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Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? 

Re: Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? 

The Bump Expert

Tracey Mallett: You’ve probably heard that pregnancy and labor will be easier if you’re in good shape, but your first trimester isn’t the time to start a whole new workout routine. If you already workout regularly, it’s usually okay to keep it up through your first trimester, but be sure to check with your doctor first. The best exercise regimen for the first trimester? Walking and stretching on a daily basis. Here’s why:

1. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by a whopping 50 percent. As a result of all this extra blood circulating in your body, your heart rate is higher -- even at rest -- and exercise may feel more difficult, especially in the first trimester. This additional blood volume also causes you to take deeper, faster breaths and lowers your blood pressure.

2. Cardiac output also increases. In fact, it’s 30 to 40 percent higher than it was before you got pregnant. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you can safely engage in 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on most, if not all, days. Walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike, using an elliptical, and low-impact aerobics are perfect cardio options as your pregnancy progresses, since these activities don't put any pressure on your joints, loose ligaments, or pelvic floor. Listen to your body and make sure your rating of perceived exertion (RPE) is around 7. Try the talk test: If you cannot hold a conversation while exercising, you're working out too hard and need to slow down or lower the intensity.

3. Your heart rate will be much higher than before you were pregnant, so it’s important that you give yourself plenty of time to cool down. It can take up to 15 minutes. Stop exercising when you start feeling tired and never work to exhaustion.

Need more direction? Download my quick and easy (I promise) workout plan here.

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Tracey Mallett

re: Q: Exercising while pregnant?

Thanks for the great advice! Doing 30min everyday on a glider has been to much for me.I think I will walk and stretch instead!

Mrs.JungBaby |

re: Q: Exercising while pregnant?

I've been enrolled in a salsaerobics class for the past 3 months and love it! I just found out that I am pregnant but I have been doing ok so I think I am just going to not work as hard in the class! But I do feel good!

dimples_cdm |

re: Q: Exercising while pregnant?

I am 11 weeks now, and I have been taking hip hop, jazz, breakdancing and dance aerobic classes for the past 5 years. Some weeks i'd go 2 times, some weeks only once. But after my pregnancy, I was reluctant to go because of the fear of miscarrying in the first tri. I'm going to the gym once a week now and taking a dance aerobics class, but I am used to working out hardcore, so I can handle it (and carry on a conversation easily). But a part of me still is afraid, as hiphop moves and certain dance moves require a lot of jerky motions, and pop' n'lock. I am trying to justify going, because it makes me happy. and Dance is my stress release, and my passion. And I've been doing it for over 5 years, so shouldn't I do what I have already been doing?? Plus I am not really showing yet, and it's not like th ebaby isn't protected with the amniotic sac or anything, right?I need some real advice.

shs500 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

should i not exercise at all if i have had miscarriages in the past within the first trimester? i'm scared to do anything in these 1st 4 months.. should i still stretch and do very light walking?

lakersgirljj24 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I'm in belly dancing and in hip hop. I know belly dancing is ok to do while pregnant but I don't know about hip hop. Does anyone know if hip hop dance class is ok to do while pregnat?

bride32710 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I've been doing aqua aerobics for the past few months and I love the way I feel during and after a workout. I just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am planning on continuing the class, but just taking it a little easier and not pushing myself too hard. It is so weird! Just last week after my Wednesday class I noticed how great my stomach and abs were looking, then on Friday I found out I was pregnant!

mgracem505 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I asked my dr. due to the mixed reviews. He told me to keep my heart rate below 140-150 bpm, and to stick with my current routine (jogging, workout videos, etc).

bethradalia@neo.rr.com |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I'm certainly no pro but before I found out I was pregnant I finished up P90x (around my 5th week). Found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks or so, stopped working out, told my doctor about my regular hip hop classes, spin, running. She just said to watch my heartrate (keep it around 150) and drink lots of water and DON'T WORK TOO HARD! I'm at abuot 13.5 weeks and ok just a little less time at the gym (maybe 3 classes a week) and walking in between.

JessicaJenkins83 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

shs500, I was doing cardio kickboxing prior to pregnancy. The doctor recommends low impact exercises and not to do anything that will have you bouncing up and down. Probably your hip hop class is to much. They told me no way to the cardio kickboxing.

loreleidelacruz |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I am 16 weeks and I can still barely get myself out of bed! I used to workout alot before I was pregnant (yoga, running, spinning) but I cannot seem to find the energy. Is it safe to go back to my previous workout, or would it be like starting from scratch? I work 12 hour shifts and I am on my feet all day so I walk a reasonable amount but I just want to do more... I know it's good to exercise but I am just unsure of where to start now!

jpirrone |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I just found out that I am pregnant. I'm only 5 weeks. I started a workout routine about 3 weeks ago with running, elliptical, weight work, and stretching. Is it still okay to do? Or should I just walk and stretch? This is my first baby so I am totally clueless!

niharkne88 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I just found out I am pregnant, (still have to go to the doctor.) I usually do a step aerobic class twice a week. Any advice on how safe that is to continue doing?

JonandVictoria |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

1 week prior to getting pregnant I ran a full marathon and had ran/trained the entire year before that. At 4 weeks I ran a half marathon. When I finally went to the doc at 12 weeks I had dropped down to about 15-18 miles a week (4 days of 3-5.5 mile runs). The doc said that was perfectly fine since I'd done it before and baby looked good. Now, at 32 weeks, I am down to 12-15 miles a week (3 or 4 days of 3-4 mile runs). I feel great and baby is growing great. Talk to your doctor, they'll know whats best for you.

rossandweaver |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

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sedid |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

Core muscle exercises (abdominal) and pelvic floor exercises are a must. Strengthening these muscles will help with pushing the baby out! Check out my interview with physical therapist specializing in pregnancy/postpartum health on my blog: http://pcjz.blogspot.com

ecalpon1 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I've been doing Zumba for almost a year now, but stopped right before I found out I was pregnant. I went back last week, and took it easy (of course), but I felt wonderful. I'm just concerned about too much bouncing/jumping.

H4S |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

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jerryms |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I'm just wondering what abdominal exercises are okay to do during pregnancy and why. I want to strengthen my abs after 2 c-sections and a vaginal birth in between those, but I am pregnant (about 8 weeks) with my fourth as well.

leslvart |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

I was towards the end of marathon training when I found out I was pregnant. I had to postpone the original marathon date but still ran it at 3 months pregnant with my doctors consent. My husband and I also backpacked 30 miles in the Sierra Nevadas for our anniversary while I was 6 months along, finishing the hike with a climb up the Half Dome cables. I know what I can handle and I don't push it at this point as it just feels odd having something moving in my belly when I run but I'm not giving it all up either. I would go crazy if I couldn't do anything!

Dith9721 |

Q&A: Exercising while pregnant?

Does anyone have this workout plan? The link doesn't seem to work. Thanks :-)

stacygator |