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When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

When will I see baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

Re: When will I see baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

The Bump Expert

This varies from woman to woman, but in general, the heart beat should be visible on an ultrasound by the sixth week of pregnancy. It’ll look something like a little flicker in your baby’s chest, if the ultrasound actually picks it up. But if you’ve reached your sixth week and you still haven’t seen the heartbeat, don’t worry just yet. Sometimes docs miscalculate just how far along you are, and you may have to wait another three to five days to see anything. You’ll be surprised what a difference just a few days can make!

watch: find out when you’ll hear the heartbeat

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

in the state of colorado they will not schedule your first doctors appt. until your tenth week. i dunno why...

asmuchasthewholestwidestworld |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I live in CO and I have my first appointment at week 7. I'm not sure if it's the doctor's dscretion.

wilberta2006 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I live in Texas and my Dr with both pregnancies has not scheduled me for an appt until my 10th week, although I have already had all my blood work taken care of and my appt with the prenatal nurse for just question/insurance and family history.

mrskelliemc |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I have my first appt after 8 weeks, but the only unltrasound I get isn't until 18-20 weeks, so I guess I have to wait until then to know if there's a heartbeat! bummer

Linzy7597 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound 6 days ago and saw nothing but a yolk sac. Today I went back for another one and not only saw a tiny little baby, but also we could clearly see the tiny little flickering of his/her heartbeat. It was the greatest feeling ever. They measured to see how far along I am and we were told I am 6 weeks and 5 days. Hope that helps : )

ams3377 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

We are under the care of a fertility doc, so I have an US every two weeks starting before conception. We have another tomorrow and should be seeing the heartbeat then!! so exciting

Aphrosette |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound today due to some concerns about lower right abdominal pain (everything was fine!) and we saw the flickering heart beat. We were also able to hear it. It was 108 bpm. I am 6 weeks and 3 days today.

Lesley0228 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and I got an ultrasound yesterday and the Doctor had a hard time finding the baby. I didn't even hear the heart beat. Should I be concern? He said that sometimes some patients don't develope as fast as other patients do. I really don't know what to think. Has this happened to anyone else?


re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I have my first doc appt at my 10th week but I'm told that my ultrasound isn't scheduled until week 18. I'm hoping I can hear a heartbeat at my doc appt but we will see.

bluegyrl98 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound at 9weeks. The baby was moving all around (it was so cool), but no heartbeat was heard. My last visit was at 13weeks and I heard the hearbeat from a monitor. At week 19 I will have another ultrasound and find out the sex! Can't wait.

Celeste&Danny |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

my ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow ill be just 7 wks from NY

mikenniki07 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I heard the heartbeat at 5w5days!

Nazir |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

i didnt get to hear it.. but i did see it flutter.. is that the heart beat?

nessaM15 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I heard and saw the heartbeat at my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. And at my appt last month heard the heartbeat again and heard (but havent felt) baby kick. Which is amazing to experience. Have another ultrasound next week, so hope all is well again.

msmrisk |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Ive been in for 3 ultrasounds already due to they thought I may be ectopic. Im not thankully. I just had one last week & I saw the tiniest little flicker. They say Im just about 6 weeks. I have to go in again next week at the end of my 6 weeks cause the heartrate was only 90...Im hoping it will go up on this next ultrasound. My Dr told me we shouldnt even see the heartrate yet so maybe I just have a strong little baby. Heres to hoping!!!

he_calls_me_stoma |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Had my 1st appointment at 7 weeks, was told it would be too early to hear the hearbeat so I need to wait 2 more weeks for that. No u/s will be scheduled till about week 20 as long as I don't have any complications. Maybe it depends on the doctor or the insurance...

mallen727 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Really starting to get excited. We just "found out" about the pregnancy last saturday and I have my first appointment and ultrasound scheduled in two weeks. They said I'm likely about 7 weeks along... but thatst just an estimate. Can't wait and now I am hoping I get to hear the <3 beat.

mefoley |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I get my first US on Monday I'll be 7 weeks and 2 days. I can't wait:)

maria15288 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I went to the Obgyn today I am about 4 weeks, My husband and I where so excited. But the docter said it was to early to see any thing :( Has this happen to any one?? Is this normal?


re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

My doc said the same thing at 7 weeks. Went for my 12 week appt. yesterday and was able to hear the heartbeat on doppler but u/s won't be scheduled until 20 weeks.

mallen727 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Even if you don't have an u/s done (many doctors only do one around 20 weeks) early, the doctors should use a doppler to hear the heartbeat

Skle1978 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I'm headed in for my first ultrasound tomorrow morning. I hope to find a heartbeat. I'm aprox. 8 weeks along. Can't wait!

JJBanks04 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I am a registered sonographer (ultrasound technologist) and MOMMY03, I can tell you it is very normal to not be able to see anything on an ultrasound at that stage. In fact, it's impossible! You usually can't even see a gestational sac until about 5 weeks at the earliest. Also, you can't see an actual baby (fetal pole is the technical term) until about 6 weeks. And, many things can cause the doctor not to be able to pick up a heartbeat with doppler in the early stages. If your uterus is retroverted, (tilted back instead of forward) or if the placenta is starting to develop in the front of the uterus it can be difficult to hear a heartbeat.

julisa2982 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I went for my second ultrasound last week. I am an IVF paitent. It was the most horrible day ever.First they told me they could not see anything and that the baby stopped growing. Then they sent me for a second ultra sound at the hospital with a differnt machine. The doctor found a heart beat but said the baby was not as big as it should be for 7&1/2 weeks. I am so scared I really dont know what to think.

brudder08 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I have my first appt march 13 and their supposed to do my first ultra sound as well im excited nervous anxious all at once

BetsyDavis |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Going today for my first appt. I'm 11-13 weeks. They should have no problem finding it. No ultrasound though. I have to pay for everything(no ins) so I'm waiting til week 20 to find out the sex! I'm sooo anxious.

Sanderson0506 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had my first prenatal appointment today. I am 7 and 1/2 weeks, and I was able to hear the heartbeat! It was totally amazing! I didn't think I would be able to, so for those of you who haven't heard it yet I'm sure you will hear that wonderful sound soon!

zack's_bride |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I went out to the doctor yesterday and I'm only 7wks and 3days. I was able to see the flickering heart beat, but they didnt let me hear or anything. I think it would be awesome to hear it!


re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

i'm 8 weeks and my first u/s is at 10 weeks so i have a few days to wait (like 19!!). got my fingers crossed that we'll hear the heartbeat. I can't wait to hear that precious sound!!

gale2208 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had my first u/s at 8 weeks and 6 days. We could see and hear the heartbeat, which was the most amazing thing ever. It really puts it all into reality especially being my first pregnancy.

allioop2001 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

it sounds like many of you had your first appointment with the doc earlier than me. I saw the nurse for bloodwork at about 4 weeks but i am not seeing the doctor for the first "real" appointment until the end of my 11th week. Should i be worried about that?

favres-fave |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Had it done today. Saw the heart beating. It was amazing.

mnparks@gmail.com |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Oh yeah and found out my due date was wrong to......now it is a week later.

mnparks@gmail.com |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I'm 5 weeks preg. I recently had a miscarrage and DNC, so getting preg again was very fast. Since I had a loss in the past they schedualed me for an ultrasound at 7 weeks, then the heart beat doppler at 11 weeks.

juliewoolsey |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

Just found out I was pregnant this weekend, but was bleeding so my doctor fit me in yesterday. I am around 5-6 weeks, and saw the heartbeat yesterday. It was amazing!!

amycov |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I plan to see a midwife. If she does not use ultrasound technology, when can I expect to hear the heartbeat? Also, how would they know if the pregnancy was not progressing in the early stages? I plan to ask these questions at my first appointment, but am curious in the meantime if anyone else knows these answers.

joannamroddy |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I had my first appointment today at 8 weeks 3 days. They did a transvaginal ultrasound so we could see the baby and hear its heartbeat. It was intense.

ella.mabel |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I live in colorado and my first appointment was at 7 weeks and 2 days. They did an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. At 13 weeks i heard the heartbeat it was so exciting.

evelynymiguel |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I am pg with #2 had Hcg levels and early US with first but going with midwife again so doubtful that I'll get one but I realllllly wish I could assure myself there is nothing wrong this time.

bethann5 |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

I'm 7 weeks and had my first ultrasound yesterday. We were able to see the baby's heart beating it was intense!

sevillababy |

re: Q: Heartbeat on ultrasound?

My first appt was at 6 weeks but that was just for blood work, health history, etc. I went back at 10 to hear the heartbeat. I go back at 15 weeks to hear the heartbeat again & I'll have to wait till 19 weeks for our first ultrasound. I am getting a fetal heart monitor for home to ease my mind in between appts.

msashleyrose |

I had my first ultrasound to see how far along I was (our little one was somewhat of a surprise). At approximately 4+ weeks, all we could see was the gestational sac. I am now somewhere around 11 weeks. Two days ago, I went to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat using the doppler machine, and the doctor was unable to find it. I'm a little worried, but I'm going in for an ultrasound in 10 days, so hopefully I'll be able to see my little one's heartbeat. Crossing my fingers that he or she is okay....

littlelovelolo |

Today we saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks, 6 days! Last week's ultrasound showed just a yolk sack - amazing how quickly it grows!

sarahrodriguez22 |

My doctor scheduled me for my 11.5 weeks, I was bummped because my cousin who is 8 weeks already had an ultra sound and heard the heart beat at her doctors office. I guess it depends on the doctor too :( well next friday i'll be getting my first ultrasound ever, and I am SO excited!

cowgirl11407 |

We went in to the Dr. this morning for our first US! They told me the baby was 6 wk 3d and we got to see and hear the heartbeat, it was amazing! I go back in 2 weeks for another U/S and then will probably get released from my RE to my OB/GYN

mulletluvr1011 |

I had my first appointment today and I'm 8 weeks along. I had my first ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat...amazing!!!

mania |

My husband and I live in Colorado, but family is in Chicago and Northern Indiana. We were going to be traveling home for 2 weeks and wanted to tell family and friends in person while we were there. They let me schedule an appointment at 6 weeks 3 days to see the heartbeat. We saw the flicker for sure!

jenhilliard |

I will have my first ultrasound tomorrow 8/19 at 8 weeks to hear the heartbeat...my 33rd b-day is on 8/20 and I couldn't ask for a better birthday present. Long Beach, CA.


At my first appt at 9 weeks they used the doppler and were unable to hear the heartbeat...the nurse said my uterus is tilted backward so it is normal to not hear it right now. I go for my U/S in 1 week i will be right around 12 weeks and Im so excited! Hoping to see the heartbeat and that everything's ok!!

LloydandNina33 |

saw the heart beat at 6 weeks, 1 day! it was so exciting and crazy! now, i jusy hope its there everytime for 34 more weeks! stay in your home little one!

annierific |

I had an ultrasound today and no heartbeat. My baby looks like a little sac of stuff but it was the fastest ultrasound ever. It was because of me having abdominal pain, so hopefully at my next appointment at 12 weeks it will be there.

brittneydial |

I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks and have only done blood work and physical exams. I am having a BUN done at 13 weeks, so that will be the first time we hear the heartbeat and see the baby. I'm a little nervous, but excited since it's our first. Also, since my uterus is tilted back, it typically takes longer to hear the heartbeat, so we wanted to schedule it further out. Our appointment is on September 11th, so hopefully we'll be able to experience some joy on such a somber anniversary for our country.

jklongly@yahoo.com |

I am 11 weeks pregnant. I have had two appointments - one at 9 weeks and the other a few days ago. The first was with the NP for questions, family hisotry, and an exam. The second was with my doctor to hear the heartbeat on the doppler and review bloodwork. My meeting wtih my doctor was short sweet and to the point. My OB's office only does one ultrasound between 18-20 weeks and this will be the only one I get unless something happends that calls for more than one ultrasound.

dreahstar |

i had my first OB appointment when i was 7 weeks nad she said you never hear it till 10 weeks and i want to hear it so badly!!

LolaD |

im at 7 1/2 weeks now with my first baby i will be having my first ultrasound in a few days bc i have a history of m/c. im hoping i will get to see the heartbeat! my sister in law had some bleeding at about 5 or 6 weeks and her dr did an ultrasound and they got to see and hear the heartbeat then. im sure its different for every pregnancy just like with everything else but its possible to detect the heartbeat that early! the more tummy fat a person has the harder it will be to see and hear the heartbeat plus babies grow and develop at their own pace.

ingram1124 |

Also from CO here, and we are going in next week, won't be 7 wks yet, so it must be your MD, there isn't anything about CO that doesn't allow an U/S before a certain time.

brenorrn |

i have my 1st ultrasound october 12th! sooooo excited. what will i see?

meka_mommy |

I scheduled first with a ob/gyn at one hospital who would not make an appt until 9 weeks. I then called the Midwife group at another hospital (Swedish Covenant in Chicago) and they scheduled me much sooner. Had my first appt at 6 weeks 5 days and the midwife did an ultrasound which showed the heartbeat and also measured the baby to confirm the due date. It must depend on where you go and possibly your insurance.

karaahauge |

I had my first US last week. We heard the heartbeat at 6w5d. It was a fast little thing at 124 bpm. Does that mean girl or boy?

elitton |

Had our first u/s with 1st preg using IVF at 5 wks 1 day and could see heart flutter and see rythm on the monitor 116bpm...SO AMAZING

Liljellybean |

We had our first appointment this past Monday - 8 weeks 6 days. We asked to use an ultrasound machine b/c we are telling our family this weekend and wanted a picture to show them. At first they couldn't find a heartbeat with the Doppler, but once they used the ultrasound we were able to SEE and HEAR the baby's heartbeat (baby is positioned to my right). Not sure what the bpm were, but doc said, strong heartbeat. My husband and I were very excited about the baby's heartbeat ; )

afbeachwife |

I feel soooooo much better after reading that if you have a retroverted uterus it's harder to hear a heartbeat...i just went in last week and i was 6 weeks and they couldn't hear it very well and yesterday night i spotted so i was startin to freak...but now i remember them sayin i had a retroverted uterus so that probably had somethin to do wit not hearing the heartbeat...phew, i feel better

AlenEdgar |

I have my first appointment tomorrow and I am so excited. I will be 5 weeks and 4 days so hopefully I will be able to see a heartbeat!

popsiclesandpaint |

i went for a US at 6 weeks and the person doing the US was very rude. i did not get a pic or anything, and when i asked her if she could see the baby she said i can't discuss anything with you, you have to speak to your dr. i had my 1st ob/gyn appt yesterday at 8 weeks and i go for another ultrasound nex week @ 9 wks 1 dy. i hope to see the baby and get a pic.

kfisher72305 |

I also live in Colorado and my visit is scheduled in week 9

littledeadgirl |

I saw the heartbeat and they said I was 6 weeks and 1 day. It was one of the most amazing things to see, a little less then a peanut sized baby's heartbeat thumping.

rmill158 |

I am 7 weeks and 3 days and had an ultrasound yesterday. We saw and heard the heartbeat in our little peanut shaped sea monkey. It was amazing.

Bella86 |

I was 8 1/2 weeks and we were able to hear the heartbeat!!!! 80)

sib02341 |

I am 6 weeks 5 days today and had my first appt. The doctor had to use a vaginal ultrasound and was able to take a measurement based on the visual on the screen. You could see the flutter of the heartbeat. She flicked a switch and the heartbeat became audible... a squishy sound... the Dr flicked another switch and you could see a heartbeat pattern on the screen, which she measured and found to be 138bpm. I insisted on an earlier appt since I'd previously miscarried.

jessielude |

I live in Ireland. My first scan is my 23 week scan in January...is that weird? Should I have an ultrasound or something before then? This is my first pregnancy... I'm a little confused! And I want to hear the heartbeat!!!

ejmarschall |

The last time I was pregnant my first appointment was at/after 8 weeks. I have since miscarried and become pregnant again. She tested my HCG levels and progesterone, and scheduled my first appt at 6 weeks instead of 8, where she said I should see/hear the heartbeat. So excited for next week!

carsoncwalker |

You should be able to hear and see the heartbeat at about 6 weeks. I just had my three days ago and the heartbeat was 117 beats a minute. Double what an adults heartbeat is.

hellokitty315 |

i live in SC and i'm 5 weeks, my md said they like to see patient when they are 7 weeks to 11 weeks along. they said i will have an u/s done also with everything else. Can't wait my appt. is Dec 1st! best wishes to everyone!

Shawnanjosh |

I live in WA and i called two different clinics and one of them told me they wouldn't see me until I was 10 weeks and the other made an appointment with me right on the spot.

Andrea1037 |

My dr. said between 10-12 weeks is when you can hear your babys heartbeat. I think some women can hear it earlier, but most drs. wait until 10-12 weeks because if they do it earlier and you cant hear the heartbeat, they dont want to scare or worry us. But at 10-12 weeks they have a def. strong hearbeat. Thats what my dr. told me anyway.

lora8321 |

@jklongly: you know that a BUN is just part of a blood test, right? Chances are you will neither see nor hear your baby's heartbeat this way

amberb0601 |

My 1st appointment is not scheduled until close to my 10th week. I think they do listen for heartbeats at that time, that's why they make you wait until then. Living in Boston, MA area. 2nd child.

KeniP |

I went for an unltrasoudn at 51/2 weeks and saw the yolk sac. I went to the doctors at 7 weeks and heard the heart beat and saw the baby. it was amazing!

51008LeoneLefrancois |

I'm having my first dr. apt at 10 weeks...(live in WA) my first prenatal apt next week is just a "nurse one"....I guess that's just how they do it around here! Can't wait for the dr. apts to start!!!

AndreaCunning |

I live in Iowa, and where I'm from, the physician/midwife does not schedule your first appointment until week 9 or 10 unless you are high risk or have some other chronic underlying condition. Is it medically necessary to see your baby's heartbeat @ 6 weeks? I've never heard of anyone having this done...

KatieBaby1984 |

Im about 6 wks 1-2 days and they have me scheduled for my first check up today and they said since I was spotting a little bit they might do an ultrasound! Im excited I hope I get to see the heart beat! I know it will make me feel a lot better.

AmberCords |

I had my first appointment with a midwife at 9 weeks and she told me they wont do an ultrasound until 20 weeks, I have some history that makes me somewhat high risk so I have to see a doc now and I will b 10 weeks along. I really hope he lets me hear the heartbeat. I don't understand why thats not standard in the beginning, I jus want to know everything is ok with my baby.

stefluvsalan |

I dont have my first app until im 12w 3d. im 8w5d now. and i wont be getting an u/s, my dr said it was just going to be a heath check, i hope i have a doppler test. i want to hear the heart beat..all of you are so lucky if you got to go in early, but im sure after that app i'll be scheduled in for an u/s. i live in canada, so thank god none of this costs any money

Tassie06 |

I am 8weeks and have my doctors apt on Jan 22. Im pretty sure I will have an ultra sound and everything I hope. I wish I had an apt sooner than I do. It seems like doctors usually have you come in around 7 or 8 weeks. Its still worth the wait but im to anxious to hear a heart beat.

jesswhitt |

I had an abdominal ultrasound last week (I was exactly 7 weeks) and could clearly see the fluttering heartbeat :)

LB_Momma |

I have my first meeting with the doctor during week 9 (I am 6 weeks now). We might be able to hear the heartbeat at that appointment according to the nurse, but they will not do a full ultrasound until week 20. Why do the doctors make you wait so long to see what is going on in there?!?

CebulaBaby |

Wow I had my first appt as soon as I found out. I called in to make an appt expecting it to be a month before I got in but they said ASAP. I don't know why they are making everyone wait till they are 6-8 weeks??? I have my first US on Friday:) I will be 8weeks and 6days :) They told me if they don't see or hear the heartbeat they will do a transvaginal ultrasound. I would ask to see if they can do they same for you if your worried

Baby1Pineda |

I found out I was pregnant at five weeks. I called my Dr. to schedule my first appt and they told me I had to wait till around 10 wks., that way they can pick up the heartbeat on the doppler. I go Monday, January 11th. I will be 10 wks and 4 days. They did, however, already send my for my bloodwork (about 3 or 4 weeks ago) I am getting anxious, and I am hoping they let me do and U/S on the day!!

mwolford7 |

When can you here it!

chickenfry11@yahoo.com |

I live in Colorado & had my first appt,(for both pregnancies), scheduled at 6 weeks....Each doctor's office is different. The 10 week thing mentioned is specifically for that doctor...

chefamy |

I went to the doctor at week 5 and my dr sent me to have an ultrasound because i had a little blood a couple times after I urinated. I was only able to see the sack in the ultrasound.

trruck |

Our first appt was at 6 weeks where they basically just took bloodwork and gave us some information. I have a transvaginal ultrasound on Jan 20th where I will be 8 weeks and a few days. The doc told us we should be able to see and hear the heartbeat and confirm our due date.

asmelser05 |

I had an u/s at 6 weeks and we saw the little flutter, at 8 weeks, the ultrasound we saw a stronger heartbeat and we were able to hear it on the ultrasound machine (160 beats per minute)

msmissygirl |

Since I was not sure of date of conception, I had an ultrasound at 6 week 1 day and could see the babies heartbeat. It was just amazing

erinmurf29 |

i heard my babys heartbeat at 6 weeks and 1 day...it was the most wonderful feeling in the world i couldnt help but cry.

aracelimarines |

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. Made an appointment the next day and I have my first ultrasound on the 28. I will be 7 weeks. I can't wait. It's killing me!!

angel2devil |

I was having sharp abdominal pains on my left side so I went in for a US. According to my last period I was only 5w3days but baby measured 5w6d and I saw the HB flutter! :)

mart1268 |

I live in Houston, TX I found out I was pregnant january 15, 2010. And I had my 1 st drs appt on january 20, 2010. My dr told me that the baby's heartbeat couldn't be heard yet. As of today I'm 5 weeks, I'm scheduled to go back to the dr Feb 1, I'll be 6 weeks and the baby's heartbeat and be heard then.

myesha00 |

i have my first doctor apt. the 8th week - heartbeat then!

henningdaltonwedding |

I went for my second ultrasound yesterday...I have PCOS and don't have regular periods. Having lots of cramping on my left side so they wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. THANK GOD my baby is fine. Just have a few cysts on my ovaries causing the pain. Not able to hear the heartbeat yesterday and still unable to figure out a due date. My Dr thinks i'm right at 5 weeks because a yolk sac was seen. Going back in two weeks for my thrid ultrasound. Nervous and Excited...I'm gonna be a mommy!!!

khoprn |

I live in Colorado and I saw my OB at 5 weeks. I even had an early U/S. I will be seen again at 8 weeks and have another U/S to hopefully see the heartbeat!

sunfloweremily |

I had my first ultrasound yesterday to confirm the date of pregnancy. I have very irregular periods - so we really had no idea how far along I was. They started with a abdominal ultrasound. We couldn't see much, but did see the flicker of the heart. They did a transvaginal ultrasound after that. Much clearer picture, saw the heart beating away. The baby's heart rate was 154. I am 7 weeks 4 days. It was such a relief! That morning I woke up to some bleeding and I thought I was miscarrying and that we would see nothing at the ultrasound - but baby was fine!

then0014 |

I am 8 weeks today! Our Dr. would not see us until at least 8 weeks. Today's appointment was mostly just a general health screening. We will not get to hear the heart beat until our next visit at 10 weeks. Our first ultrasound will be at 18 weeks.

libdancer08 |

I am 6 weeks today. I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday. I am seeing my fertility doctor through the 12 week of my pregnancy since we had IVF. Baby A had a strong hearbeat and baby B didn't. Our doctor told us that everything looked great, but one may have attached sooner than the other. I go back a week from today for another U/S.

chesterm |

I am going in for my first ultrasound on tue, I will just be 5 weeks exactly, I hope I just see something!!! A heartbeat would be amazing but at least a yolk sac!! Thats why I have my ultrasound so early I had a chemical pregnancy in June and I am so paranoid eventhough I taken 9 positive pregnancy test (one every day). I just need to see it on ultrasound to believe it I guess ;)

smilies |

I am 7 weeks and I have my first doc appt in 2 days. I'm hoping I can hear or see the heartbeat at this appt but I have no idea what to expect. This is our first baby.

crissycochran |

I am six weeks and I had an ultrasound today. I was able to see the baby's heartbeat! It was so exciting! The doctor said she normally waits until 8 weeks to do ultrasounds but she asked me if I wanted one.

TSizemo |

We had our eleven week appointment yesterday. We were so nervous hearing about missed miscarriages. The nurse told me not to be upset if they didn't hear one today - I'd just have to come back next week. WHAT?!! The doctor used the doppler and I couldn't help but weep when I first heard the heartbeat. We told her we were telling family next week and she said, "Well, then you'll need pictures then!" She got us in for an ultrasound too and we saw that flicker of light - the heartbeat on the screen. What a wonderful day! So glad all is well!

luca74 |

I have my first ultrasound to hear the heart beat tomorrow, and I am about 12 weeks now. Can't wait!!!!

jameel83 |

I had my first ultrasound last Thursday and I'm about 9 weeks pregnant. The technician had me listen to the heartbeat....it was so surreal...going at about 160 beats/min. I also have a 3D picture...not so pretty, but sooo real.

littlerph |

I just had my first u/s today. I m 6wks 2 days. I have had 2 previous miscarriages, so they wanted to make sure everything was going ok. I got to see the baby's heartbeat. It is so amazing.

rahoover2010 |

I had my first Doctors apt. the very next day after I called and told them I had taken a home test and I it said I was pregnant. I went in the next day and the Doctor told me I was about 5 Weeks, and she wanted to get blood work to verify my HCG levels were doubling every 48 hrs like they should be. I have that done and it went from 3,000 to 7,000 so they scheduled my first ultrasound for the heartbeat the next week. My husband and I went to the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat and the nurse confirmed we were 6 weeks. It was amazing!

chevytruckgirlss |

I live in CO & my dr scheduled my 1st ultrasound for next Monday. I'll be 6 weeks & 5 days. I'm very excited & I really hope to see the heartbeat!

Tanya4318 |

I went to the OBGYN today. I found out that I am 4 wks and 1 day!!! I couldnt be happier. Now we're just waiting 4 more weeks when the doctor will do the ultrasound to hear the heartbeat. :)

joenbrooke |

I go to the Dr. tomm morning to hopefully see the heartbeat. I will be 6 weeks and 4 days, should be able to see it....possibly hear it, will update tomm.

maudrey82 |

I also live in Colorado. I am 7 weeksa and, will have my second appt this week. I do beilieve it depends on the the Dr.

toniej1970 |

I have an appt tomorrow and will have another ultrasound! I had one at 4 weeks and 6 weeks due to a previous ectopic pregnancy. At 6 weeks we were able to see a flicker of a heartbeat, i'm hoping tomorrow we will be able to see and hear a good strong heartbeat!

Heck2 |

I have my 6w5d U/S on friday and I am hoping to hear the heartbeat. I am so excited, I wish it was Friday already.

lurod1072 |

I have our first ultrasound scheduled for this coming thursday! So excited! Can't wait to see what we can see or hear! I am nine weeks TODAY!!!

bstringer2310 |

With my doctor, i called right after we found out i was pregnant, then went in for an ultrasound..,found out we were only 5 weeks (when we though we were 7) so we only saw a small, circular sac in there. Going in this friday at 7 weeks and should see more and the heartbeat according to my doctor! SO exciting....my appt can't get here quick enough!

healthygalexpecting |

I have my first appointment set at 8 weeks. It is so hard waiting. I only have 2 more weeks to wait but DH and I have decided not to tell friends the good news until after the first appointment and we talk to the Dr. This is our first baby and are super excited. DH will not be able to go to the first u/s but they told me we can have a DVD made of the first u/s!

chicklit828 |

FYI: On ultrasounds you normally can't see anything until you're at least 5 weeks. And the heartbeat can be seen on an ultrasound around 6 weeks. The heartbeat cannot be heard through Doppler (which is what most docs use) until you're around 10 weeks. I work in a hospital and am almost 7 weeks. I had to ask.

sdsloan0719 |

I am so anxious to for my first doctor's appointment! I am only 4w5d and these next 3 weeks cannot come fast enough! I just want to hear the heartbeat so I can put my mind at ease. I had a friend that just had a m/c who was only a couple weeks ahead of me. It has had me so worried!

knbowlin84 |

I live in IL and saw the heartbeat today! I am six weeks and four days and they were even able to tell us that the heart rate of the baby was 120.

marychapman09 |

it happend to me i was 6 weeks the doc couldnt see nore hear a heartbeat i got reall nerous because he decided to bring 3 others in the room to check i had to wait 2 weeks till i saw or heard the heartbeat n i was so happy i got all emotional lol it all to to do with my period flow n now im 9 weeks n i have my next appointment next week.

jojo2310 |

At my first appt (6 weeks) my doctor said that at our next appt (9weeks) we would have our first US and we should be able to see the flicker of the heart beating. We are so excited.

julesjules316 |

I just had my first us today, found out I'm 7 wks 3 days along, and could see the heartbeat. This is my first pregnancy and it really makes it reality when you see it!

sweetgiffy |

I have my first U/S on Monday, April 12th, and I believe that I will be at 8w3d, according to my LMP. We're not sure what day I actually got pregnant. It's been hard to wait, but at least I don't have to wait until 20 weeks! I feel for you ladies!

rdd99a |

I am 7 wks along and had an ultrasound Monday. We were able to see the baby clearly with the yolk sac and hear the heartbeat. 153 bpm, which my ob said is normal. we also got some pics to take home! So cool!!!

Lizzielou0122 |

I'm right around five weeks and we went for our first US on Monday - our doc couldn't even find the baby. I've heard that this is pretty common so early on, but it still makes me nervous! Our next appt isn't until the 30th and it can't get here fast enough!!

henthorm |

My first doctor appointment was at 5 weeks and 6 days and you could already see the heart beating really well. I have been told that it takes longer to see a heartbeat in some women though. I can't wait until I actually get to HEAR my baby's heart!

Alysha97 |

I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. My first apointment is next week I guess they wait until 8 weeks to do the first appointment. i am trying not be to nervouse but I can't wait to just make sure everything is ok.

sandyreid |

I am in NY and scheduled for first OB appt/US for the 10th week. Seems like the bump checklist is a bit accelerated, no?

loflo1 |

I have my first appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound. When I first went to the doctor, I was 4.6 weeks, but now that Im 6.4 weeks, I will be getting an ultrasound to make sure everything is progressing normal. Im scared, but I will keep you updated.

Jherylris |

I just had my second appointment with my OB/GYN. The first one established that I was pregnant. They did an ultrasound at the time and were not able to see anything (I wasn't far enough along). Today, I saw the gestational sac and fetal pole (aka baby) on the ultrasound. I found out that I am 6 weeks along. I have another appointment on 5/21 and my doctor said I should see the heartbeat. I am so excited.

kcsilverlining77 |

I went to an ultrasound at 5 weeks and just saw a sac. Now I go back in two weeks when I will be 6 weeks and 4 days. I hope I get to hear the heart beat. Is it normal to just see the sac at 5 weeks??

mrugama001 |

I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks due to some bleeding and just saw only the sac as well because it was too early to see anything, which the Dr. said was normal. I went to my regular first prenatal checkup at 7 1/2 weeks and saw the baby and heartbeat on unltrasound then so don't worry about not seeing anything at 5 wks.

iwentz |

I went to the doctor at 5.9 weeks and they picked up the heartbeat. Pretty cool to see!!

jen4med |

i'm 13 weeks and have my second doctor appointment today. at my first one, they said i would be able to hear the heartbeat. all of my friends said they had ultrasounds and heard their babies heartbeat.

jmcthenia18 |

I had my first emergency u/s at exactly 6 wks. due to troublesome bleeding. I was terrified because they told me that even though I would be in the room, I would not be allowed to see the screen due to liability of negative (or even the overly positive) reaction of the mother. They could not tell me anything about how the baby was doing because it was an emergency room procedure, but they did let me hear one thing....the heartbeat. :-) What a beautiful sound! They said it was slower than they would have liked and they told me not to tell anyone they had informed me of the heartbeat, but it was there. They told me they didn't want me to worry unnecessarily. What nice technicians! It was a true miracle to hear the heartbeat, but I knew she couldn't see the baby that well because she was surprised when she heard the heartbeat. She thought I was earlier than 6wks. :-)

silver_strands87 |

I was not sure how far along I was. I figured approx. 8 weeks tomorrow. They did a transvaginal ultrasound and I distinctly saw a baby in a sac but no heartbeat. Even though the baby measured 6 weeks 2 days there was nothing. Upon closer investigation we arrived at the conclusion that I was probably somewhere in the 7 week range, 5 weeks gestation... the doctor was fairly certain that I had miscarried. I am a Mom 4X and I knew of quants, etc. to further investigate their theory. I am currently awaiting my results. The numbers should confirm with the doctor suspects. But does anyone know if it is possible not to see a heart beat at 5 weeks gestation, but a sac with contents inside that appear to look like a formed baby? I don't know whether to keep my chin up or to just accept this loss. I am in huge denial. I've been through this once before and it was miserable. I am almost 39 and it's so disappointing. Please advise. I need to know whether or not I should give up all hope.

Eileen4055 |

I just went for my first ultra sound today...I was told I am 6weeks and 3 days pregnant...I saw my baby's heartbeat flicker...the heart beat was 160 beats per minute, very strong...can you tell the gender based on the beats per minute?

littlelockup |

We went for our first Dr. visit at 7 weeks. The Dr. had a hard time finding the baby through a trans-vaginal ultrasound. He finally did but he couldn't detect a heartbeat and the baby was only measuring at 6 weeks. I was terrified I had miscarried since I had been having some problems with bleeding and was on medication for low progesterone. We just went back to the Dr. yesterday which was 2 weeks from the last visit. He had no problems finding the baby this time through an abdominal ultrasound and we heard the heartbeat very clearly! 168 BPM. It was amazing after all the worrying for the past few weeks! So I had obviously ovulated later than normal which put me a week behind my calculations. So timing really does matter when it comes to detecting the heartbeat! Just be patient and pray for the best!

stephaniew08 |

Hello, all and congrats on your bundles of joy. Today I am 7 weeks with identical twins! July 6th at 6 weeks and 3 days I had a transvaginal u/s done and the sonographer plays the heartbeat, then switches and says there's the other heartbeat!!! I was shocked to say the least but even more shocked since that morning I woke up at 5 am having to do a bathroom run and told my fiance we're having twins. My fiance probably thought I was crazy and said go back to sleep but I had a vivid dream where I saw I was having twins and I persisted with that throughout the whole day until our doctors appointment. He asked me how the heck I knew we were having twins before the appt and I just told him it was in my dream, very weird I know but amazing. I guess my body was telling me.

missnia23 |

I was 8 weeks when I was scheduled for an ultrasound. My doctor was unable to see the baby through a regular ultrasound, so she did a vaginal one. It was the most beautiful sight ever when we saw the flicker of his/her little heartbeat!

crazytori18 |

Just a suggestion. Avoid these forums due to the negativity and fear they create and watch a movie or read a book/magazine instead. I just watched Pregnancy for Dummies (available on instant watch through netflix) each episode (a trimester) was about 40 minutes and answered some basic questions. I read this question earlier today (just wanted to see if I may hear the heartbeat during my apt. this week) and left feeling like I had a small chance of my pregnancy coming to term. That is not helpful with normal fears and my body being pumped full of hormones. I am not finding reading these posts to be good for my sanity. So I am going to get my info from books, friends, doctors, and videos.

kbgregoire |

had my first ultrasound at 6w 2d and the dr said she saw something, but i couldnt see a thing! just had another ultrasound at 8w 2d and got to see the tiny peanut and saw the flickering of a heartbeat! it all depends on your insurance and your doctor. there are some drs here that will see you as early as week 8, but my specific OB wont see me until 10. good luck!

thuckabee |

I had my first ultrasound a couple days ago and was told I was 6w1d. I couldn't see the baby that clearly (sooo tiny yet), but I could see the flickering heartbeat after the tech pointed it out. She said it looked good and strong :) I'm excited for my next one in a few weeks because I'll definately be able see a difference in size and appearance :)

HappiMummi |

I am aat the beginning of my seventh week and I just saw and heard my baby's heartbeat during our first ultrasound. Good luck to everyone out there!

moteksharon |

I had my first ultrasound at week 5 day 6...they could not see anything yet...I am really nervous. I go back next Friday and I will be 8 weeks. Will I be able to hear the heartbeat or see something???

CNatalizio |

You should be able to see the heart beat at 8 weeks, it will look like a little bean with a blinking heart beat....so cute. You wont hear anything for like 3-4 more weeks thought. Im only second only 4 weeks so I am anxious too to see the heart beat in a a few weeks.

jcuthbert5 |

It really worries me when doctors give information that either is vague or contradictory to what others say. If your doc says no one EVER hears a heartbeat until 10 weeks, then why are all these other mommies-to-be able to? My doctor likes to hear questions and then not answer them. This seems to be almost common while reading responses to forums. :(

brunoshort |

I heard it. It was magical.l cant believe someone is growing inside me!

celivargas717 |

I had my first OB appointment at 9wks 3 days but was unable to hear the heartbeat because my uterus is tilted. I have a ultrasound scheduled for 13 wks

Allyson385 |

I had my first appt. and had no idea how far along I was, my OB did an internal us and found I was 7 weeks, we could see the little flutter on the screen but she didn't even try a doppler. I didn't think to ask about hearing it until after we left, I was just so excited to see it.

HLH4 |

I had my first appointment at 4 weeks and my ultrasound was yesterday and i'm 6 weeks and 3 days and I got to hear the heartbeat, not strong enough to get a heartrate though!

EmJayvanbergh |

I was 6 weeks 4 days when I went into the ER for some brown discharge. We were able to see the baby's heartbeat with vaginal ultrasound! Since I miscarried in May, this was an amazing sight because we never saw it last time!

erlyndibuff |

We saw (& heard) the heartbeat yesterday at 6 weeks 6 days! :)

LadyBhansali |

With my first daughter I did not have my first OB appt until week 10 and first ultrasound around week 14. With this pregnancy I had my first OB at 6 weeks and just had my first ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and saw the heartbeat (amazing). The difference with my two pregnancies is that second time around i am over 35 and just had a miscarriage in June so my OB said he wanted to check viability of pregnancy. I think it is common practice to normally wait until after 10 weeks for u/s unless there are any risks or other problems.

nicole1109 |

Hi all, im 7 wks and five days todat had to go hospital as was bleeding slightly but they diod an u/s and the babys heart beat is strong and healthy good luck one and all xx


My OB doesn't do ultrasounds until later on, but we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler at the 12 week appoinment

lherndon |

I am 6w 6 days today and I had my first sono yesterday. Got to see the little bean and the flutering of the heartbeat. I can say it was the BEST thing I have EVER seen! :) 125 beats per min they said. I have another u/s in another 6 weeks @ 12 weeks...I dont know why my Dr. is having me have so many since when I was pg with my daughter I only had one the whole pg (at 18 weeks). Could be b/c of my previous m/c or the fact that this was a medicated cycle with Clomid?

SierrasMommy |

Hi all I am 5wks 3days - over here in the UK we get an Ultrasound at 12 weeks and then another at 20 weeks the 20 week scan can provide u with the gender of the baby. Because I suffered an ectopic pregnancy 3 yr ago I have to attend a clinic called EPAC (Early Pregnancy Assesment Clinic) I have an app next week which will make me 6 weeks 1day and hopefully my little girl will be able to see her little brother or sister x

melndruby |

My husband and I went today for my first ultrasound. I am 6 weeks and 1 day as of today. It was weird they first wanted me to drink 32 oz of water and then wait an hour for my bladder to be full. Turned out they were trying to do a belly ultrasound. Which was weird i thought they would do it intravaginally!?! Well nothing was seen but a yolk sac. So then the technician tells me I can pee and we will try it intravaginally and then of course we were able to see the sac and the baby and a little flickering heartbeat. We were soo happy to see the little one and the flickering heartbeat. However, I still wonder if this has happened to anyone else when getting the first ultrasound? BTW they new I was only 6 weeks.

MOONIE7580 |

We went in at what we thought was 7w 1d for an u/s.... Turns out we are 6w 1d - based on the fetal pole size. Our "grain of rice" has a heart beat of 123. This was a huge relief after we went through a "scare" last week. Don't assume that bleeding more than just spotting is bad. Everything turned out fine.

amcdbaby |

I just found out I was pregnant 4 days ago and I am 5 weeks along this week. I called in yesterday about an appointment and was told my first appointment isnt until 6-8 weeks along and that it will be with a nurse. She said my second appointment is 10-11 weeks along and will be with a Dr. which at that point they will do an ultra-sound. It kind of sucks I have to wait that long when others get to hear theres sooner!

deftonesangels |

I saw my baby's heartbeat today, at only 5w5d. It was an unexpected but thrilling surprise.

felinity |

I found out I was pregnant around 5 weeks and called the doc, they wouldnt take me until I was 9 weeks. They said they wouldnt be able to see anything so Im 6 days short of my apt and very anxious!!

Cgnos |

I am 5 1/2 weeks and going in next week for my first appt next week! I wasn't planning on having my husband come but now I'm seeing all these messages about the hearbeat and images right away. Should I have him come? I don't want him to miss these first amazing things; he is so excited to be a daddy!

RockPalladino |

My doctors won't give me an ultra sound till im 20 weeks.. :( I wanna here him/her sooner than that!

jlu2210 |

My first appointment is tomorrow which is my first day of my 7th week. They told me its with a nurse so im not sure what all will be done at this one. I know my second one isnt until I'm 10 weeks and that one is with an actual Doctor where they check for the heartbeat.. so im guessing I wont get any ultrasounds tomorrow?

deftonesangels |

Had an u/s thought I was 8 weeks, was 6 - saw the sac & egg yolk as well as heartbeat but it was 80bpm. The u/s tech didn't share anything with me (not even showing what was on the screen) just that I was 6 wks not 8. It worries me that the heart rate was low - it is supposed to be at least 90bpm. Anyone else experience this? I will have another u/s around 11-12 wks and was just told to wait.

Swanbaby11 |

I just got my first ultrasound yesterday at 6 wks, 2 days. We were able to see the little heartbeat and we got to hear it too! It was so amazing! :-)

prayer2miracle |

I live in nh...you go to the doctors for a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and if positive they sch an appointment for the next week...i had an ultrasound at 4 weeks (was told i was 6 by lmp) just seen gestational sac..went back at 6 weeks seen baby and heartbeat! Due july 23 :)

JennyS852 |

this is my 6th week and they are letting me have my ultrasound this week

stylechild622 |

I calculated I was at 7 weeks when I had my first appointment. The doctor gave me a order for an ultrasound and luckily they had a cancellation and got me in on the same day. I could see the flicker of the heartbeat and the tech measured and said I was only 5 weeks and 5 days.

jlbuttery |

I'm not sure how far along I am (got pregnant after coming off BCP, but never had a period) but I have an ultrasound on Dec. 23, just in time to frame a photo for our parents for their "homemade" Christmas gift :)

kim.watki |

I had my first ultrasound when I was 8 wk 2 days and was able to see the baby move and heard the heartbeat. It was 183 beats per minute! Doc said the baby is healthy! Will get another between 10-13 weeks since I'm, as the doctor's say, Advanced Maternal Age! But whatever, I'm glad I get to see my baby often!

mellymel22 |

mellymel22 - what exaclty counts as advanced maternal age? I think I might qualify ;) Maybe I'll get more u/s than the younger ladies. Im 8 weeks today, still no 1st apt or u/s, and I thought for sure I would get in faster becuase I m/c before.

Jendrix |

I am 6.5 weeks pregnant and my first ultrasound won't be until almost 9 weeks. I am overweight, trying to get it under control, but I am worried that I won't be able to see/hear the heart beat...

baby11138485 |

I had an ultrasound yesterday at 5w5d and saw a heartbeat of 117bpm. My ultrasound was so early becuase this was my 3rd round of IVF and with my last round I had an ectopic, so we were hoping just to find out if the pregnancy was in the right place. We were surprised and very excited to see that little flicker so soon!

babyaftertc |

I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 6 days to figure out exactly how far along I was since I was having irregular monthly visits from aunt flo. Not only was I able to see the heartbeat but I was able to hear it. I hope this helps all the expecting moms out there.

cschelzo |

I just switched Dr.'s offices, for the BETTER! They got me in at 5 weeks for an orientation and my first appointment. They were able to find the tiny baby (size of an uncooked piece of rice) and hear and see a heartbeat at about 5w5d.

klt0909 |

When my husband and I were pregnant last November (2010)... we weren't scheduled for an u/s until week 10, which was our second appt. with the doctor. After our m/c, and now that we're pregnant again, they're going to do an u/s on our first appt. at week 6. Needless to say, we're anxious and excited... just two weeks left to wait!

elise603 |

I am 7 weeks today and I almost ryed when I seen mine.

korbinsmom3 |

I had mine last Monday...I"m just over 7 weeks now. IT WAS AMAZING!!! My Dr. let me record the heartbeat with my phone, thank goodness for technology!!!

LuLu1205 |

I have my first prenatal appointment in 2 and a half weeks, which means ill be about 7 weeks and 3 days. I really hope I can hear a heartbeat,. That will be amazing! I think i will definitely cry! ha

sdelapp04 |

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant, and I am scheduled for my first Ultrasound tomorrow and suppose to hear the heartbeat. I am so excited!

angelastpaul |

Q: I went in to the doctor 2 weeks ago, I was supposed to be 9 weeks. We saw a little baby blob and a slow heartbeat and she said I wasnt as far as we thought, only about 6 weeks or so, and to come back next week. So last week I went back and she couldnt see the baby at all but could see the yok sac, but wasnt quite sure what she was looking at because instead of the yok sac being round it was like a smile. So I have to go back on Thur and see the other doctor. Has this ever happened to anyone? This is baby number two and Im nervous.

MommaHawk |

I live in Colorado and my appointment was scheduled at 8 weeks... it isn't a STATE law to wait until you are 10 weeks along, it all depends on the OB/GYN practice.

lisaread421 |

I am 9 weeks today and My US is scheduled for March 8th which I will be one day short of 12 weeks :) My husband and I are so excited ! Hoping we get to hear the heartbeat :) Happy Pregnancy to everyone !

hnjameson |

I went for my first u/s today because I have been having consistent cramping and have been driving myself crazy. Thought I was 6 weeks and 4 days but now they say I'm 5 weeks and 4 days, all they could see is the gestational sac and yolk, they didn't seem concerned by this so I'm just hoping there's a little baby in there continuing to grow. I'm having trouble not worrying about it but my next appt is in two weeks. I feel like I've had a lot of symptoms to only be 5 weeks...oh well.

cakes27 |

Im going in at eight weeks and should be getting an ultrasound. Ive read it can be as early as six weeks but as usual it depends on person to person.

kettbride |

I go in next week for an US. With my first (10 years ago next month) I remember seeing (and hearing) the heartbeat around 8 weeks. This time, after 2.5 years of trying and then giving up after 3 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF cycle, we got pregnant! Yes, I know, it's common after truly "giving up". In any case, looking forward to seeing the HB next week!

TriClancy |

i found out i was pregnant on feb. 21st....and my first ultrasound is on march 14th ...i'm so excited!!!! we don't know how many we are having...i had 4 eggs drop due to clomid!!!

girlcminer25 |

with my first pregnancy i saw the heart beating in a vaginal ultrasound at 9w3d.....

lopezzerr |

I'm 7 weeks and 4 days and saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound yesterday with my husband.....152 beats per minute! We both cried. This is our second attempt at pregnancy after a miscarriage in early 2010 so I was so nervous and anxious up to that point. The nurse told me that after you hear a heartbeat, chances of miscarriage decrease by 85%. That's good to hear. We're so thrilled.

ToriNicole77 |

We just went to the Dr and saw the baby's heartbeat flickering at 6 weeks and 4 days. It was an internal ultrasound and totally amazing!

stacymarie5 |

We saw it this past Thursday! It was AMAZING!

LhalleyS85 |

I think it's up to the doctor to determine when you get an ultra sound. My doctor's policy is at 6 weeks to determine exactly how far along you are, and again at 18-20 to try to determine the gender. I have my first appointment next week and shoud get my ultrasound shortly after that!

jdumbaugh |

I am 5 weeks along and my OB will only schedule the first appt. between week 8 and 10. The waiting is torture!!

christinajon |

My first appt scheduled at 7 weeks in GA

ShannonKeeler37 |

My doctor doesn't schedule appointments until week 8. My husband and I went hoping to hear a heartbeat, but were told that we would have to wait until week 12. Our big ultrasound won't be until week 20. We were disappointed, but are even more excited for the next visit!

Belle1254 |

My u/s appointment is tomorrow! We're praying we see one!!!

kriselyse |

I'm 7 weeks today and have an appt for a general OB exam. Hoping they do an U/S. I have read scary things about missed miscarriages (didn't even know they were possible) and I have myself "convinced" that maybe I had one... Nothing will change my mind until I see the flutter of the heartbeat on the screen.

jgurriere |

If you tell the Dr.s office that you do not remember the date of your last period, then they will usually schedule you in pretty quick for an ultrasound to try and pinpoint your dates.

littlebuddababy |

I was told today that they don't usually give an ultrasound until 18 weeks! That's kind of late, isn't it?

cherylzeigler |

I live in Oklahoma, I am 6 weeks almost 7 and the doctor said I would get my first ultrasound within the next week.

cynthiaosburn22 |

I Live in Chicago, my Dr. works out of North Western Hospital, i'm 6weeks and my Dr. gave me my first ultra sound the baby looks like a jelly bean, but the heart beat was so loud and amazing, instantly I started to cry tears of joy.

cantrell571 |

I am eight weeks today and I have my first prenatal exam next wendesday, a day before I reach nine weeks. My OB said more than likely it will be a time where I hear my babys first heart beat and I can not tell you how excited I am and only wish these days would move a little quicker.. :)

LeslieAudra |

I was surprised when we had an ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks and saw and heard the heartbeat. It really makes it "official"!

dhackett |

is it normal to only see the zack but not a fetus or hear the heartbeat at 5 weeks of pregnant?

jassie09 |

My 1st u/s isn't scheduled until week 15-18, which is kind of a bummer, but I can only be positive and talk to my sweet pea everyday until I cab see him/ her! :)

ctwojo |

I had my first appt at 6 weeks and they heard the heartbeat. The doctor said sometimes they don't do it early because it can hurt the baby if you leave the machine on too long. We heard 3 bu-bums, and then the doc said that was all she could let us listen to to be safe.

AubreySchmoll |

I went in for my appointment on Monday, my doctor estimated that I was 5 weeks and 5 days, because I no longer live in the US permanently (my husband's job), my doctor was willing to do the ultrasound early. At 5 weeks and 5 days we were able to measure the baby and we were also able to see a heart beat. My doctor was kinda shocked, but this made me think I was further along than she originally estimated. She explained that she was shocked because normally you cannot see much until right before week 7. Could I be further?

hmrthree |

My OB schedules the first appointment 8 weeks after first day of last period....I got my ultrasound on that first visit and got to hear TWO good strong heartbeats....I'm 8 weeks pregnant with TWINS!

lauverf |

Saw my OBGYN on week 4 to confirm pregnancy, do blood work and put me on prenatal vitamins. Week 10 will be more blood work and stuff. I won't get an ultrasound until about week 16. Every appt. seems so far away,......but as long as I stay healthy (eating and exercising) and docs keep checking me, I'm sure I'll be ok 0:) It's just hard to wait I know-and my husband and I are also NOT telling most people until we see the baby or at least hear a heartbeat!!! Good Luck New Mommies!!

CorieKeicher |

Jassie09- Yes, I think so. I believe my husband and I conceived on March 17th, which would put me at exactly 3 weeks, 1 day. I had my first US yesterday because my last pregnancy was ectopic. But I am about 5 weeks since my last period. I believe they would technically call me, "5 weeks pregnant". Anyway, I was very relieved that the yolk sac was visible in my uterus! No heart beat yet, or fetal pole. But the ultrasonographer told me I most likely wouldn't even see anything according to my conception date! I am sure a few more weeks, and you will be able to see so much more!! Best of luck Mommas!

KDaukontasLVT |

I'm currently 8 weeks right now, and I won't be able to see my baby until 12 weeks. I think it has a lot to do with who your Doctor is, because a friend of mine got her first appointment at 7 weeks. Make me want to switch my Doctor so I can see my baby now!

SarahFelps |

Most doctors don't do an ultrasound unless medically necessary until 20 weeks. Sometimes early ultrasounds are done to determine a due date if you are unsure and also for people with history of miscarriage. You can generally hear the heart beat with a doppler wand as early as 9 weeks. We just had our first prenatal appointment at 7 weeks 3 days and although everything checks out great, we could not hear the heart beat...it is just too early. We should be able to hear it at the next appointment in 4 weeks when I'll be 11 1/2 weeks.

SDZJJM1966 |

I have my first US tonight. I am only 5 1/2 weeks. I had some spotting so they wanted to make sure everything is ok. I know it is unlikely to see the heartbeat, but I have my fingers crossed anyway!

way21 |

I was believed to be 8 weeks preg. by my period calculation, however when I had my ultrasound at "8 weeks" the only thing visable was a empty sac. Which brought on a whole realm of questions and concerns. However, we are certain we were only 5 weeks at that point. This miscalculation and early ultrasound has actually caused us more stress and worry than before. So therefore I dont think it is a bad idea that some OBs wait until the 8-10 week time frame to give you an ultrasound.

bellerocklover |

I got mine yesterday!!!! Eight weeks since LMP!!!! Most fantastic thing I have ever seen!!

TISHA1013 |

I have my first appointment this week and I'll be about 5weeks when I go, if it's accurate. Will they do an ultrasound? I'm not sure what to expect..

edeleon09 |

Hello, I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant today (Due in December). I've had a miscarriage before, over 35 and had some initial spotting so I found a Doctor that would see me early (at 5 weeks). Honestly, I went in order to relieve my anxiety (didn't feel any symptoms except sore breasts- no sickness at all). Well, that was a big mistake. It was so early that they could not visualize the sac (I personally think that it was because of their old ultrasound equipment-went to the ER the next day for cramping and they saw the sac-no fetal pole). However, my point is, if you go in too early, you may not see what you expect to see and that may be a disappointment for you or cause you to worry. I was told after the first visit that I may have miscarried OR that it was too early! They told me to go home and to come back in two weeks. I'm guessing that most people don't realize that two weeks to a pregnant, worried mom to be is like 10 years. They were able to see the baby's heartbeat (in another ER visit) at 6w2days. Ladies please consider everything... Everyone is not the same and it may vary from person to person. I've seen a few posts on other websites where some women mentioned that they could not find a heartbeat until the baby was 8-10 weeks and they had healthy babies/deliveries. You should also consider that you may have ovulated later than you thought. If you are calculating from your last menstrual period, that method does not take into consideration that you may have ovulated later. So even if you are considered 5 weeks...your baby may be a bit younger. You can't even imagine how fast your baby is growing... If you wait a few days or a week (for those of you that are concerned), that can make a huge difference in what you see. In the interim, eat right, drink water and take your vitamin. I'll continue to post. I'm praying for all of you :)

dene0505 |

Hi, i went for a fisrt ultrasound about 2 weeks ago, (which going with my last period, i should have been 6 weeks then) but there was no heartbeat! there was a sac and a forming fetal pole. the dr. told me to come back in 2 weeks. either we were too early or i might end up miscarring! went to the dr. yesterday &&&& there it was a HEARTBEAT....flickering away.....i must say it was the LONGEST 2 weeks of my life, & reading all the different posts on different web sites had me going crazy BUT all it was, was we were too early! ik it is extreamly HARD but we are all different so try not to jumb into conclusions and not worry so much! i am 6w6d today which means 2 weeks ago was way too early!

CreoleChica |

I am 8 weeks pregnant and last night I woke from my nap to find blood and clots, I of course was just out of my mind with worry because on Chirstmas day we found out that our baby was stillborn (I was 26 weeks with that one). So I went in to see my doctor this morning and he got me in for an ultrasound this afternoon and I saw the flickering of the heart beating. Turns out that where the sac implanted there is a hematoma and some bleeding so I am on bed rest until Tuesday but all should be fine. When you suffer a loss of a child and conceive again it is so hard to not worry about things but my doctor says better safe than sorry because it could have been a miscarriage. Good luck to all of you moms out there and I wish you all the best.

Rushfan9 |

My second visit to the dr. will be when i'm in week 10. I hope he sends me for a ultrasound. :)

shycare |

I have my first ultrasound today to find out when the due date is because I am irregular usually. I dont know how far along I am...obiously

OurJellybean |

I heard my baby's heartbeat one day shy of my sixth week :) it was truly amazing!

SSainz |

I am 12 weeks and just had my first p/n physical. He was able to detect a heart beat. I heard it:) A beautiful thing.

MelissaTTC |

I am 5wks 1day I schedule my first p/n visit 2mrw....However they did a u/s in the ER a few days ago but they couldnt see anything bc its too early..is that normal? Also Ive been having some cramping..not bad but minor should i be worried?

wychets |

Our OB wouldn't even try to hear the heartbeat at our 8 weeks appt. We have to wait until 12 weeks - UGH!

melonhead |

We're pregnant with identical twins (found out at 6w1d)... We had done IUI, but doc said the identical twins thing was a fluke! We we're shocked but SO excited, as we've been TTC for almost 3 years now and had 1 m/c last yr. At 1st u/s, doc only saw 1 heart beat but 2 fetal poles. He had me come back in 1 week (I was 6w9d), and baby A1 had a heart rate of 112 while baby A2 only had a heart rate of 69 (and she could barely find it). Doc said there's a 90% chance baby A2 won't survive. I'm stressed and have mixed emotions (I know God has a way of eliminating major future problems with m/c, but I still want to pull for baby A2! Any advice?

emily30531 |

I am over 35 and almost 8 weeks pregnant we had our first ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks and saw the baby bean, yolk sac and heartbeat 136 bpm it was so exciting. My next appointment is at 10 1/2 weeks and feels like an eternity away I don't know how anyone goes through their pregnancy without worrying every single day I keep trying to think positive but keep hearing all the stories of miscarriage. I wish everyone the best in their pregnancy.

mikorox13 |

I also live in colorado and have an appt at 7 weeks. Could it be just something the Dr. decides?

krhtmh |

im 8 weeks and i cant hear my heart beat until 12 wks making me wait longer gets me all worked up haha i cant wait.

mscarmenhawkes |

i am 7 weeks 5 days and my first ob appt isnt until June 22cd (my 25th birthday!) - I will be 9 1/2 weeks by that time...i have had cramping on and off, but no spotting...hoping to have an ultrasound and be able to see the heartbeat! it's my first pregnancy, so everything is crazy and emotional and so exiting!

magnmike |

i go for my first US on the 20th of this month... i shall be 9 wks 6 days. so hopefully i will get to see the lil critters heartbeat, and everything else. We are excited as it is our first and i am going to be 40 this year. A bit nervous about all the poking and probing but i guess i will get used to that. I haven't had any other tests done other than the pregnancy test at my doc visit. This will be with the OB/Gyn that i was recommended in going to, and will be the first time meeting him.

Mcreations2009 |

@Magnmike: I am 6 weeks and 3 days and my first ob appt is on July 1st (4 days after MY 25th birthday!). This is also my first pregnancy. I just wanted to say that we have a lot in common! Good luck to you throughout your pregnancy :).

22Annie22 |

hello my names wendy and i had my 1st us today and i am 10 wks the doctor told me they couldn't see or hear a heart beat is that normal ? is there anyway possiable that they miscalculated how far i am in my pregnecy couse i don't know when was my last period . do you think ineed a second opinion ? please some one give me an answer I'm very concern this is my 1st pregnecy and there's nothinq more i want then to have this baby

wendimariexoxo |

While i thought i was 9 wks when i went for my ultrasound yesterday, baby was measuring 1.47 cm which the u/s machine calculated to be 7w6d, and we saw that amazing little heartbeat flicker!

SabrinaUT723 |

Hi: I went in for my first ultrasound today, 5 weeks and 5 days and we saw the tiny tiny baby and the heartbeat, it was amazing. But I have done loads of research and it is not uncommon to NOT see it,. so don't panic. :) Good luck to all the moms to be out there!

asburysvw |

I live in CO as well, and had my first appointment scheduled at 8 weeks. Maybe check into your insurance to see what they will cover, it probably varies from plan to plan.

krquinn26 |

I live in NY and they gave me my appt at 8 weeks. I can't wait !!! Why do they make you wait so long :)

Natalie3398 |

I don't get my first ultrasound until week 11, when I have my NT scan scheduled. I did get to hear the heartbeat w/ a Doppler yesterday at 9 weeks and it was more exciting than anticipated! My Dr warned that the Doppler isn't as reliable and not being able to pick up the heartbeat would likely be due to it being very early... but we heard it and it was amazing! A bit shocking to have "real" confirmation besides the morning sickness and new bras! :)

zoezoezoe |

We are about 4 weeks pregnant, and are scheduled for our first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks! I really hope everything is progressing well, and we will be able to see the heartbeat. My husband is excited beyond words, as this is our first pregnancy, and were only TTC for one month. We didn't think it would happen that quick!! Is anyone else extremely nervous and anxious for their first appointment. I am so nervous something will go wrong in between now and then!

ndebello |

I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks and another at 6 weeks, which I saw the heartbeat! I will have one every week till at least 8 weeks doctor said, but I am also high risk and seeing a specialist. So I guess they just monitor closely...its all new, a little scary but exciting too!

zoomonkeysx2 |

We saw and heard our baby's heartbeat at 5 wks, 6 days. It was only 85-87 bpm so the sono tech told us it probably had JUST started beating. We had another sono today at 6wks, 6 days and the heartbeat was strong at 146 bpm! Can't believe how quickly our little baby is growing!

penguinroady |

I am 7 weeks today. I am scheduled for my first u/s on Friday. I will be 7 weeks 5 days. I am so excited and hoping we will hear or see the heartbeat! I have been feeling a bit like this isn't real and am hoping my u/s will help hammer it home.

Lucibird57 |

I went for an early scan yesterday and they said they couldn't see a heartbeat?! I have to go back next week again and if not then they think it didn't grow from about 5-6 weeks :-(

Dee1eades |

6 weeks

renatad23 |

My first prenatal appointment was today. I am 9w3d and I could hear the baby's heartbeat.

ElleBrownEyes |

I also live in CO and I have mine at my 7th week....maybe find a new doctor....that seems WAY too long to wait!

clj0828 |

i live in Chicago and had my first ultrasound on my first visit at week 6! I am also getting a second ultrasound at week 7 because of possible TWINS! OMG!

only4hm |

I went for my first appointment at 6 weeks 1 day. I only saw yolk sac and gestational sac. They said I may have been on 5 weeks 4 days and that my dates wer e miscalculated. I go back in two weeks for another u/s. They said I would see the heartbeat then that it was to early.

trishdeleon |

I am going tomorrow for my first ultrasound to the see the heartbeat and I am about 8 weeks.

gymgirlnmr |

I went to the ER after finding out I was pregnant because I was experiencing cramping! Since my job is stressful and Im constantly moving, I thought I was losing it a day after I found out! They took an ultrasound then, at only 4 weeks, and only saw a sack of fluid. But I have a proper ultrasound schduled for next monday and Im so excited! I think its so cruel to make a mother wait so long for that moment! 11 weeks, 18 weeks, it seems so unfair!

Casikay09 |

I live in WV, i went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks and they could see a sac and fetal pole my doctor told me that the baby was dead because she saw no heartbeat, she scheduled me for one week later but told me not to count on it being alive, i went back yesterday at 6 weeks and she saw the same thingh but again no heartbeat, i went to the emergency roon a few days prior to my 2nd ultrasouned and my hcg was at 33,000 i asked my doctor if she could at least check my hcg again to see if it iss going down , she didnt want to and said there was no point that if it was alive ahe would see a heartbeat but said i could get my hcg retested for ny peace of mind. is it possible the baby is alive and we just arent seeing the hearbeat yet?

cheri01 |

I had an u/s and blood work on wednesday only b/c my midwife suggested that i get one right away since I was experiencing some bleeding...well, we got to see the baby, heartbeat and everything!! It was so exciting! From what the ultrasound tech said, i am 6weeks 4 days...i thought i was more like 7 or 8 weeks. We even got a few print out pics of the u/s! Still waiting on the results from my dr, though..

Maizey317 |

I made my first appointment and they won't see me until 10-12 weeks. I will have lab work and see the nurse and doctor for the first time. They said no need for a blood test if I've already taken a HPT that was positive. That seems like such a long time with no prenatal care for the first child! I'm a little scared

JDPierce |

I went to my first ultrasound at week 7, and I was able to see the baby which was super exciting!!! With all my excitement and the questions I had for my doctor I completely forgot to ask about hearing the heartbeat. I have another appointment during my 12th week, hopefully I'll remember then. =)

Lily17Bear |

I am an obstetrical RN, and I have three sons. I am now pregnant for the 7th time. Two of those losses have been in the past 10 months. I see a midwife. With my other babies I did not get an appointment until 10-12 weeks. I really think it is unnecessary to have so many ultrasounds and blood tests so early for a seemingly healthy person and pregnancy. I don't think doing these things "just because" or as a matter of standard practice is a good use of health care dollars. That said, infertility treatment moms, bleeding during pregnancy, and those with a history of a late loss or multiple early losses are in a different situation. After two losses this year and now pregnant again I will get my first ever hcg blood work and early U/S. My point is, that unless you have risk factors it is not unusual for your health care practitioner to not see you until 10-12 weeks, and to only ultrasound you once around 18-20 weeks. Good luck to all of you.

KatestorkRN |

I am 8 weeks along and today I have to go in for a Rogam shot(which I had with my other 2 children at 28 weeks though). I had diareha really bad then some spotting. The following 2 days it was brown discharge and some tissue. The nurse practitioner said my body is trying to ged rid of something. My body is fighting off the baby. She hasn't said anything about an ultrasound. So I'm going to ask for one. I also made a list of questions. Im EXTREAMLY worried about whats going on. Hopefully I get some answers. Has anyone else experienced this?

CrystalDee83 |

I just had my first ultrasound today, we weren't supposed to but because i wasn't sure exactly how far along I am I insisted the nurse scheduled me for an ultrasound. We found out that I am 8 weeks and 4 days along and the baby is 2 centimeters long. We saw the heart beating normally but could not hear it. I guess this is normal because baby is so small? I hope this helped someone! Me and my fiance were so excited to see that little thing and see that its heart was beating normally! Be healthy and good luck to everyone :)

Jgreen1091 |

Had early ultrasound today at 6 w 3d. We saw the heart beat which is at 111 bpm. Yolk sac and embryo all good. 6.4 mm. Really amazing!!

shesween |

7 weeks

shuey74 |

I have my first prenatal appointment at 10wks on Oct.18th, and I will be getting my first ultra sound then, and hopefully hearing the heartbeat! I am so excited! :)

Jazz526 |

I am measuring at 6 weeks(period indicated 8 weeks)- came in early because of past MC history. With the ultra sound she did today, we could see the heartbeat and hear it as well. It was a vaginal ultrasound.

khadel |

I just hit 5 weeks and I have my 1st doc appt. in two days. I was really surprised that they are getting me in so early.

silver2983 |

I live in NYC and i am 6 weeks, I had my first appt @ 5 weeks and everything else that come with the 1st appt. I also have a Sonogram scheduled for 10/5 which at the time ill be 7 weeks, cant wait to see a flicker/ hear a heart beat.

mamaluval |

Super excited I am 8 weeks .. We go for our first ultra sound today !!:)

kristene72 |

I am 9 wks and just had my first sonogram. I have never heard a sound sweeter than my baby's beating heart. That made it so real for us :)

Ishlaw |

I am 7weeks and have my first docs appointment on Tuesday! I am so excited and a little nervous! I hope I get to hear or see the heart beat!

klineme03 |

I just had an ultrasound today. I measured 5w5d and saw the heartbeat.

silver2983 |

My O.B. booked me for my first appointment on my 13th week.

jobpri01 |

I just had my second ultasound today...had some bleeding at the beginning...saw the heartbeat at 5w5d and also today at 7w2d!! Beating strong at 130 bpm! :)

jld0422 |

I live in Arizona, and I am still waiting to get my first ultrasound !!!! Come on Next Monday.......Ill be about 13.5 weeks :)

brittboyle123 |

I am getting my 2nd sono tomorrow afternoon. I will be exactly 7 weeks along. The first sono I had at 5 wks but they couldnt see anything yet. We are very excited to see something!! anything! :)

monica.alvarado |

I had an ultrasound when the doctor believed I was 6 weeks 6 days. We couldn't see anything but the yoke sack. The doctor sent me for some HCG tests and everything came back fine. We go again this Monday to see again if we can see the baby...fingers crossed!!

firegirl2012 |

I had an ultrasound at what I thought was nine weeks, but the doctor said that I looked more like eight weeks. We could see the heartbeat, but couldnt hear it. I go back to the docotor just before my 14th week

kellyl831 |

I'm 13 weeks and can't see or hear babys heart beat in the ultrasound... they told me not to worry because the baby was moving up and down... but it does worry me alittle :(

TiffGriff88 |

I just had a drs appt, I'm 11w first baby... and got to hear the heartbeat....no ultrasound til 18-20wks... did anyone else cry the first time they heard the heartbeat? I'm so happy and excited but couldn't stop crying at how beautiful it sounded!

mruffini |

It varies from doctor to doctor when they will schedule the appointment for you to see/hear the heartbeat. Doctors have certain preferences, many like to wait until you are 8-10 weeks along. However, your medical history will play a major role too. I, for example, have a history of miscarriage, Therefore, I was scheduled to come in at 6 weeks and 5 days even though my doctor doesn't normally see patients until 8 weeks. If you're anxious, tell your doc- they might accommodate you and let you come in after 6 weeks.

jasandseth |

I had an emergency ultrasound at 5 weeks, 4 days and all they saw was an empty gestational sac. The ER docs said I was likely going to m/c. I was devastated. My ob told me several days later not to worry as it was just way too early to see anything. I went in today for a follow up u/s at 6 weeks, 6 days and saw a yolk sac and BABY with healthy heartbeat of 131!!! I'm so happy and relieved. Most places won't even give an u/s until 7 weeks because you just won't see anything many of the times! I must say, I'm still upset with the ER docs that had me stressed and losing sleep for a week and a half, but oh well!

Kiki28riki |

I had an u/s at 6 weeks 3 days and they were able to see heartbeat @ 160 beats per minute

aleejandraa |

I had a vaginal ultrasound to determine how far along I was because I had no idea. I thought that maybe I was around 5 weeks but the doctor saw the heartbeat and told me that I had to be further along to see the heartbeat. He gave me a guesstimate of 6wk 3days. I just went for a due date and got to hear my babies heartbeat, it was amazing!

vanitylalala |

they say im 7 weeks and i have not had a doctor appt yet either

jwildbur |

I had an appt. at 10 weeks and they found a heartbeat on the doppler but told me not to panic if they couldn't find it because it still might have been too early. My first u/s is next Friday at 12 weeks

laclou |

I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant and have my first ultrasound in 2 weeks. I have had 5 miscarriages so far. My last one was in 2006 and I was in my second trimester. I have been trying for over 2 1/2 yrs now and finally with extra help from my OB finally am positive. I am high risk so they have to do ultrasounds often. Now they are concerned that I am having multiples. I will see how it goes.

FloridaPostalGirl |

I'm going to my second appointment this week and I am 8 weeks right now. The doctor said that it won't be until the next appointment that we will hear the heartbeat though.

slytheringirl83 |

Im from KY and I am between 13- 16 weeks, and I go for a Pelvic exam in one more day. I hope I get to hear my babys heartbeat! So far they have only done bllod work.. No ultrasound until 20 weeks:-(

Krystlenoel1984 |

I had an ultrasound because my periods are so irregular. They think I'm 5 weeks & no heart beat was heard. The sonographer was so rude & insensitive. She had me believing that I'm carrying a dead egg inside me. She handed me this paper with the size of the sac & the statement that said no heartbeat to take to my doctor next door. I don't know what to think. I left the office in tears.

mimiluv8799 |

A babies heart chambers form at 6 weeks, so you CAN NOT see or hear a heartbeat before that! Nurse was rude! At 6 weeks it should be at leat 100 and it goes up 3.3 beats per day(approx) until 9 weeks and levels out.

mcte2067 |

I miscarried last January and am now 7 weeks. They did an ultrasound a 6 weeks and saw the heartbeat at 117 bpm. ANother U/S at 8 weeks to make sure all is progressing. she said she also saw the cyst that forms in your ovary that produces progesterone before the placenta is formed. This is a good sign she said.

mcte2067 |

I had an ectopic scare when i was about 5w and they did a vaginal US and we heard the heart beat for the first time with my first one. Then I had my first OB apt at 7wks. Had another US to determine exactly how far along I was. Exactly what we thought 7wks 2days. I had the 20wk US to see how the baby was developing and determine that she was a girl. We also had 1 US at 34wks cause I measured a little big. It was because she had 37wk long legs. Yes she is tall. Last US for me was at 39wks because of the Pre-Eclampsia that had set in.

AngelGirl37351 |

February 2, 2012

cieloazul0917 |

I believe I am about 7 weeks and I am going for my first OB appointment tomorrow. This is my first child and I am super excited but it is still all so surreal for me. I really hope they do an US tomorrow!

mintonl |

I went friday for my first u/s because of pain, they determined i'm only 4-5 wks so to soon to see anything. Go back in 2 wks to make sure.

nurseJJ0717 |

I just had my first US at 5 weeks 2 days. You could not really see my apple seed, but could see the sac. I get to go back in two weeks and hear the heartbeat!

Mrs.MacIsaac |

I got my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and me and my husband saw the heartbeat, but we are going back at 12 weeks to listen to it... can't wait

magdari78 |

We didn't hear our baby's heart beat at our 9 week OB appointment, but was able to see and hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound at 12w3d! Greatest moment ever! Just hearing the baby's heartbeat and seeing it and seeing the baby move!

Shan7usaf |

I have my first ultrasound tomorrow. We conceived using IVF and I'm 5 weeks 5 days today. Hoping we can see how many embryos took tomoorrow. They put two in so hoping both babies made it!

melissaj57 |

We just found out about the "suprise" last week. I'm at 7 wks. I get to have my Intake appointment with the RN tomorrow and then scheduled for the aultrasound at 11 weeks. So not tell the end of March. But its close to my birthday so what a great gift :)

ladyb329 |

I had my first US at 5.6 weeks and saw TWO yolk sacs, no heartbeats Today, at 7 weeks and 1 day I saw two little beans and two heartbeats. I am so thrilled. And, they are identical twins.

taffylyn |

I went to the doctor tuesday they said im about 6 weeks and 5 days but they will not let me get an US until april the 2nd. I want to hear it already and know that everything is ok!!

Kalye |

We are expecting our 2nd child, went to the clinic today to confirm that I AM PREGNANT [event hough Ive already taken 4 home pregnancy test] that all came back positive. I am 7wks 1day and my 1st prenatal apt will be tomorrow..I am also eager to have my 1st US!!

ladiitess |

They just tried to find the heartbeat in my 9th week and I was told that it is still very early. We go back in 2 weeks for another check! :)

Vlmonn |

I had my first appointment at 5 weeks and go back at 7 weeks 6 days for an ultrasound. It depends on your doctor and medical history to how often and when they do an u/s.

plaidadots |

I had my first ultrasound at 8weeks 6days and I seen the heartbeat for the first time. I was excited because I lost two babies. So the heartbeat give me hope. I go hear the heartbeat for the first time March 20, 2012.

Sharonda85 |

Just had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days... got to see and hear the heartbeat!! so amazing!

remorin89 |

6w2d all we saw was a small sac and nothing in it. Go back 7w2d doc thinks this pregnancy is no good :(

miraclesdhappen |

My first OB appt is scheduled for 9 weeks, I have a few more weeks until I get to see this !

Susan72186 |

I live in SC (for an idea of state procedures) and i called yesterday to schedual an ob/gyn appointment because im worried i may be farther along than dating by my lmp and i had some spotting at (5wks?) and it scared me, but she told me even though i think that i may be farther along than now (6wks) that they wont see me until at least 8 weeks dating by my lmp. So i will go in 2 weeks and they said there going to do pap smear, blood/lab work, and ultra sound. Cant wait. Hope everything turns out ok for me! :)

babywithlee18 |

I live in Colorado and had my first appointment and ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks.

AshHurst |

I am so excited! I go in for my first appt on wednesday and it still hasn't quite hit me yet! I had my blood work and they told me im either 4 weeks with twins or 8 weeks with 1!! I think once I see/hear the heartbeat the full reality will hit me!

jvdavisbaby |

i had my first ob appointment about a week and a half ago and they told me i wont get an ultrasound until my 12 week visit.

vikings55 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I'm in New Jersey and was told I couldn't get an appt. until after 10 weeks. However, I was in a car accident at 5-6 weeks and found out I am pregnant while in the ER. No tests were done once the pregnancy test came back positive. I had cramping from the time of the accident for a week after so I went back to the ER at my area hospital and insisted they do an ultrasound. I had a miscarriage in '04 at 6 weeks that was a blighted ovum (sac with no baby) so of course I was freaking out and told them I HAD to know if this baby was ok or not. Luckily, the u/s showed my baby and his/her fluttering heartbeat. My next u/s is scheduled in a week and a half when I'll be 12 weeks.

Claude11 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

8 weeks

KimberlyS27 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I had to see the doctor on my 5th week because I was feeling minor cramps. She did the wand ultrasound that had to go in my vagina. I saw the little pea size and she showed me the flickering heart. It was amazing. My doctor said I was about 5 weeks and 5 days.

jemstone4 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I am 6 weeks and 6 days.... and yesterday we had our ultrasound appt. and heard a heart bit. WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING!! Still in shock how we could hear our little bean's heartbeat...

birchfields |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I am 8wks and yesterday was my first appointment and I saw my baby's heart beat.

lionessss |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I was able to hear and see it at 6 weeks 2 days which was amazing! I went back at 7 weeks and heard it even stronger!

Jpunky |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I was eight Weeks when I had my first ultra sound and my babies heart beat was 163 beats per min ..but I had an ultra sound because of pcos I have very irregular periods so I had an ultra sound to see how far along I was . I'm almost 11 Weeks now.

pcos mommy2 be |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I am six weeks and the heartbeat was visable on today's ultrasound.

wildesommer |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I was 5 weeks and a few days when I had my first ultrasound and I had and internal ultrasound, and they were able to pick up the baby's heartbeat. 130bpm which my doctor felt was low and after another week had a second ultrasound to see if it increased and it did too 158 bpm. Exactly the bpm my doctor was looking for based on how far a long i was.

bermyhoney |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I had my first vaginal US yesturday and based on the measurment am now 6 weeks and 2 days with a heart beat of 122bpm, my doctor told me they look for anything over 95. I have a follow up in 2 weeks. It is so amazing to see.

sandrarn99 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I just left my first apt yesterday, I was 7 weeks and 3 days and his/her little heartbeat was flickering quite fast lol, most wild thing my husband and I have seen so far!

anartiststyle |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?


JRiggins24 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

In my opinion as an ultrasound tech, you should NEVER be able to listen to the heart beat during an ultrasound. The power on the machine increases when you use the doppler function during an ultrasound, it is just too much power blasting that tiny little embryo. You should be able to see the flicker of the heart beat by 6-7weeks. You can begin to listen to the heart beat at your OB appointments often between 10 and 12 weeks. I cannot stress enough that it is just not a good idea to listen to the heartbeat suring an ultrasound ladies!

JulsieJ |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I am 5 weeks and 2 days with my second pregnancy. I had a miscarriage the first time and so I wanted to be able to have an earlier ultrasound. I am having my exam in two days and then I am going to sch the ultrasound around 7 weeks. I hope everything works out this time and we can see the babys heart. Its so hard not being able to hear the heartbeat and then being told that your baby stopped growing. Im just praying that our baby is healthy this time and everything is ok.

bduncan1112 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I had my first sonogram today, and the heartbeat of my baby was very strong. After reading everything on these forums I was so SCARED something might go wrong and a heartbeat wouldn't be found, but my OB let me hear it, and see it both. Honestly, I would try to breathe and relax, because honestly stressing and worrying won't help you or your baby. I know it's hard. This is my first successful pregnancy after a miscarriage two years ago. I feel so much better now that I've seen a strong heartbeat for my baby, and see, I worried for NOTHING! =)

Roo1991 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I'm guessing I'm 7w3d and today is my first dr appt. I can't wait to go and I hope I get to see some flutter action!!

TnArichmond |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I live in Colorado and I'm scheduled at week 7 also. I agree it may be at the doctor's discretion.

Morgcpc |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I go for my 1st ultrasound today! I am 8 1/2 weeks :)

jeperki3 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I just found out that I am pregnant and my first doctor's visit is at week 7. Do women typically bring their husbands or boyfriends to the first visit? I don't want my husband to feel out of place if I bring him, but I do not want him to miss an ultrasound if they do one.

jcbentley1486 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?


iamkarla |


I'm 7.4 weeks, I just had an ultersound and no heartbeat. Doc said they will do another one in two weeks but I'm so scared

ellemaexxx |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

8 weeks?

aprilclaire7 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I am about 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and had my first appt. this week--mostly a lot of bloodwork. Thhey scheduled my 1st US for 13 weeks, which i feel is late. I just want to make sure that everthing is ok with the baby,,,i'm going to have such a hard time waiting until 10/25!!

Minnie18974 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I'm going this Wednesday for our second ultrasound. Hopefully, we will see a tiny baby an hear the heart beat. I'm so excited.

Daniele33 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

im not really sure b/c i went to the doctor today and measured 5wks 6days on the ultrasound, and didnt hear a heart beat..scheduled for next week to see if they can hear it then..should i be worried....

queenmayo |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

i went to the doc on the 5th,, an they said they couldent hear or see nothin... i go back for my first vist on the 15. an to get another u/s on the 19.. i should be about 7/ws.... im tryin not to worry but is type hardnot to... till then imma jus pray..

jutonn |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

At 6 weeks the dr could not yet see the heartbeat but the baby was definately there. At my 8 week appointment the heartbeat was just as clear and strong as we could have hoped for.

jyoung630 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

Heard and saw my baby's heartbeat on ultrasound at 8 weeks.

Simplysweet5171 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

we were able to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time at 10 weeks. We had our first initial appointment with the doctor at 8 weeks and our ob appointment at 10 weeks. Our next one is at 16 weeks. Some doctors will try to listen to the heartbeat at every appointment you go too. you will have a ultrasound when you are 18-20 weeks along where you will be able to see your baby for the first time.

lalacoot |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

We spent the day in emergency yesterday because I am at six weeks and started bleeding bright red blood this two days ago. Apparently, its quite normal to bleed, as long as its not excessively heavy, but while we were there, they did an ultrasound to just to figure out if the pregnancy was in the right place, and sure enough they found baby and a heartbeat. Pretty exciting stuff, although before they found it they did tell me that they may not be able to tell if the baby is alive at six weeks, so I am very glad that baby's ticker was going strong!

calibr8te |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

With my first we heard the heart beat at about 8 weeks, but from what I understand, you can hear it as early as six weeks. I'm sure it depends on the woman/pregnancy as well as the machine the techs are using. I'm 7W & 1D and my first appointment for baby #2 isn't until March 4th. I was told that after my initial appointment, they will schedule me for an ultrasound. This wait is unbearable. I don't FEEL pregnant and would really love the reassurance of seeing her move around in there. :( Just have to keep myself healthy and stop worrying so much!

AnnMarie0219 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

Today I had my first prenatal appointment, I am 6 weeks 1 day and we were able to hear the heartbeat, it was amazing.

Jess26961 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I called the end of January because my last MC was beginning of Dec. They didn't give me an appt. until February 28th. I was so anxious and nervous. They did an ultrasound and I got to see my baby and hear the heart beat! Best sound ever and my nurse recorded it for me to show my husband. I'm now 12 weeks and 6 days. I go back March 27th and my husband will get to go with me this time!

KYCWhite |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I just had my appointment to confirm my pregnancy today. I am 6 weeks, 1 day along! I thought I was just going to do a pregnancy test, but my OB did an ultrasound as well. I got to see my baby and see it's heartbeat! What a surreal moment!!

jamiebruno |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

You should be able to see the baby's heartbeat on a transvaginal US by about 6 weeks, but if your dates are a little wrong (you may have ovulated later then you expected), you may not see it yet. Generally you can hear the heartbeat by doppler at week 12. Completely depends on your location in the US whether a 1st trimester US is the standard of care or if they just wait until the anatomy US at 18-20 weeks. 1st trimester US is actually used to determine accurate dating of your pregnancy since babies generally develop at the same rate during the first few weeks, no matter what genetics you have (small or big) so that your due date is correct!

wwendt |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

First OB at 5 weeks, U/S at 7. Saw the heartbeat. Just as cool the second time around. (Maryland)

PetuniaFeatherbottom |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?


melissasic |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I heard my baby's heartbeat at 6wks 5days it was the best 1yr wedding anniversary present!

bubbl3z |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I feel like I'm walking into my first appointment blind. I wasn't informed about what was going to take place during the first appointment. What's the norm?


When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

i live in ny and had a dating us done when i was 6w and we saw heart beat. next ultrasound is next week at 13w can't wait.

SylviaAgnello |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I'm 5 weeks 2 days right now and my first prenatal is Monday (2 days). I had a mc last year but I was able to see that baby's heartbeat at 5w3d. Fingers crossed this is the same :)

blkbeautifulme |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

Im 9 weeks, and my first ob app was when i had 8 weeks the heart beep of my baby was very strong the doc was surprised, i really got very exsited

adensb |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I called my doctor and the only thing they needed to hear from m is that I got a positive home test 15 DPO. at 9 weeks I go in or the doppler adn thn at 20 for the ultrasound. This is my fist baby and am really uneasy about not having an ultrasound before then, but I will have a lot of questions on Deceber 11th!

AmandaAug506 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I also live in Colorado, and I'm going to have my first appointment with Dr. Di Ambrosia at Rose. She said that it's normal to schedule between 6 to ten weeks. I don't think anywhere will not "allow" you to schedule something sooner. I'd definitely try a different doctor. My doctor offered to get my in when I was 5 weeks if I needed some nerves eased. However, my new health insurance doesn't kick in until the end of the month, so I'm not in until I'm 9 weeks. Good luck!

lizparkerdenver |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

10 weeks?

RichKris3227 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

We saw the heartbeat for the first time at our first appt at 7wks 0days! I was TOTALLY surprised as I wasn't expecting to even have an "intra-whatever" ultrasound that day (I forget the name of the ultrasound but it's the one where they enter a device and look around). There was this "matter" with a pulse on the screen, really made it seem more real...it's a beautiful experience.

Dreyn |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I was having unusual pain and the doctor was afraid I had an ectopic pregnancy, so they wanted to see me asap (it wasn't, thank goodness). I went in a couple days before 6 weeks and I could see the heart beat! The machine couldn't pick up the heart rate just yet the tech said, but it was definitely there :)

kareik01 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I had my first Doctor visit just yesterday. I'm at 7 weeks, and not only did I see the flicker, but I was able to hear the heartbeat! It was incredible, and really made everything feel so real.

jaimee2003 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I went for my first appt at 6 weeks and seen the little flicker. I have an appt at my 15 week (Jan 17) and hoping to hear the heart beat! I'm so excited!!!

aileenh863 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

This is my first pregnancy and my Dr. doesn't want to see me for my first appointment until I am 9 weeks. It is just really hard to wait.

Sisbuggs101 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I recently went to my first doctors appointment. My last period was on December 13 so my MD said I was about 8 weeks. She did an ultrasound and I was actually 6 weeks and 5 days, the heart rate was 141! I did not hear it but it was recorded with the ultrasound.

alucas0029 |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I had my 8 week (on the dot) US and we were able to see and hear the heartbeat!

bknechtel |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I made my first drs appt and they said they wont see me until my 8th week. Will they be able let me see or hear anything then?  BabyFetus Ticker

drmrsthemeador |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

We heard the baby's heartbeat at 5 weeks and 6 days. It wasn't until a week later that I actually saw the flicker of the heartbeat.

susangainey |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

I went in for my first sonogram on Thursday. We thought I was 7 weeks, but it turns out I was only about 6 weeks and 2 days. We couldn't hear the heart beat at first, but then they had me take a deep breath and hold it.... then we could hear it.... amazing!!! :)

tracy_betak |

When will I hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound?

We could see the yolk sac, but not the heartbeat yesterday (6 weeks, 5 days). I had a MMC in October, so reading these posts about people seeing theirs at 6 weeks has me really scared. The doctor said it was normal, but she would bring me back in at 7 weeks, 5 days to check again. I know I shouldn't freak out, but I am. I don' t want to lose another one so soon. :( Please send prayers or happy thoughts. Thanks.

brewer919 |