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Pregnancy Problems

During pregnancy, your health is number one priority. That’s why we went straight to top pregnancy health experts for all the details you want to know about the most common pregnancy problems. In our pregnancy problems guide, you can read about a slew of pregnancy conditions – everything from hemorrhoids to gestational diabetes. Find out what any pregnancy symptom could possibly mean (are you swollen just because you’re expecting, or is it a sign of some complication?) and find out whether or not it’s worth a call to your OB. If you already know you’ve got a pregnancy complication or health condition, our comprehensive articles will give you the scoop on its causes and how it can affect you and baby. Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup, we've got answers to all your questions about pregnancy health problems right here!

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Food Poisoning During Pregnancy

So you're feeling sick -- could it be food poisoning? We've got all the info you want to know about food poisoning during pregnancy, including how to tell if you have it and how to keep baby safe while you're on the mend.

What is food poisoning during pregnancy?

When you eat contaminated food that makes you sick, that’s food poisoning (the food’s not actually, intentionally, poisoned!). It can be tough to figure out whether you’ve got food poisoning, some other illness or if it’s just morning sickness. You might also wonder if the food poisoning could affect your baby.

What are the signs of food poisoning?

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. You might also notice a fever or feel weak.

Are there any tests for food poisoning?

Yep, but you might not get one. Food poisoning is most often diagnosed based on your history and symptoms -- like if you ate something that smelled bad and got sick later, your doctor might conclude it probably made you sick. If you can’t think of anything that might have caused your vomiting and diarrhea, get tests to identify the cause.

Sometimes, when a bunch of people get sick after eating a certain food, public health investigators are able to track down and identify the source of infection by analyzing the suspicious food. This happens when there are big salmonella outbreaks.

How common is food poisoning?

Most cases of food poisoning are never reported, so it’s tough to get actual numbers, but we all know someone who’s had food poisoning, don’t we?

How did I get food poisoning during pregnancy?

You ate something that contained a bacteria, virus or toxin that made you sick (find causes, treatments and prevention of food poisoning on Page 2).

-- Jennifer L.W. Fink


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