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Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

I’m a vegetarian—how will my diet affect baby?

Re: I’m a vegetarian—how will my diet affect baby?

The Bump Expert

No matter if you're a vegetarian, vegan, or macrobiotic, it’s important to be aware of your diet during pregnancy. If you believe you don’t get enough protein (the building block for baby’s cells), be sure to talk to your doc. Otherwise, don’t stress about it too much. As long as you maintain a balanced diet and keep track of what you eat, your baby should be just as healthy as one born from a mommy who ate meat during her pregnancy.

Where to start? Many foods besides meat are rich in protein, including; eggs, soy burgers, tofu, legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas), whole grains (eat with legumes for a complete protein), nuts and seeds, milk, soy milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables, fermented soy foods, tofu, and peanut butter (try a spoonful straight from the jar).

Now that we’ve got protein covered, it’s also important to eat certain foods or take prenatal vitamins to get other nutrients found in meats:
[  ] Vitamin B12 is found in eggs, fortified yeast extract, and dairy products.
[  ] Zinc is found in wheat, oats, rice, barley, and rye.
[  ] Iron is found in whole grains, legumes, green veggies, and dried fruits.
[  ] Omega-3 fatty acid is found in flax seed (yum…) and walnuts.
[  ] Vitamin D and calcium is found in green vegetables, almonds, milk, tofu, cheese, yogurt, whole-grain cereals, and legumes.

Even if you can’t stand the taste of soy milk or whole grains, keep in mind that eating healthy is essential for baby’s growth. You can always end your not-so-tasty balanced meal with a delicious desert because, well, you deserve it.

By Sandra Le Plasse

re: Q: Vegetarian diet?

I'm vegetarian, and I bought the book Your Vegetarian Pregnancy, by Dr. Holly Roberts. It is really helpful and calms the worries that I had about getting the proper nutrition for Baby!

TanyaDE |

re: Q: Vegetarian diet?

Hi TanyaDE. I hope you read this. I was wondering if you still have the book are have no use for it. I would love to purchase it off of you. Let me know, you can email me at kick_face_6@hotmail.com . Thank you.

KickFace6 |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?


coryandsuzanne |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

its funny, im a vegetarian but ever since i got pregnant even my rare bite of dairy product sickens me. lol. i guess the baby wants to be a vegan. we'll c

renee766 |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

Im vegetarian and have been for 15 years. I'm 20 and 5 wks preggo. Ive been starving and craving yogurt, ice cream, fried/poached eggs and vanilla soymilk or almond milk has hit the spot!

QuinnAlisen |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

I'm a vegetarian and yes it is possible! BUT....do your own research. "The skinny bitch bun in an oven" is a great book that gives a lot of info! And it's a fun read (see title). It's in lay mans terms and gives great leads on research. Just make sure that you are counting your grams of protein, getting your DHA and other omegas, calcium, A, D and iron. An natural prenatal vitamin is def needed too!

lplankis |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

I am a vegan and think it's funny that women worry about their vegetarian/vegan diet while pregnant. If you are a healthy veg (meaning, you don't just eat potato chips and soda because they don't have animal products in them) why wouldn't it be healthy for your baby? A veg diet is the healthiest diet for you!

NikkiBrooks |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

No only CAN you be a vegetarian during pregnancy, you SHOULD be! Check out 'Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven.'

Andromeda327 |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

I'm a Vegan, and my OB said it was perfectly fine to continue my diet. She said to just make sure I eat a variety of proteins and not just soy products. Also, to all those vegans/vegetarians out there, make sure you read the ingredients of your prenatal because many of them contain fish oil and/or animal derived gelatin. My OB was able to prescribe one that was all plant derived.

robintora |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

I am a vegetarian...I am asking alot of questions...I bought a wonderful book...Vegetarian Pregnancy by Holly Robers....its very helpful.

vanessrose |

Q&A: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?

If you are vegetarian already, fine. But to encourage people that they SHOULD be vegetarian while pregnant, i.e. change their omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet, isn't accurate. In fact, my OB/GYN has recommended things that are specifically NOT vegetarian, the top 3 things she told me when I asked about TTC were: (1) take a prenatal vitamin, (2) take fish oil pills, (3) eat plenty of meat/protein. You can have a healthy pregnancy and baby on an omnivorous or vegetarian diet. I certainly wouldn't want to try on a vegan diet though.

abbyful |