Nutrition and Exercise

Learn what your body needs for a healthy and safe pregnancy right here in our comprehensive guide to pregnancy nutrition and pregnancy exercises. There’s definitely a lot to think about, but we have it broken down piece by piece to keep your stress level to a minimum. One of the first things most pregnant women think about is vitamins and minerals: prenatal vitamins, folic acid, calcium, fiber, and iron in particular. We’ll walk you through every single one of those and let you know just what you and baby really need, and how you can get it. Then, there’s your diet. Since baby eats what you eat, pregnancy nutrition is pretty important. Our guide will help you out with both what kinds of foods and how much of them you should be eating, as well as give you info on normal weight gain. Then, there’s that thing about pregnancy exercise. For some women this might mean slowing down their workout schedule, while for others, it could mean fitting some more action into the day. If you’re practicing yoga during pregnancy (which is a great idea, by the way), we’ll help you make sure you’re going about it safely. Remember, you’re doing this for baby, but also for you: Paying attention to your diet and exercise will help you feel as good as possible throughout your entire pregnancy.

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nutrition & exercise

From the ins and outs of prenatal vitamins and safe weight gain to exercising without overdoing it and making smart food choices, get the info you need to feel your best during your pregnancy.

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