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Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

What are the guidelines for healthy eating during pregnancy? I want to eat right... but what does that really mean?

Re: What are the guidelines for healthy eating during pregnancy? I want to eat right... but what does that really mean?

The Bump Expert

Good nutrition during pregnancy is essential --the nutrients you give your body are the building blocks of strong, healthy growth for baby. During the next nine months, you'll need about 300 more calories perday than usual. The best way to get these in is by sneaking in two or three healthy snacks between three small meals. Eating frequent small meals (as opposed to a few large meals separated by long period without calories or nutrients) help baby get maximum benefit from what you eat. Here are a few more ways to give baby a healthy start (and keep yourself comfortable):

[ ] Drink eight to ten glasses (80-100 oz) of water each day

[ ] Pick fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are healthy and prevent constipation

[ ] Eat high iron foods such as liver, shellfish,lean meat, poultry, fish, dried beans, green leafy vegetables and whole graincereals and breads

[ ] Choose whole grains over sugar cereals and whitebread

[ ] Avoid excessive caffeine (found in most sodas, coffee,tea, chocolate)

[ ] Don't skip meals -- even if you don't feelhungry, baby needs the nourishment

[ ] Use our prenatal nutrition checklist to keep track of food groups and servings every day

Denise Gershwin, CNM

re: Q: Eating for Two?

So then what are the GOOD types of fish to eat during pregnancy? My mom makes fish soup every year for Christmas and I want to give her some recommendations!

montvamj |

re: Q: Eating for Two?

My doctor told me I could have one serving of seafood a week, but not to exceed that. She said as long as that's all I'm having, the mercury intake from the fish will be so minimal that it wouldn't hurt the baby. So you should be ok with whatever your mom normally puts in her soup, as long as you don't overindulge and don't have any other fish that week.

NerdBride_D&D |

re: Q: Eating for two? - It

It's hard for me to eat all meals... I don't throw up all the time I just always feel sick to my sick to my stomach... but because of this blog I'm ordering a bagle as I write...

christna76 |

re: Q: Eating for two?

oddly, my Dr said eat whatever i want, whenever i want...but eat throughout the day.

Eclypze |

re: Q: Eating for two?

My Dr. told me I could eat whatever I want to but that I should have 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals over the course of the day.

pete82 |

re: Q: Eating for two?

can i eat shrimp? i see different things some say yes some say no does anyone know if it is ok? also how do i get my ticker to saty up on messsage?


re: Q: Eating for two?

I think eating shrimp is fine. As far as fish goes, new studies that I have seen have shown that the benefit you receive from the oemga-3s in the fish far outweigh the chance of too much mercury-- but this depends on the type of fish you have. Smaller fish like salmon and trout are safer, but bigger fish like tuna can have more mercury.And with the diet in general, at our birthing center we tell all our moms to try and get 80-100 grams of protein a day and stay away from sugar.

kathleenso |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I've always heard that you shouldn't eat a lot of liver, because it has so much vitamin A in it .

angela_ |

re: Q: Eating for two?

Hi! It’s important that we understand the geniuses of our concern about mercury contaminated fish before we make a determination for ourselves and our children. Mercury is emitted into the environment through several processes, including fossil fuel burning. When it attaches to the water vapors from, for instance, a coal-fired power plant, it rises into the atmosphere and returns to earth as rain. The rain is absorbed by plants which are eaten by small animals that are eaten by larger animals. Mercury (particularly methylmercury – the kind that goes through the cycle I just wrote about) is called bio-persistent. Meaning it lasts in the environment and very few creatures are equipped to metabolize it (break it down). So, when you select fish to eat, because we know fish are good for us and our children, try to select fish with a lower likelihood of mercury accumulation. This means that a fish’s lifespan is more important that it’s size because a short-lived species is less likely to have eaten as much matter with mercury in it. The Environmental Protection Agency has a webpage to help you navigate this little mess… I hope it helps. I used to work in a job that dealt with this quite frequently, so feel free to ask more questions. I think it is really important that we all understand this for us and our children. The EPA website is: http://epa.gov/mercury/advisories.htm

allison.mahaney |

re: Q: Eating for two?

Ok, I'm almost 5 weeks and I am absolutely revenous. I feel hungry all the time and it's like no matter how much I eat I still feel shaky. Is this normal or do I need to be concerned about this?

rcollier_17 |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I'm 7 weeks...and can't stomach a thing. I'm worried I'm not eating enough!

draper |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I can't eat the normal sized meals I used to eat. I get a sick overstuffed feeling. Before I could eat a whole foot long at Subway. Now I can barely eat the 6 inch.


re: Q: Eating for two?

I'm nearing 7 weeks - I'm constantly hungry, no real vomiting, just that nauseas feeling . . . but I am having a hard time keeping away from the not so healthy treats.

Walleska |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I'm 8+ weeks and I cant finish a regular meal either. I'm also having alot of difficulty getting my water in. I stay nauseated, except during meals but if I eat or drink too much I do vomit. I used to eat big meals & drink over 80 oz but week 5 changed that! I now eat 5-7 meals a day and chew on celery or ice between meals.

wana |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I seem to have no appetite at all. Surely eating less than I was before. I'm too tired to eat lately. Hopefully the cravings will start so something will sound appetizing. Any recommendations?

kateandjt |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I have been having very bad heartburn. No nausea, and not really hungry either; funny thing though, once I start eating I realize that I am hungry, but then I get full so quickly that I stop eating. Odd how our bodies work. Tums for the heartburn seem to work, but then I get really burpy (gross!) .

AECollins |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I'm 7 weeks. Everyone thought I was crazy because I would get so full so quickly! I would take a couple of bites and feel like I had just been through a buffet line a few times. Ugg. . . Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Elissa Bird |

re: Q: Eating for two?

I understand the extra 300 calories per day while pregnant. However, my pregnancy was a little unexpected and I was dieting and exercising. I would limit my caloric intake to 1500 calories a day. The books say that a non dieting woman should normally intake 2200 cal per day and if you add the 300 to that, I am seeing that I should be taking in 2500 calories per day. Is this right? I'm 5'5" and I am overweight at 168 lbs. What caloric number should I be focusing on during this pregnancy?

AGSkelton |

re: Q: Eating for two?

So how much caffeine is too much caffeine? I'm TTC and would like to get my caffeine addiction under control before I'm prego. How much caffeine is allowed while pregnant?

rebeccabey@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

I have a question about sushi. I love sushi, but not the raw sushi. The sushi I usually (pre-preg) get is all cooked. I only eat the rolls that contain shrimp, salmon or crab. Is this okay? I havent had any sushi since I found out I was pregnant, but I would like to know if I need to stay away from my favorite restuarant.

brandik483 |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

caffine should be limited to 8oz a day one cup of coffee in the morning. shrimp and other invertabrates are fine as long as ur not eating them in a month with the letter R in it [because of red tide and thats only the shrimp]. for the girl that was dieting - if your hungry eat. the extra 300 cal. is only for the last 4 months +/- so eat normally. if your full at 1500 cal only eat that, if your not full keep eating just try to eat healthy. the one who cant stay away from sweets. take 3 bite size peices of what ever you want and savor them it will fill your craving...maybe...if not its okay eat another peice or two and then be done. dont go out of control. just because your pregnant doesnt mean that candy, or snoballs [my personal craving] is good...its not. :D hope that helps.

taeylorb |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

I have always heard that you should stay away from most fish during pregnancy. It can be high in mercury. Especially stay away from shellfish and raw fish, they can be very high in toxins. Also its not good to eat things like shrimp because they normally do not remove the veins, and that is not good to eat while pregnant.

marilynkate |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am having a VERY difficult time cutting down on caffine. I quit smoking as soon as I found out that I am pregnant so the caffine is my substitute. I'm concerned that I am drinking too much caffine and that it will harm the baby.I am also having a difficult time getting medicaid so I haven't seen a doctor. I dont know what to do.

jtah1 |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

Has anyone read a good pregnancy nutrition book that they would recommend?

jesmerck |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

I am 14 weeks and have been throwing up EVERYTHING, including water, for almost the entire period. My doctor told me that anything I can eat without it coming back up on me is good enough, and then to start eating more fruits and veggies if I can. So far, the only stuff I can stomach has been garbage (i.e. Burger King, mashed potatoes, french fries, fried chicken). Supposedly the grease is soaking up the extra stomach acid. :o/ I feel like a bad mom for not eating more good-for-us foods.

alcornell2 |

Q&A: Eating right during pregnancy?

I eat 5 or 6 times a day and watch my nutritional requirements. I avoid fried, white (pasta, white bread or rice), and foods high in sugar. otherwise it's pretty much the same way I ate before. remember to give your self treats now and then- no, that doesn't mean an entire pizza or a pint of blue bell- but now and then I'll have have a mini butterfinger after dinner or homemade lasagna for supper if it's my only cheat that week.

elane71 |