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Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

Should I be getting more iron during pregnancy?

Re: Should I be getting more iron during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Dr. Ashley Roman: In most cases, iron is prescribed in pregnancy to treat iron-deficiency anemia. Studies have shown that if the mother is anemic she is at higher risk for low birth weight and preterm birth. The goal in prescribing iron is to bring the hemoglobin level into the normal range.

Some providers prescribe pregnant women iron regardless of hemoglobin level. The rationale behind this strategy is to prevent anemia from developing as the pregnancy progresses. But, a recent study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that while routine iron supplementation did marginally improve hemoglobin concentrations during the third trimester in non-anemic women, it also increased the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy and small-for-gestational age babies.

So, for the woman who is not anemic (hemoglobin greater than 13.2 g/dL), there is minimal benefit and possible harm associated with routine iron supplementation, according to this study.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Increase iron intake?

I am taking Floradix, an all natural herbal iron supplement completely derived from plants and vegetables. Because it is natural, it does not upset your stomach and has done wonders for my energy level. It is available at your local Whole Foods Market.

lola2sing |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

You should get more iron, due tot the fact that it's good for the pregnancy. I've even understood it works for the home colonic irrigation, too. Maybe it's because you may feel tired after the process and this will strengthen the system.

KumaraKama |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

A healthy diet rich in iron and nutrients is essential during pregnancy as it is one of the most important factors for your child’s growth. A pregnant lady should always take care of her diet as what she is taking, her baby takes the same and for proper growth of your child it is vital that the food you are having should contain all the essentials. It has been noticed that insufficient amount of iron in food can cause several birth defects and abnormalities in infants. When I was pregnant I used to take advice and suggestions from several pregnancy websites and portals such as Feeding for Life. Before including anything in diet during pregnancy, one should take advice from nearby health specialists or gynecologists. They can give you proper guidance on your diet what to include or what to not.

rosewinslet410 |