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Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

I know I can’t eat raw fish, but what can I order at my favorite sushi restaurant?


I know I can’t eat raw fish, but what can I order at my favorite sushi restaurant?

The Bump Expert

Raw or seared fish can contain parasites and/or bacteria that can hurt baby, so lots of the menu at a sushi restaurant is off-limits. But there's still plenty to eat. Dig in!

Hot appetizers: edamame, shrimp shu mai, beef negimaki

Soup: miso soup, udon or soba noodle soup

Salad: field-greens salad, seaweed salad

Sushi: eel-cucumber roll, California roll, salmon skin roll

Entrees: chicken teriyaki, vegetable or shrimp tempura

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Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

Make sure whatever you're eating is super fresh as much as you can. While on a business trip, i had a seaweed salad which got me very sick. From the dehydration i experienced from diarrhea, i went into preterm labor at 22 weeks and had to be rushed home.

shanadevil |


Actually, take a look at the latest reports from the FDA. Most states require sushi grade fish to be flash frozen, which kills common parasites. Eating high quality raw sushi is likely safer than eating a crappy hamburger, particularly since the likelihood of cross contamination at a place that doesn't follow the strict food prep requirements of a sushi restaurant is much higher. Just don't be an idiot and eat raw fish from someplace with health code violations. Also, you still need to limit your intake of mercury, so choose your sushi wisely.

gulickr |

Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

I live in Japan with my Japanese husband. I have eaten sushi and sashimi throughout my entire pregnancy. It is considered part of a healthy pregnancy diet here and we are told only to not eat swordfish and whale.

csbjapan |

Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

I agree with you both gulickr and csbjapan! More possibility of contracting e-coli from a fast food hamburger! I won't eat raw shellfish, however.

VHill33 |

Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

While we all know that raw fish "should" be avoided in pregnancy, I just want to remind everyone to be careful about where they get their cooked or veggie sushi, too. Makre sure that separate work surfaces used in preparing the veggie and the cooked sushis. You would be SO surprised to find out how many places prepare everything on the same surface, lending its way to a high likelihood of cross contamination! Just an FYI, I checked with several places in my area (metrowest Boston), and the only place to pay strict attention to using separate work surfaces is Wholefoods.

ehretatchison |

Can I Eat Sushi While Pregnant?

there are plenty of sushi types with cooked fish, or none if you're worried about it, but as long as it's a reputable place, I don't see an issue with it, just don't go overboard on the tuna

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