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Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I work out regularly -- mostly running and weights. Can I stick to my current routine now that I’m pregnant?

Re: I work out regularly -- mostly running and weights. Can I stick to my current routine now that I’m pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Probably, although you should clear it with your OB just to make sure. For most women, exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, it’s highly recommended -- especially if you’ve already been working out. A few basic dos and don’ts:


Dress comfortably
(If it's easier to move around, injuries are less likely.)

Drink plenty of water
(Hydration is especially important once there's a baby in your belly.)

Warm up and cool down
(Since your heart rate is higher during pregnancy, give yourself extra time to return to your normal resting rate after workouts.)

Stay in tune
(Recognize that your body is changing: Your joints and ligaments are looser, your balance is off, and it’s harder to get up off the floor.


Play contact sports
(Getting tackled should not be on your agenda. Also stay away from ones where you risk dangerous falls such as downhill skiing or horseback riding.)

Exercise on your back
(In your second and third trimesters, avoid lying flat on your back for any length of time -- this position can reduce blood flow to your brain and uterus.)

Overdo it
(Don’t allow yourself to get overtired or overheated.)

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Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

With my first pregnancy I road a bike everyday. As long as your OB says that everything is ok and you can continue to do these things but if you start feeling like its too much (you start to feel weak, your legs and body are aching, or you start feeling dizzy) remember to slow down the workouts and maybe try walking instead of running.

cheleo |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I do pilates once or twice a week and was encouraged by my doctor (nurse practitioner) to continue until I felt uncomfortable doing it anymore. I'm going to ask her the following question, but I wanted to pose it to this group, too: What about canoeing on a very gentle river while pregnant? I would be solidly in my second trimester when doing it. Once again, no white water and probably nothing more than "gentle thrills." Thoughts?

eddswat |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Absolutely fine!! Enjoy canoeing!! The key is to listen to to your body. If something hurts, stop or change position. Otherwise, enjoy your regular activity!

DancinDoulaMomma |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I started Jazzercise about 1 year and a half before getting pregnant. I lost almost 30 pounds and refuse to give it up now. I keep going to class about 3 times a week. However, I do have to modify things where we're flat on our backs. Other than that, I drink even more water and keep an eye on my heart rate.

kimbo1216 |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I just found out I am approximately five weeks pregnant and before I found out I was pregnant I really wanted to get more fit. As much as I hate to admit, I don't do much exercise such as running, and elliptical but would love to get more fit. Would it be bad to start running, lifting weights and doing the elliptical since I have not done it much recently or should I stick with walking and taking hikes?

ctschohl |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I have always heard that you shouldnt start a rigorius exercise routine if your not use to it. Start with smaller things, like walking, simple yoga, the eliptical, swimming, etc. Things that are not to strenuous since your body isnt use to it. ANything is better than nothing and stress your body too much would be worse for you and your baby than good. Take it slow and just be healty! Congrats by the way

evaslechta |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I just found out that I am five weeks pregnant also. My doctor suggested that when I use the elliptical machine not to get my heart rate up to the fat burning stage I usually would but keep it around 120 and just use it as cardio. She said if I really wanted to get it higher then to only have it in the higher range for short periods of time and not very often. She also suggested prenatal yoga classes and lots of walking. Hope this helps. Congrats!

mamaJWolf |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

With my first pregnancy my OB suggested that I keep my heartrate below 140. Are you kidding? Just jogging down the office hall and back gets my heartrate near that. I have been teaching aerobics since 2006 and my active HR gets into the 170 range. I taught aerobics all the way until my delivery last time with no complications. I plan to do the same this time. I will not add any intensity, but I will maintain the intensity that I am doing for as long as it is comfortable. Just listen to your body and it will let you know when you are overduing it.

Estrella422 |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

During my pregnancy I did exercise once or twice a week. I think it's very healthy to do a little exercise during pregnancy. And also after my daughter's birth I started to go to the gym. My trainer advised me to combine sports with a protein supplements, like protein shakes . It helped me very much in weight loss.

smithangela |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I've been dancing for years but ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've heard different people tell me that i should take it easy or stop completely. I'm part of a dance group that has practices 3x a week and we practice for about 2 1/2 hrs, and the style of dance is very similar to ballet folklorico. I'm entering my second trimester and danced through all of my 1st. I was wondering, if anyone that has danced ballet folklorico could tell me what they've heard about the impact that this style of dance has on the baby?

brujita8106 |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Maybe is difficult to believe but I am a professional fantasy hockey player. Yes, women also play tough games that involves strength, speed, strength and determination. Since I have remained pregnant I was careful with my daily routine. I know well what kind of exercises to do and not to do, but for me, having my background I can do them to a higher intensity. Take care of your body to deliver a healthy baby.

tonight11 |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I just found out that I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant and have developed a consistent work out plan 5-6 days a week doing weight training, step aerobics, and cardio (treadmill). Do I have to stop and start a different routine. The gym makes me happy! And I love my step classes.

mrsjbsmith |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Does anyone play Capoeira? I started about the time I got pregnant. It's intense cardio and body weight training. I feel good and worked out previously my entire pregnancy when I had twins.

mommy-t |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

I am a Body Combat group exercise instructor. I teach four classes a week regularly. I was teaching Combat for about a year before getting pregnant and I have taken the class for three years. I also taught an aerobics dance class before that. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I am still teaching. I give a lot of energy and intensity and that is why people like my classes. I sometimes worry though about the whole internal temperature and heart rate thing, but the class does not allow for me to stop and go to the restroom to take a rectal temperature (that has been suggested) or pause the music to take one million water breaks (which will make me pee my pants by the way). I also highly doubt I could stay below 140 bpm. Is jumping really that bad for the fetus? Do they seriously lose oxygen? If I do drink water, take a few lower options, "coach" more than do the exercise and I am able to talk throughout the entire class is my baby okay? I love teaching so much and these other "pre-natal" walking and yoga classes are a joke compared to what I am used to doing (no offense). My doctor told me at 28 weeks I should not lay flat on my back for ab work. I still sleep on my back and watch tv/read on my back, is that really that bad?? So much conflicting stuff :( I dont want to hurt my baby but I want to continue as much as I can.

lesleydwatts |

Q&A: Exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Stressing the body too much is not good, that`s why it`s better to start practicing sports that would not extenuate you like yoga, swimming or even jogging. My aunt started playing a game with her older son by using piggin string when she was pregnant in three months, this activity did not extenuate her and she felt much better after playing in the backyard for half an hour with her son.

amyabel68 |