn by avoiding triggers like chocolate, coffee, tea, citrus, tomato sauces, spicy stuff and fried foods. It also helps to sleep with your head slightly elevated and to consume minimal fluids with meals (just be sure to drink plenty of water an hour before and an hour after meals so you don’t get dehydrated).

What do other pregnant moms do when they have heartburn?

“This will sound odd, but I’ve found something that works: Put two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (the raw, unfiltered kind like Bragg makes) into six ounces of water, and drink it. It’s not so bad to drink, and it works! Something about the enzymes in the apple cider kills the acid and the burning. I’ve drank it by itself when I’ve been in the midst of a reflux episode and also drank it while eating a meal I thought might give me reflux.”

“I take Zantac 150 twice a day. I did that for a few months, and when it got really bad, my OB gave me a prescription for Protonix.”

“I took Tums for a while, but they stopped working. My doctor told me to get Prilosec...since I started taking that, I haven’t felt heartburn at all -- it’s amazing!”

“I avoid heavy, spicy, fatty foods and big meals. I don’t eat too much at night either.”

Are there any other resources for heartburn during pregnancy?

March of Dimes

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

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-- Dara Pettinelli

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