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Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

Is it safe to whiten my teeth while I’m pregnant?


Is it safe to whiten my teeth while I’m pregnant?

The Bump Expert

When your back is aching, your arms and ankles look like sausages, and your wardrobe choices have been reduced to a handful of tent dresses, no one can blame you for wanting a dazzlingly white smile -- it could just make you feel so much better. But to be on the super safe-side, you may have to add sparkly teeth to the list of ways you’re going to have to take one for the team’s tiniest member. That’s because, while there’s no overwhelming evidence to prove that teeth whitening is dangerous while you’re pregnant, we don’t have definitive proof that it’s safe either.

Both the over-the-counter whitening kits and the in-office procedures rely on peroxide compounds -- typically hydrogen or carbamide peroxide -- to whiten and brighten. There have been questions regarding the safety of exposure to large quantities of these ingredients for anyone, not just pregnant women; specifically, in concentrations above 10 percent, it’s known that peroxide can cause tissue damage. After 20 years of accumulating and studying related data, the American Dental Association says that there are no “significant, long-term oral or systemic health risks associated with professional at-home tooth bleaching materials” that contain levels below the recommended amount. (Although the organization admits that it’s nearly impossible to track adverse effects of home use because problems would have to be reported to the FDA.)

When it comes to moms-to-be, the ADA leaves the decision up to the woman and her health professional with this caveat: “Similar to other dental and medical interventions, questions have been raised about the safety of tooth whitening treatments during pregnancy. In the absence of such evidence, clinicians may consider recommending that tooth whitening be deferred during pregnancy.” The bottom line: You probably don’t want to risk it. It’s best to let your teeth stay less pearly for a few months, for the baby’s sake.

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Jenna McCarthy

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

I think that professional doctors can offer you the best answers. You should ask a few nyc cosmetic dentists and see what they have to say about this matter. Hope you find my advice useful. Good luck!!

ZukiMuki |

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

That's really a shame, I wanted to whiten my teeth now, because I don't feel sexy anymore. I had already searched for numbers of different dentists Seattle has and I just searched the internet to convince myself it will all be OK. Oh, being pregnant sure has its ups and downs.

LindsaySkye |

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

From what I've understood from my TMJ Tucson dentist, if you whiten your teeth too often, it may prove to be harmful. But if you do it once a year or so, there's nothing to worry about. What I wouldn't give for a perfect smile, now that I'm not feeling so sexy anymore!

CheyanneEdith |

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

You should call 1-800-733-4727 with any questions you have about having a healthy pregnancy. They helped me figure out what to do when I was in the same boat! It is confidential and 100% free and the genetic counselors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!

hockeymom27 |

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

I would definitely avoid using any harsh chemicals. I would think using just baking powder and hydrogen peroxide would be ok. Your not consuming it internally although some will absorb trough your tissues as you brush. I would definitely consult a qualified professional to make certain it is safe to use, as its not worth taking any risks while your pregnant.

Sarahkelly898 |

Can I whiten my teeth during pregnancy?

While you are pregnant every medical intervention may harm you and your baby, therefore only the best dentists in Columbus OH can give you an answer to this question. It's better to ask for a specialist opinion, before deciding to whiten your teeth.

elizabeth675 |