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Pregnancy Problems

During pregnancy, your health is number one priority. That’s why we went straight to top pregnancy health experts for all the details you want to know about the most common pregnancy problems. In our pregnancy problems guide, you can read about a slew of pregnancy conditions – everything from hemorrhoids to gestational diabetes. Find out what any pregnancy symptom could possibly mean (are you swollen just because you’re expecting, or is it a sign of some complication?) and find out whether or not it’s worth a call to your OB. If you already know you’ve got a pregnancy complication or health condition, our comprehensive articles will give you the scoop on its causes and how it can affect you and baby. Plus, get treatment tips straight from medical experts and pregnant women like you. Yup, we've got answers to all your questions about pregnancy health problems right here!

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Depression During Pregnancy

Answers to all your questions about depression during pregnancy.

What’s the best way to treat depression during pregnancy?

A lot of medications aren’t tested on pregnant women, so it’s not really known whether antidepressants can affect baby or not. Usually, it’s a judgment call you’ll make with your doctor -- to figure out whether any potential risks of medications outweigh the risks your depression poses to baby. Support groups, therapy or counseling can often help with depression. Your doctor might also advise you to focus on healthy habits like exercise, good nutrition and rest to help you better handle the stress of pregnancy.

What can I do to prevent depression during pregnancy?

Often, it’s a simple matter of brain chemistry, something you can’t control. But exercising, eating right, getting enough rest and not stressing yourself out can put you at a lower risk of depression.

What do other pregnant moms do when they have depression?

“I’ve had a few major depressive episodes for many years, and they’re terrible. I’ve opted to stay on a very low dose of antidepressants during pregnancy. I also have a good therapist.”

“I was actually on Lexapro, and my doctor told me to stop immediately when I found out I was pregnant again. I was on 10 mg a day, and I had a lot of side effects.”

“I’ve had mild depression, which was made much worse by pregnancy. Things seem to have been getting better, but it’s still a struggle. I see a therapist regularly and that really helps.”

Are there any other resources for depression during pregnancy?

Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health

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