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Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

Can I lift weights while I’m pregnant? How much?

Re: Can I lift weights while I’m pregnant? How much?

The Bump Expert

Weight training is a good way to keep valuable muscle mass through pregnancy and will help you get your pre-pregnancy body back quicker because your metabolism will be stronger. A healthy, safe range for beginners and experienced exercisers is 3- to 10-lb. dumbbells. Remember that pregnancy isn’t the time to increase your intensity or fitness level. It’s important to be safe and not push heavy amounts of weight (particularly over your head) or hold your breath while lifting. Always be supported by a bench or chair, especially as you get larger and your balance is altered (remember what happened Humpty Dumpty?).

Tracey Mallett

re: Q: Safe to lift weights?

I agree. My trainer has been training pregnant women ever since I started with him two years ago, and he has the ladies in 1st tri pretty much maintain their normal routine (but reduced abdominal workouts), and then he changes their workout schedule for 2nd and 3rd tri. One of the women (in 1st tri) sees him three times a week, and she says that she's been able to maintain her weight, ward of nausea, and feels more energised than tired most of the time, even though she's pregnant.

MakingBabyWasFun |

re: Q: Safe to lift weights?

Lifting weights is a great way to retain muscle mass during pregnancy. There are some great exercises that can not only help you retain muscle but also help you stay strong and comfortable as your body changes. I also like to incorporate small balance moves into weight lifting routines, as moms center of gravity shifts balance is very important for her to be able to adjust also. Especially here in Colorado with icy sidewalks. I teach moms in my classes exercises they can do at home and outside of Belly Bliss to keep them strong and safe. http://bellybliss.org/index.html

LaurenBellyBliss |

re: Q: Safe to lift weights?

Can you clarify whether we should stick to the 3-10lb range or stick to our normal program? I ask because I lift a lot heavier than that - frankly I'm afraid to run...lift heavy...and pregnant women do abs? Really? I would feel like I was crushing my baby, lol. Can you tell I'm a first timer here? :)

Orchid86 |

re: Q: Safe to lift weights?

When should I start limiting my weight?? I don't lift weights but work at a daycare with 2 & 3 year olds so don't wanna strain but.... well ya know!!

JPafford86 |

re: Q: Safe to lift weights?

i mainly jog on an eliptical or do a recumbant bike, abs and light weights on my legs and arms.. is that ok to continue? i am only 5 weeks now but i am curious if i should slow down and stop weights and abs or something... usually i jog for about 2 miles and then do 20lbd on my legs and about 10-15 on my arms and about 200 crunches should i decrease??

noodle28 |

Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

Oh my goodness, if you lift weights (or toddlers) regularly, there is no need to stop now! Maybe don't clean 95 lbs if your max is 115, but keep up with what feels right. Your body will tell you if it feels out of balance, or if your ligaments start to loosen up too much, or obviously once your belly is too big to be comfortable. If you've not worked out recently, you can't go wrong with air squats, getting your knees close to the level of your butt as if you were hovering over a toilet, then popping your hips forward as you stand. Your labor will be so much more productive if your quads, glutes, and abs are in respectable shape.

Lithigin |

Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

My doctor suggested not lifting more than 25 lbs while pregnant. More than that can put too much of strain on your body plus it causes you to hold your breath (whether you realize you're doing it or not). It's less than I was lifting before but I gotta do whatever is safe for the baby.

kimecakes |

Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

Ab workouts are actually ok... I workout a lot and my doctor said running and abs are ok in moderation. (her words were, "abs won't crush the baby, they actually help strengthen your ab muscles before they stretch like crazy in pregnancy and you get too big to do them!") As long as you're not working out to the point of exhaution its great for you

chelseacake1 |

Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

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jerryms |

Q&A: Safe to lift weights during pregnancy?

I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Luckily so far I have had a wonderful pregnancy, no ailments to speak of and feeling very good within myself. I definitely put it down to regular exercise and fresh green juicing every day. I have trained and played sport for many years and only felt natural to continue doing so whilst pregnant. Admittedly I did take a break for the first three months and have returned to the gym 4x a week...I usually incorporate weights with cardio. Im using max 6kg weights for upper body. My advice really is if you have always exercised there is no reason to stop unless of a medical reason and always continue to listen to your body. For those who have never exercised ..probably not the best time to start but definitely cardio is beneficial ..walking, cycling, cross trainer..IF you've always lifted weights carrying on but def with lighter weight is a must and for those who havent stick with the lightest but get advice from a professional PA....I highly recommend pilates!!! AMAZING for inner core muscles great for pre and post preganancy body and exercise helps massively with post natal depression. OPS sorry I have babbled in this reply!

NiaNoo77 |