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Is a seaweed wrap safe during pregnancy?

Is it safe to get a seaweed wrap when I’m pregnant?


Is it safe to get a seaweed wrap when I’m pregnant?

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While there’s nothing inherently dangerous about the seaweed itself or the lovely, serene spa setting, the concern here would be overheating. An elevated body temperature of 101 or higher, especially for long periods of time, puts unborn babies at an increased risk for neural tube defects. Being cocooned in strands of seaweed could easily raise your core temp above the safety threshold. (For the same reason, pregnant women should limit their hot tub and sauna use.)

So what about those really hot days? If you live somewhere with particularly warm and wet weather, San Diego–based expert David M. Priver, MD, FACOG, assures you that you’re fine. “Women’s bodies were designed to carry babies across all climates and cultures,” he says. Above all, stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink about 10 cups of fluids daily. (Water, juices, coffee, tea and even soft drinks “count,” although it’s wise to steer clear of sugar- and calorie-laden drinks, pregnant or not.) Also, remember that thirst is a sign that you’re already dehydrated, so sip often even if you’re not feeling parched.

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Jenna McCarthy

Is a seaweed wrap safe during pregnancy?

Even if a seaweed treatment sounds very tempting you must be careful and not overreact with exposure. There are plenty of other treatments equally beneficial, that will not harm you and your unborn baby. You should definitely try a Swedish massage in Napa Valley, it will help you relax in a perfect and soothing atmosphere.

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