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Is it safe to stand all day during pregnancy?

Is it okay to be on my feet all day during pregnancy?


Is it okay to be on my feet all day during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Have you heard about the runner who went into labor just minutes after she crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon? If she can train for and complete a 26.2-mile run, you can assume that standing isn’t going to harm your baby. That said, nobody’s promising it’s going to be comfortable. “Some pregnant women who stand for long periods of time, especially during the last trimester, will experience back pain, and swelling and discomfort in their legs,” explains Hilda Hutcherson, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and the author of What Your Mother Never Told You About S-e-x. “But it’s not going to hurt your baby.”

If your job requires a lot of vertical time and you experience discomfort or swelling, try taking frequent breaks (sit or lie with your feet elevated), consuming plenty of fluids (10 cups a day), staying active, wearing compression stockings (even though they’re not so cute) and avoiding crossing your legs when you do sit. Sleeping on your left side at night may also help reduce swelling and alleviate pressure on the inferior vena cava, the vein that pumps blood from your lower extremities to your heart.

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Jenna McCarthy

Is it safe to stand all day during pregnancy?

Well, If you feel like you are tired, than you should sit down. Before giving birth, I worked for Brad S Cohen and I had be on my feet all day, but I didn't have any problems.

deanjohnson |

Is it safe to stand all day during pregnancy?

im 5 weeks along, and my work requires standing whole day like 8-10hrs. is that ok? at 4weeks i had bleeding but theres no pain,but my Dr. said its still too early to say. it should be unharmful as there is no pain..and so here in the bump i found out about the implantation bleeding. but its already 8days now from when i started the bleeding is it still fine? i had my first baby and i hadnt had this kind of bleeding..do you think it might be because of my work?

moonlytmiko |