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Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

When is it too late to fly when you are pregnant? -- RGPhillip

Re: When is it too late to fly when you are pregnant? -- RGPhillip

The Bump Expert

Most airlines won't let passengers on board after 36 weeks. As a doctor, I agree that anything up to 36 weeks is fine. I simply tell my patients to be sure and drink lots of water, and get up every hour or two and make a couple of laps around the plane to get your blood flowing (this helps reduce the risk of blood clots).

However, if you have any sort of pregnancy complications, have had any he contractions, are at risk for pre-term labor, or have a history of delivering early, your doctor may recommend that you not fly in the later weeks of pregnancy. If you are pregnant with multiples, you may want to hold off too -- if a patient is having triplets, I recommend that they not fly after 20-24 weeks.

Dr. Ashley Roman

Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

I just did a 12 hour flight at 25 weeks (which was fine) and returned home when I was 7 months and I'll never do it again. I've never been more uncomfortable. The baby hated being all scrunched up for that long and I was getting pains in my belly (when the baby moved into awkward positions) and in my back despite getting up every 30 minutes or so. I'll never do that again!

Jademelissa |

Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

I am supposed to be in a wedding my 35th week that I will need to fly out for. I was fine going until recently, now I just don't want anything to happen to my baby. Does anyone think my friend will hate me for backing out? I agreed to this a year and a half ago, and our little guy is a sweet surprise. I let her know from the beginning it was cutting it close, and that depending on what a doctor says may not be able to make it.

Netty_3 |

Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

Netty, one of my bridesmaids was in a similar situation, only she had just had her baby the month before. As a real friend, I understood that she wasn't able to be a part of my wedding. If your friend truly cares for you and the well being of your baby, she will understand.

ssankov |

Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

If you're going to travel in late pregnancy, make sure you bring a copy of your prenatal record with you and be prepared in case something happens- your water breaks, you go into pre term labor, etc. Know where the local L&D will be located.

klutzygrl26 |

Q&A: Flying in the third trimester?

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I'm a flight attendant and I'm planing to work tell 36weeks.

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