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Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

My in-laws have a hot tub. Is it totally off limits for me during pregnancy?

Re: My in-laws have a hot tub. Is it totally off limits for me during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms all have the potential to raise your core body temperature. Early in pregnancy (around five to six weeks of gestation), increased core body temperature has been associated with fetal neural tube defects like spina bifida. Hyperthermia (temperature greater than 102 degrees Fahrenheit) has also been associated with miscarriage, fetal growth restriction and brain damage. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I generally recommend that you avoid immersing yourself in a hot tub.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Hot Tubs Safe?

What about in your second and third trimester? What about the bathtub if you like it hot?

SweetieBabe |

re: Q: Hot Tubs Safe?

I absolutely love taking hot baths, and my OB said not too. She said it would be the same as the hot tub, submerging yourself in hot water for an extended period of time. She also said hot showers were fine because you would be going back and forth from one side of your body to the other. I guess cooling down the other side that is not in the hot water.

liz.kwintera |

re: Q: Hot Tubs Safe?

what about just luke warm baths. enough to keep you in there, but not hot enough to make you sweat?

thebysouthfamily |

re: Q: Hot Tubs Safe?

I love taking hot baths as well as getting in our Hot tub. My doctor said it would be good if I got in the hot tub b/c it would help with my back and legs as long as the temp. was down to body tem. So we keep ours at 98 and its just like a warm bath but better! Its not good to let your body temp. go above 100. Hope that helps, but I would always ask your doctor first.

Starhoney |

re: Q: Hot Tubs Safe?

I have heard that as long as your bpdy temp does not elivate over 100 degrees you can use a hot tub, get in a hot bath, or even us a heating pad. Just use good judgement.

staceyodiecat |

re: Q: Hot tubs safe?

I've heard that while a hot tub is not really safe, most people's natural reaction is to get out of the hot tub before their temp gets too high because they feel overheated. But I supposed different people have different tolerances.

jenniejnpr |

re: Q: Hot tubs safe?

My MD said if you have to ease into the water or if it turns your skin pink it's too hot and you need to let it cool down. I keep a regular old thermometer by my tub and take my bathwater's temperature before I get in- It's a little OCD of me I know, but it gives me peace of mind to know I'm not hard-boiling my baby (as J McCarthy says!). I try to keep my bath at or below 100F.

aemurrayrubin |

re: Q: Hot tubs safe?

I just wanted to share with you that if you go to a spa/jacuzzi that might be used by more than a couple, there is risk of bacteria and/or getting sick. Our pool guy just drained the condo's jacuzzi because the chlorine level was very low, and he confirmed that the hot water will NOT kill all bacteria. People go in and out of these things without proper cleaning or showering and others could pay the consequences. Pregnancy is definitely NOT the time to be taking chances.

pooloolah |

re: Q: Hot tubs safe?

aemurrayrubin, it's not OCD...I keep a thermometer next to the tub too! I love hot baths, and my husband always makes sure I check the temp before I get in. If it's above 100, I just wait ten minutes or so for it to cool down.

brougfa |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

My husband and I recently went on our "Babymoon" and stayed in a cabin in the mountains which had a hot tub. I was also worried about the dangers of a hot tub but my OB told me the worry is in your core body temp. rising to 102 and staying there for a long time. So when we got to our cabin...I went and adjusted the temp on the actual hot tub from 104 degrees to 100 degrees and brought along my mouth thermometer and while soaking checked my temp every 15 mins. It never went over 99.5 and when it reached that 99.5 degrees I got out...but it reached that temp over a 30 min period which was enough soaking for me anyway. Hope this helps!!

mikeyfan |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

My doctor said not hot tubs but hot baths and showers were fine. She said "commercial hot tubs" have a much higher temperature.

jeterbeater@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

My doctor has told me that now that I'm in my second and third trimesters its okay to sit partialy in the water (I just sit on the highest step) as long as your belly doesn't go fully under you should be fine. Just drink LOTS of water while your in the water and listen to your body, you should be able to tell when your getting to hot/dehydrated. This was a godsend because the hot water takes so much pressure off my hips

BubblesBelow |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

what about if you are trying to conceive? Should you still stay away incase you are pregnant without knowing those first few weeks?

jclarke1 |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

When I was pregnant with my first baby in 08, the hot tube was the ONLY thing that help with my aches and pains. My OBGYN told me that if the hot tube was under 98' it was ok, as long as my body temp didnt go up to 100'. If I had to keep getting in and out keep my body temp reg.

MommyLiehr |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

The people that mention bacteria are TOTALLY RIGHT!! I went in a hot tub just up to my hips when I was 5 months preg with my first. It was cold out so I wore a shirt and the shirt got wet when I was getting in. Within a day, I noticed a rash all over my arms and belly! It turned out that the hot tub was not properly cleaned and I had foliculitis! I ended up with a terrible, itchy, bumpy rash that lasted over a month! It was awful and DEF not worth the few min of fun in the hot tub! For baths, I agree with the thermometer, as long as it stays below 100, you're fine. That's actually a pretty warm bath! you'd probably be surprised at what the temp in your bath really is. You'll need that bath thermometer when the baby comes anyway!

flora_a |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

ok, well...slight concern over here. I did not know about avoiding hot baths in the early stages of pregnancy and during my 6-8th week I probably had a hottish bath 3x a week. And I am sure my body heat was over 100F for at least a short period of time. Now, I just looked at some pictures of fetal neural tube defects and I must say - they freaked me out big time. Can anybody tell me how great are the chances of that thing actually happening??! Or ...i don't know, i'm just a bit scared now. I mean, for sure i'll monitor my baths more carefully now, but then again....what is done is done. Can anybody calm me down and say it's ok??! :P I have my second doctors visit in a weeks time. Then they'll take my blood and stuff. Will that show anything or ....

digiredis |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

i am 23 weks pregnant and work in amaternity ward and did the same things. At 17 weeks they will test your blood for signs of certain defects tube defects being one of them. there is a very high rate of false positives! My levels came back high so i was sent to maternal fetal specialists for a more in depth ultra sound . And my little guy is just fine!!! :) Stop looking at the defects as hard as it may be. I did the same thing and worried myself into a panic over nothing. remember very high rate of FALSE POSITIVES ! im sure ur baby is just fine. :)

medgirl22 |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

OMG i feel horrible i didnt know it hurts anything, i am 6 weeks pregnant an i just found out an i take a bath everyother day an a shower inbetween them an i love it like hot hot but idk how hot it is,, i feel like i did something wrong now? do you think i hurt my baby at all?

danielle0123 |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

People seriously overreact to this. It's really not that big of a deal and you don't need to obsessively take your temperature. If you have to ease in, it's too hot. It you feel too hot, you probably are. If your skin is getting really pink, then get out. If you know the water temperature, 102 is the max. I recently went on a "babymoon" in Colorado to a place with natural mineral hot springs. Doc said it was totally safe as long as I followed those guidelines. Plus he said the minerals would be good for me. Each hot spring was a different temperature so I tested a few and even got in one that was 105 (OMG!!!) and it wasn't a big deal at all as I didn't stay more than 5 minutes in it. Interestingly enough, the 98-99 degree hot tub was hot enough for me most of the time anyway. He did tell me to avoid public hot tubs like at the gym or at someone's apartment because those are a nesting ground for bacteria. You'll know when you are too hot and you are not going to "boil your baby!" Don't freak out! Women have been successfully having babies for thousands of years without all of the obsessive worrying. Just play it smart and don't do anything stupid :)

MrsFreezy |


Just because your OB says its ok to go into a hot tub doesn't mean everyone is else knows this. Don't forget that. Lifeguards at public pools are told not to let pregnant people in hot tubs for several reasons. 1 the heat... most public hot tubs get up to 104 but will very throughout the day. 2 the chemicals they really are not good for the skin. A lot of publc hot tubs have to pump in a lot of chems to cover the amount of people using them. Some don't have enough. You can ask for the chem tests. 3 if for some reason something happend to a pregnant woman not only do they have to worry about you they have to help your baby. If you are cold at a public pool and they have a hot tub ask if you can put your feet in. You can use the jets on at least the lower part of you body and not have to worry about what might happen when your baby is born.

cafe_girl_3 |

Q&A: Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

You should call 1-800-733-4727 with any questions you have about having a healthy pregnancy. They helped me figure out what to do when I was in the same boat! It is confidential and 100% free and the genetic counselors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!

hockeymom27 |