Pregnancy Expert: Maria Kammerer, CNM

Maria, a certified nurse midwife, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Andrew and son Joshua. She used to be an avid knitter, quilter, reader, baker and cook. Now, she enjoys spending time with Joshua singing and playing music, exploring nearby hiking trails, picnicking with the mom-baby playgroup and reading and rereading story books in Spanish and English. She has started baking and cooking again, much to Andrew's delight, and is looking forward to getting Joshua's fingers full of flour, dough and other goodies as he helps out in the kitchen. Maria is on the board of the California Nurse Midwives association, and currently works part time with Kaiser Permanente.

Maria Kammerer's Advice

Birth Exercises
Headache Causes
Kegel Exercises
Mood Swings
Natural Headache Relief
Sleep Struggles
Stress Relief

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