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Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

I’ve heard that folic acid is important when you’re pregnant – why? What foods can I get it from?

Re: I’ve heard that folic acid is important when you’re pregnant – why? What foods can I get it from?

The Bump Expert

You heard right. Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) has been shown to drastically decrease the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida when taken before conception and during pregnancy. Doctors think so highly of this vitamin that they recommend every woman of child-bearing age take at least 400 mcg every day, just in case. During pregnancy, the suggested daily intake jumps to 600-800 mcg. If you have a family history of neural tube defects, you should get even more.

Find this wonder-acid in whole grains, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and some legumes. Since the U.S. government has hopped on the folic acid bandwagon, the vitamin is now added to nearly all breads, cereal, pasta, rice and flour. (Finally, a good reason to eat carbs.) You can (and should) up your folic acid intake even more with a supplement. Most women don’t get nearly enough of this vitamin, and since it’s water-soluble, you’ll just pee out whatever you don’t need.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Folic acid?

I'm on a FA vitamin because my homeosystine(sp?) levels are off. We detected it when my sister was tested for MTHFR. which, if i understood correctly, is a clotting disorder in the muscle or something which may cause miscarriages. Now.. i just found out that i am preganat (YAY) and i stopped taking all medications (allergies and the Folictabs) bec. i wasn't sure until my first dr. visit. Is it still safe to take? Should I be taking it???

About2bGold |

re: Q: Folic acid?

you can also eat Tums for extra calcium or eat yogurt or ice cream!

advazy |

re: Q: Folic acid?

My mother suffered from Jaundice when she was born...in addition, she now has the disorder that impairment of one side to were it looks like a stroke occurred on one side of her body. Also, my husband's dad has the same thing. My prenatal vitamins have 800 mg of folic acid, but I was wondering should I take an additional amount of folic acid?

Trying86 |

re: Q: Folic acid?

i am 19wks and i haven't taken any folic acid should i be worried about the baby?

cutiepie-k |

Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

You can take folic acid supplements (in addition to your prenatal vitamin). There are no known consequences associated with taking more than the amount recommended daily (the vitamin is water-soluble). Folic acid is important for neural development. You also can find it in bread and pasta and in green vegetables.

ruhima432 |

Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

my doc said at this point (i'm 18 weeks) the folic acid benefits decline because the neural tube is already closed. my prenatal was causing constipation so i altered my dose (with docs ok) and he told me not to worry about adding extra folic acid back.

jtoasty |

Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

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MaternityPractitioner |

Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

For the person who said you could eat tums for extra calcium - Please do not do this! Yogurt and ice cream are fine, but tums provide the wrong kind of calcium with no magnesium to balance you! Yogurt tastes better than tums anyways! :)

jbsq |

Q&A: Getting folic acid during pregnancy?

I thought folic acid was to be taken throughout the pregnancy. The neural tube may have closed, but the brain is still developing. In fact, some sites recommend an increase in the recommended daily dose for the last six months of pregnancy.

Jragena |