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Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Can I use Splenda (sucralose) during pregnancy?

Re: Can I use Splenda (sucralose) during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Yes, sucralose is just fine. The FDA says it's completely safe for pregnant women to consume. You can also have aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal Classic). The sweetener you should avoid is saccharin, which hasn't been proven safe, since it can cross the placenta, and doctors don't know exactly what kind of effect it has on a fetus.

Ashley S. Roman, MD, ob-gyn and clinical assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Absolutely not ! And stay away from any artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_murders_infants.htm

ktunnell |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Splenda is not aspartame though. It is made from sugar so therefore it is different. I am still planning to use very infrequently but it will be nice to use occasionally with my decaf tea.

adgeunc |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

On a molecular level, Splenda is a sucrose (table sugar) molecule that has three hydrogen-oxygen pairs replace with chlorine atoms. I chose to not consume this long before pregnancy.

MelissaMiso |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Sweetners such a splenda are very bad for you.. theyre linked to issues with the brain. i would choose an organic brown sugar or xylitol.. make sure the xylitol is not made in china. if it is they get the sugar from corn which is not good.

bianca102883 |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Simple question: would I feed a sweetener to my baby or toddler... probably not. Why would I want to feed it to baby in Utero. My personal choice is to drink more water and if I want a sweet drink, I switch to a carbonated fruit juice with no added sugar instead of pop. However, this is my choice, not preaching to other mom-to-be's out there because everyone has the right to choose.

Rosebean |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

How selfish are you people? How about regular sugar if you aren't diabetic????? DUH!!!1

jennifercullenthebride |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

Artificial sweeteners have been linked to Autism. While this research is still being finalized I find it terrifying to even consider an artificial sweetener while prego.

CorinaandCraig |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

@Rose-bean - those carbonated fruit juices you mentioned (at least the one I had yesterday) is sweetened with sucralose (Splenda)... that's actually how I found this thread! So make sure you are reading the labels before you consume, and if you know of a carbonated fruit juice that uses natural sweetener, please let me know what brand it is so I can switch!

JeneeB53 |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

I'm inclined to trust the board certified OB/GYN on this one. Nothing personal as I assume most on this site mean well, but I am not going to trust the health of my baby to 3rd hand rumor and innuendo for safety and health. Anyone catch the BBC piece about how it was thought that bathing ourselves or babies was dangerous, because water damages skin and causes sickness? I'm not suggesting that artificial sweeteners are good for the baby, just that it seems an odd thing to single out without medical info. Plenty of documented risk factors to stress about...

new2sca |

Q&A: Can I use Splenda during pregnancy?

I have been staying away from ALL artificial sweeteners while pregnant(I don't really have them while not pregnant either) I forgot to check some Gatorade I was drinking(Dr told me to because my blood sugar keeps dropping) After I finished the bottle(Just the mini size) I saw that it had Sucralose in it! Is that bad to have a small bottle like that? I have only drank two of them out of 6 in the pack...I'm not going to finish the other 4.

BethanyCrone |