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Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

What kind of iron supplements are available for pregnant women?

Re: What kind of iron supplements are available for pregnant women?

The Bump Expert

Iron can be supplemented in several ways. Ferrous sulfate (325 mg twice a day) is one of the more common regimens for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia. If this regimen does not improve the iron deficiency anemia, taking Vitamin C with the iron supplement can improve absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. There are some prescription supplements that have both iron and Vitamin C in one pill (e.g., Chromagen).

But, keep in mind that iron is known to be associated with constipation, so a stool softener may be necessary. Also, iron may exacerbate the nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy.

Only take iron supplements under your doctor's supervision. Another point to remember is that there are some kinds of anemia that are not treated with iron supplementation. In these cases, taking iron may do more harm than good.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Iron Supplemements?

Im anemic so I've been taking Iron for quite some time. A lot of people, including myself, have trouble with stomach pains and iron is also notorious for causing constipation. I take Ironchel from GNC which is a slow release iron and it works great! Now that Im pregnant I take Prenatals without Iron and the Ironchel. Its a winning combination!!!


re: Q: Iron supplemements?

I'm anemic too. Currently I am taking prenatal vitamins, but should I be taking an iron supplement as well???

becks83 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

I was diagnosed with an iron deficiency at my 27 week visit. The doctors reccomended I get Slow FE. It is a time released supplement. Really easy on the stomach. It's over the counter and really affordable! Hope this helps!

AmandaRose1x |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

I bought OTC Slow FE, but it only has 45 mg of iron when my doctor's nurse recommended 325 mg of iron, so should I increase my intake? She didn't say I was anemic, but that I was low. She also said that I needed to take one pill three times a day. That seems like a lot!

pamrobles |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

Being a part of the work at home moms community, I read a lot of articles about health. My opinion about this subject is that this would be kind of a last resort. If you can get your nutrients from food you are much better off. Iron in the diet is safer because of the way the body works. The body in its infinite wisdom regulates how much iron it can absorb. If the body has plenty of stored iron, it cuts back absorption of iron in the food.

denisstu |


I'm 20 weeks and at my midwife appointment last week i got my blood panel results and I'm anemic (9.2) and I'm now taking floradix liquid all natural iron. However, I've had a HUGE milk craving since i got pregnant and, due to the iron, I've had to change my eating routine in order to feed my craving lol. I wait two hours to ingest dairy but have had no issues. Feeling loads better and less headaches since i started taking the iron.

MamaKrizek |