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Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

Should I be worried that a deployed air bag will harm my pregnant belly?


Should I be worried that a deployed air bag will harm my pregnant belly?

The Bump Expert

We get it. Your body’s different now and you’re concerned that air bags won’t work the same with your belly in the way. But don’t even think about turning the air bags off. If you get into an accident, you’ll be much safer if you have a functional air bag than if you don’t. In a crash, you could hit your head or belly if you don’t have an air bag to cushion the impact. In fact, a University of Washington study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that air bags were safe for pregnant women. “In the study of over 3,000 accidents, there was no higher risk of fetal distress, placental separation or cesarean section in women whose air bags deployed,” says Suzanne Merrill-Nach, a San Diego-based OB/GYN, who was not involved in the study but researched it for us. “The severity of the accident was the major factor.” For safe air bag usage, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends pregnant women adjust the steering wheel at least 10 inches away from your breastbone. If you don’t have enough space between you and the wheel and your bump is getting too big, you can actually cause more injury to your ribs and belly in an accident. If your steering wheel can be tilted, make sure it’s angled toward your breastbone and not towards your belly or head.

But don’t just rely on the air bags to keep you safe, it’s important to wear a seat belt (which you should always do anyways!). ACOG advises pregnant women to wear a lap and shoulder belt every time they’re in the car. The safest way to wear a seat belt is to buckle the lap belt low on your hip bones, below your belly. Make sure to position the shoulder belt off to the side of the belly and across the center of your chest. And even though it might feel uncomfortable, the seat belt should fit snugly.

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Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

I've recently bought a Chevrolet Spark and I asked the Tucson Chevy dealer if it is recommended to turn off the airbag option as I am pregnant. He advised me not to do this as in case of an accident they can really save my life and my baby's life. There were very few cases in which airbag activation was harmful to the baby.

CarolinaJohanson |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

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jerryms |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

I am working at the Ford New Haven CT showroom and there are coming a lot of women every day asking if it would be safer to turn off their car's airbags while they are pregnant. Our answer is "no" because the airbags have a special design which protect the driver in case of an accident. If you turn them off the risk of dying in an accident is very high. Even if you are pregnant they shouldn't put your belly's life in danger as they are made from a special material that cannot cause you more than a few scratches.

CorinaRosaldo |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

I was searching for some Weathertech floor mats when I found this interesting website. From my experience I can tell you that airbags are the best invention.I was 30 weeks pregnant when I had a terrible car accident and the airbags saved my life and my baby's life too. You don't have to worry about the deployed airbags as they are made of a special material that protects you and doesn't harm your baby.

YadirisYanis |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

When my wife got pregnant she was worried about the airbags as she thought that they are harmful for our baby in case of an accident.I remember that we've participated to an automobile donation event and she asked one of the car dealerships about airbags.He assured us that the airbags are recommended especially for pregnant women as they are made of a special material that keeps both the mother and the baby safe.

Roysandy |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

If you don't want to worry about airbags during your pregnancy, I recommend calling limo hire London. That way you will travel and you have the luxury of having your own private driver.

MushuMushu |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

You should definitely have airbags in your car, I can't think out getting in a vehicle that doesn't have any. I've spend half a day searching for a proper set of wheels on an Airport Marina Honda website, because I want to be protected if, God forbids, I get into an accident.

Josseline Fleur |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

Someone said that if you're that worried about driving then you should get a limo. That must be some sort of a joke, although the idea is fine. What pregnant woman wouldn't like to be carried from place to place in a Los Angeles limousine? I fear it might be too expensive, though...

Lisha Savannah |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

I don't know what you think, but I believe a belly isn't made of jelly, so a child can't be hurt by anything. I've been talking to a car repair Ft Pierce manager though and he said there are some precautions to be taken, like adjusting the wheel at a proper distance from the breastbone.

LindsaySkye |

Are air bags safe during pregnancy?

I think that it`s not safe to turn the air bag off.If you have an accident you can be injured or even die. I wanted to donate my car to a auto donations organisation and they checked if the air bags ar ok.

ioana06 |