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Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

Is there any way to stay fashionable during my pregnancy or will I be stuck in frumpy maternity clothes the whole time?

Re: Is there any way to stay fashionable during my pregnancy or will I be stuck in frumpy maternity clothes the whole time?

The Bump Expert

That positive pregnancy test means it's high time to pick up a few pairs of mom jeans, some supportive orthopedic kicks, and a nice holiday sweater…right? Actually, no. In fact…please, no. Believe it or not, the pregnancy and parenting handbook includes absolutely no instruction to abandon your personal style. Heels? Sure! Bikini? Why not! Seriously, you’re still allowed to be yourself.

Even when I was extremely pregnant, I still wanted to wear heels. They made me feel like I was sexy (at least from the ankles down!). It really is possible to still be sexy, feminine, and delicate when you’re pregnant -- you don’t need to look and feel like a moose. I wore tons of dresses with sandals in the summer and tall boots when it was a little cooler. Cute, comfortable, and easy. Don’t forget to take advantage of your boobs. During these next nine months, they’re going to look the best they ever will! Now’s the time to pull out those tiered bra top styles…might as well show off what’s going on uptown.

--Cynthia Rowley

Kaitlin Stanford

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

I found a really cute online maternity boutique that has really cute, fun and sexy maternity dresses especially if you are going out for a night on the town or to a wedding or something. I could still use mine well after the pregnancy because not only did it grow with my body but when I lost my bump I could still wear because it conformed to fit me...I don't mind paying for clothes with multiple functions, meaning that I can wear it either before, during and after pregnancy, plus it prevents me from having to buy an entire new wardrobe. Check it out www.morningchicboutique.com it's called Morning Chic Maternity Boutique...gotta love the name...lol

sheednlee |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

I suggest Target.com! Liz Lange has a line of maternity clothes that are cute and stylish for all sizes of pregnancy! I've even worn some of my early pregnancy tops now and my daughter is already 15 months old, and i've lost all the baby weight!

dubbsack@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

H&M Mamma maternity wear is so cute. I also liked New Look maternity wear. I'm trying to stick with the maternity wear that emphasizes the bump instead of hiding it. Now if only I could find something that disguises my ever-widening ass.

estlace |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

Rockstarmoms.com! I was so excited when I found this site. I think even the "cute" maternity clothes at stores like Target look frumpy. This company is seriously amazing. They have band shirts and even super cute tube tops. The only problem is they're all $$, so I'm just going to "invest" in like two or three cute tops for days when I'm doing something I want to look not so frumpy for.

bonniefaye |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

I'm all for staying cute while pregnant, but I have a different dilemma. I'm a manager with my company and need to still maintain a professional appearance. It's hard to find tops flowy enough to not hug my belly, but also not have a deep neckline that shows off too much cleavage for the workplace. Any suggestions? I'm having a tough time fitting this criteria!

LizW2010 |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

Hi LizW2010. I also have a job where I have to dress professional, and I have found that some oversize tops (one or two sizes bigger) are a good fit to use under a cardigan. Also for those with deep neckline I use an undershirt that matches the color or complements it and covers more of the chest area.

jovipg |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits kept the rest of my maternity clothes looking stylish. I'm a petite 5'1" so tent or tunic style maternity tops practically drown me. Besides, bodysuits let me show off my fab designer denim! www.bashfulbump.com

irenewillow |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

I love to wear clothes which are trendy and I have discovered that being pregnant doesn't stop me to fulfill my goal. I have recently bought a few customized american apparel T-shirts and dresses two sizes bigger to wear them while I am pregnant. I feel good in these new outfits!

lionking44 |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

It's like keeping a fasting - you believe you're going to only eat food that doesn't have a taste, but you can find a lot of excellent recipes if you look for them. While pregnant, I wore a pair of fashionable Acne Pistol boots, they were comfortable and I felt great whenever I went outside. Being pregnant doesn't mean stopping your fashion cravings, too.

CheyanneEdith |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

There are many ways in which a woman can feel like a lady. It's not all about what you're wearing, it's also about the little presents you give to yourself, or, even better, the ones your husband offers. For example, last week I went to Hall’s flower shop and I bought my wife a large bouquet of roses. Her face shone like the sun when she received them.

KumaraKama |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

There are soooo many great maternity brands nowadays that offer style and quality. Check out www.lunamaternity.com - that is my favourite because they focus on clothes that will grow and shrink with you and because they have a lot of career and evening wear (I have a lot of work functions and was going crazy shopping the cheap stuff at the mall). Good luck!

Preggersagain |

Q&A: Stylish maternity wear?

- Though it’s not your typical maternity pick, you can still style it for maternity-friendly wear: let the skirt sit lower on your belly (paired with a longer tank) and a chambray top, or wear it higher on your bump and add a comfortable wedge sandal to your outfit. ,

lissaacoffeyc |