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Is a Facial Safe During Pregnancy?

I’m making a spa appointment to get some pregnancy pampering. Is it okay to get a facial?


I’m making a spa appointment to get some pregnancy pampering. Is it okay to get a facial?

The Bump Expert

You’re about to be really, really happy with our answer: Yes, you can totally get a basic facial while you’re pregnant. In fact, it can probably help with any skin issues you’re experiencing right now, like dryness, breakouts or puffiness. (Heck, afterward you may just have that pregnancy glow everyone talks about.)

Facials are safe during pregnancy as long as you stick to a basic cleansing facial with no bells and whistles, such as electric currents, chemical peels or light therapies.

To err on the extra-safe side, see your dermatologist rather than an aesthetician to properly and safely treat your acne. And, of course, tell whoever’s doing your facial that you’re pregnant up front.

Your skin is probably super-sensitive right now, so don’t be surprised if it’s uncomfortable -- if it is, ask the aesthetician to go a little easier and maybe even to give you a light head massage. You also want to make sure to tell them to tread lightly on the extractions (you know, when they push out the blackheads and other nastiness in your pores).

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Is a Facial Safe During Pregnancy?

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