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Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

How can I look good during pregnancy without spending tons of money on clothes I'll never wear again?

Re: How can I look good during pregnancy without spending tons of money on clothes I'll never wear again?

The Bump Expert

Go for quality over quantity. You need one pair of pants that feels good. That’s it. If it’s something expensive, splurge -- better to have one pair you love than a few that don’t feel great. The type of pants depends on your lifestyle; maybe you want a pair of jeans because you can wear them around work or home, or some other kind of skinny pant because your office is less casual. I’d stay with something slim, though; wide pants aren’t as flattering when you’re pregnant.

The great thing about being pregnant is that some of your friends are probably at around the same stage in their lives. Maybe when you’re done with your favorite pair of maternity jeans, they’re really just getting good from being worn and washed, so you give them to a pregnant friend, and then later she can offer them to another friend. Make it a funny thing -- take a picture of yourself in the jeans, put it in the pocket, and then pass them on.

--Cynthia Rowley

Kaitlin Stanford

re: Q: Saving on maternity wear?

Check out used clothing stores - I went to a nice one & got 3 pairs of pants & 2 shirts for only $30!!

SunnyShelly |

re: Q: Saving on maternity wear?

Oldnavy.com has alot of cute shirts on sale! I got some for $4.99

Little Mrs. Hayden |

re: Q: Saving on maternity wear?

For the in-between stage you need a bella band or tummy sleeve! You wear your pre-pregnancy pants unbuttoned and this little tube-top type thing goes over top to hold them up and cover up your zipper etc. Looks like you're wearing a cami under your shirt. I got mine at motherhood maternity for about $15, which is a lot cheaper than all new pants!

pamjoan |

re: Q: Saving on maternity wear?

I agree about the used clothing store! I refuse to pay full price for maternity clothes, knowing I'm only going to be able to wear them temporarily. I went to a consignment store and found quite a bit of stuff, including some nice pants for work. I also bought a tummy sleeve. I use it occasionally with jeans for a layered t-shirt look, but I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. It's a nice thought, but I am constantly tugging on it to make sure it's in place, and to be honest, I'd rather just have pants that fit. :)

kel-bel78 |

re: Q: Saving on maternity wear?

If you live in a larger city, check out craigslist...there's a lot of maternity clothes being sold cheaply in lots by individuals!

ceg2483 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I've gotten plenty of cute clothes for free on my local freecycle website. You can post a wanted on there, but most of the time you won't have to. Women post maternity clothes on there all the time and you just go pick them up. It's really helped me save money, and if you get something you don't want just re-post it and somebody will take it. -Melanie

Oh_Wow_I'm_Gonna_Be_A_Mom! |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Search out baby consignment sales at churchs and by Mom's groups. There's always a maternity section and the prices are as low as you will find them anywhere. And while you're there you can stock up on really reasonable baby clothes, supplies and furniture.

cchill01 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I totally agree about the one pair of great fitting pants. I got mine from the Gap (I need petites too, so not many choices) and would probably go for a second, full panel this time, pair for later pregnancy, but I'm due in late July so I'll probably be avoiding pants all together from here on out. I'm normally all about thrift shops, but the maternity clothes at my local ones were a complete bust. I did, however, hit up Rugged Warehouse and get 4 shirts that will work great as maternity tops for $5 each. Apparently empire waists are back in because half of their clothes would work as maternity clothes. I wore one yesterday and someone I had talked to about not being able to find nice maternity clothes in our dinky little city asked me where I'd managed to find such a cute top.

colorschemer |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

The shirts I have bought are cute and flowy that way I can still wear them after he is born. As for jeans, I've bought 4 pairs of jeans from Khols and 2 pair of capris. Khols has really cute and comfy jeans for a very reasonable price. I think they were even on sale for like 40% off when I bought them. I also bought some jersey knit stretch yoga like pants from Old Navy that are now my favorite thing to wear. They are so comfortable.

mrsb025 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Look beyond the maternity section- the stuff is overpriced and usually ugly. Try places like Target or Ross- look for non-maternity tops and dresses that are flowy, long, or stretchy, and layer pre-pregnancy clothes over long tanks. As far as pants- don't buy them unless you like them and they FIT. Don't be afraid to buy 1-2 pairs of more expensive pants- it's worth the price to look and feel good. Having 6 pairs of cheap but poorly fitting pants that you don't want to wear is pointless, spend the same amount on something better.

honkytonk_kid |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

goodwill is where i got all of my pants 3 pairs for $10 total, tops i agree with shopping at Ross for tunic style tops and stretchy longer shirts no reason to get maternity tops.

SJMMassa |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I looked for stretchy non maternity shirts and dresses to get me through and they worked like a charm. Everything was stylish, form fitting and grew with my belly and I was able to bargain shop at all of my favorite stores because I wasn't limiting myself to maternity only clothes & maternity prices.

Tracy6450 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Why don't you try some custom american apparel hoodies? That could surely make you look very cool during pregnancy. What do you think?

DomWatters |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I believe that you should invest in quality instead of quantity. I've recently started a business and I was looking for My Girl Dress bridal dresses. In my opinion it doesn't matter if the women are at the wedding or at their first pregnancy. Her first choice is always something that's worth buying it.

LenBrannon |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I would try http://www.blacknbianco.com

BlackNBianco |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I use thredup.com. It has gently worn maternity wear at really amazing prices! I got 6 pairs of pants, and 3 tops for $75.

phillipsd46 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

For early pregnancy, bellyband works great with your unzipped regular pants. I got one from target, some said they could last until the 7th months with bellyband instead of maternity pants, but it wasn't comfortable anymore for me at around 4 months, I think I got the smallest size, probably should've gotten a bigger size..

ingajadeh |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

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Mavenmearch |