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Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?

Is it okay to be around a microwave oven while pregnant?


Is it okay to be around a microwave oven while pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Ah, first-world problems, eh? I mean, can you imagine if we had to make our popcorn the old-fashioned way, on the stove? (Oh wait, there were open fires before that.) The answer is the usual pregnancy catch-22: While there are no studies that prove hovering nearby while your coffee is being nuked is going to hurt your unborn baby, there are no studies to confirm that it definitively won’t harm the little guy or gal either.

The concern over this handy appliance stems from the fear that radiation can seep out during the cooking process. The FDA carefully regulates the manufacture of new microwave ovens under strict safety standards to ensure that emission levels are well below the limit of what’s considered a health risk. So as long as you’ve got a fairly recent model, you’re probably A-OK. Double-check that all the hinges, latches and seals are damage-free, and if you suspect that your microwave is leaking radiation, contact the manufacturer, a microwave service organization, your state health department or your closest FDA office.

While there is no published research declaring that standing nearby while your machine is working its melting magic will or won’t hurt you or your baby (Can you imagine that study? “Okay, lady, another 20 minutes and you can go to the bathroom...”), it seems like taking a few steps back would be an easy, not-neurotic thing to do. Similarly, while no studies have proven that nuking anything plastic will give you cancer, the USDA says only to cook in containers that are labeled microwave-safe and to never heat cold-storage containers (margarine tubs, yogurt and cottage cheese containers) because they could warp or melt, potentially releasing dangerous chemicals into your food.

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Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?


aiecam20 |

Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?

As long as they are used for need-be, and as little as possible (no plastic, all microwave-safe glass/ceramic), also I try to ask someone to microwave the food for me or I atleast stay away after I press "start" until a minute after the timer goes off to avoid rays of possible harm.

arielzepplin |

Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?

If you don't want to use microwaves during pregnancy, then you buy some new appliances from ge appliance sales. I heard the have the best appliances in town.

deanjohnson |

Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?

To my fair opinion, microwaves are not safe under any circumstances, not only because you supposedly you have a baby on the way. Near Christmas, I always buy holiday desserts that don`t need to be in the microwave ovens. Fact is I love those desserts, but I can`t afford to risk my health by using the microwave.

conquerer |

Are microwaves safe during pregnancy?

Microwaves work by using radation to excite water molicules in your food, From the outside in. Unless your microwave is damaged or is old (like 15 years older, where it maynot be blocking the small amount of radiation that is escaping) microwaves shouldn't be a problem. Please remember you are also exposed to radation through your cellphone, your wifi, your tv, and even the screen you are veiwing this on. I try to limit my microwave us and cook on the stove or oven instead, but it is okay I believe to use them

icedcakes |