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6 Great Maternity Bras

Noticed that your breasts are a little, um, more voluptuous these days? Around weeks 14 to 18, you’ll really start to notice that your boobs feel fuller and heavier (because of your body’s increased circulation to the area). It might be tempting to just go up a bra size, but you’re better off with a maternity bra since your boobs keep are going to continue changing (and growing!). Your body is already producing milk and readying itself to breastfeed, so finding a bra that’s made to meet all your new requirements could be tough. But these six picks provide the support, comfort, sweat resistance and sex appeal you’re looking for.

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Workout ready

This High Impact sports bra was designed for you to work up a sweat comfortably, from day one to month nine of your pregnancy, without all that build up and irritation forming in your bra. The performance fabric absorbs moisture (so you stay dry and irritation-free!) and cushioned racerback straps twist and flex as you move, which helps reduce the pregnancy-related pressure on your back and shoulders. $36, Gap.com

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