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Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

I'm not ready to tell people that I'm pregnant yet. What clothes can help hide my growing belly?

Re: I'm not ready to tell people that I'm pregnant yet. What clothes can help hide my growing belly?

The Bump Expert

In the beginning, if you don’t want people to know, be sure to have a lot going on up top. I guarantee that if you try big earrings, red lipstick, or a chunky necklace, no one is going to notice your tummy. Go for lots of beads, chunky platform shoes, unbuttoned cardigans, and jackets. 

Today’s larger clutches are also great because you naturally hold them right in front of you. And prints and floral patterns make perfect baby camouflage! Dark, looser bags are also good for hiding.

Put your attention on everything besides your belly -- head, toes, hair. Maybe it’s time for a new hairstyle! These are the same techniques you’ll use in late pregnancy to reenergize your limited wardrobe.

--Cynthia Rowley

Kaitlin Stanford

re: Q: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Try babydoll tops, they are popular for women who aren't pregnant as well. Also, if you throw on a scarf that hangs down to your belly, the extra fabric will hide your little growing belly. Avoid fitted tops, they accentuate it.

mellObellie |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

This sounds a little crazy, but I actually look less pregnant in maternity clothes than in regular clothes because they are looser. If you can find maternity clothes that look like normal clothes, try that. Even maternity pants, as long as you wear a long top that covers the waste helps, because it smoothes my figure instead of highlighting the fact that I can't button up my pants any more.

lexicgrace |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Avoid empire waists, because unless you are one of those super tiny people even when your pregnant, you will draw your eye to your tummy. Detailed jackets, put together with a piece of flashy jewelry draw the eye upward and towards curves. Loose layers can also work, just be cautious you don't over due or it will look like your trying to hide the fact your pregnant. I also find that it can help to wear clothes around the belly botton, because longer shirts can show some baby belly.

Natacreatedartist |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Just went today to purchase a few "transition" pieces on sale after the holiday... buying tops in XXL has helped! I have an extra challenge of not being able to layer much because the air circulation in my office is terrible and makes it hot in there... so , looking for tops that are a bit loose or hang straight down vs. form fitting are key! I also look for darker tops that help hide the poofy parts!

AdeleLogan |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Commonly with your first pregnancy the bump is slower to show. You can buy some great looking dresses and pants that disguise the weight gain. Of course during the last eight weeks it is almost impossible to disguise! Andrea Jones

andreajones1 |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

I used banded bottom tops to help hide and they worked wonders! They are a little baggy and the banded part adds as a benefit to hold the shirt down! They are comfortable and I look forward to using them for hiding my transition back to as close as possible to my pre-baby figure!

camiarnold |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

I am loving some of the answers on here. I have to visit a relative that had a miscarriage recently and I don't want to stir up bad emotions. I know they are happy for us, but I also grieve for their loss. I'm already 25 weeks and showing quite a lot. I'm thinking the jacket with a scarf should really be great! Thanks for all of the great responses!

jen56039 |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Super-big cowl necks, Babydoll tops and Maternal America's tummy tuck dress or tummy tuck top are my secret weapons. You may not want to buy because they are pricey, but these days you can rent them for just a few months during 1st trimester or again when nursing later on.

XMMama |


Start with a pre pregnancy weight of a svelte 250lbs. They will take forever to notice! :D

Bigboneded |

Q&A: Dressing to hide pregnancy?

Tunic tops are a great way to hide your belly. Top Shop sells quite a few at reasonable prices. You can find them at Nordstrom. New fave.

xtine_xtine |