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Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

When will I have my first ultrasound, and what are they looking for?

Re: When will I have my first ultrasound, and what are they looking for?

The Bump Expert

Maybe your first trimester, maybe the second. Ultrasound uses sound waves and echoes to create a moving image of your fetus and show what’s going on inside your womb. (Quick vocab lesson: Ultrasound is the procedure; sonogram is the image it creates.) Some docs routinely perform first trimester ultrasounds between weeks 4 and 12 to confirm the fetus’ age. Or, your doc might perform one in the first trimester only if there are signs of multiples, miscarriage or ectopic or molar pregnancy.

Between weeks 18 and 22, most women have a more detailed level two ultrasound. Now, your doc is checking for fetal heartbeat, location, breathing, movement and size, placenta location, amount of amniotic fluid, abnormalities and yes, gender. Look forward to the fuzzy picture you’ll get to take home as a souvenir of baby’s first photo session.

Throughout your pregnancy, your doc might order additional ultrasounds to check on any issues or possible complications. Or, you might not have one at all -- according to the March of Dimes, only 70% of pregnant women have the procedure. In low-risk pregnancies, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends ultrasound should only be used to answer specific medical questions (not as routine procedure). Don’t let that scare you, though -- of the multitude of large studies performed over the last 30 years, none have linked ultrasound to any harmful effects, for you or your fetus.

Paula Kashtan

loqw heart beat but bloodwork shows high levels?

the docotor check the baby in an ultrasound and found the babies heart beat was slow and the baby was small and said my date could be wrong . then she sent me for blood work two days apart and said one day it was 1500 and two days later it was 1100 what does this mean she said i could lose the baby . i am confused could the baby be ok or not?

beautifulmrs |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

at 16 weeks

rayturn |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

Did you ask your doctor??

brandywickham |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

beautifulmrs - to answer your question, I'm going through the same thing right now. I had to get blood drawn every 48 hours to make sure that the 'pregnancy hormones' are still increasing. According to my doctor, it's a good sign if it's INCREASING, but not a good sign if it is descreasing. =( It means the embryo may no longer be developing. You might want to double check with your doctor so she can clarify for you and you can discuss what you need to do. Hoping for the best for you.

bzzzsweeti125 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

The only thing I know that my Doc is testing me for at 24 weeks is glucose testing. Not sure what that entails. Other than that we are just wanted to see that baby is growing correctly and on time and the gender of course!

babyblue211281@aol.com |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had a glucose screening at 8 weeks (b/c I am plus sized and at a higher risk for gestational diabetes). Basically you drink some super sweet kool-aid like drink, wait an hour, and they take blood.

BabyFess022211 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I am 17 weeks and just found out i have gestational diabetes, got put on a diet and taking good care of myself and the baby since now im at higher risk of any furthers complications. i hope it all works out for you guys take care

zweetmadeline |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks because we had no idea how far along I was, as my cycle was quite irregular. Because the baby was so little (being only 6 weeks), they had to do an internal ultrasound as well as the 'regular' one. I got to see the heart beat and my little sweet pea. It certainly made everything seem more real!

natalie_wn@yahoo.com |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

We are going for our first ultrasound Thursday (only 2 more days!). I am right now 20 weeks, and we're hoping to find out the gender. I have had some friends that have had multiple ultrasounds by week 20. So I think it's really different for everyone. All I can say is I am definitely looking forward seeing my baby's first picture and of course hearing the heartbeat again :)

jlspears01 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had 4 ultrasounds overall. Three were normal, scheduled ones, and then the last one was a last minute one because the baby was not turned around by the 3rd one. Everything was fine at the 4th and we're expecting a healthy baby in about 3 weeks!! Should be about 7 lbs. I can't believe it's already almost here!

bari516 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

On my first pregnanacy I went in for an ultrasound once a week along witha non stress test towards the end of my 2nd trimester due to him measuring small and me not gaining enough weight and now with my 2nd one, she has a heart defect and I am only at 23 weeks and get an ultrasound at least 3 times a month from all he different drs Ihave to go to, which is nice because I get to see her and reassure myelf that shes doing ok. I'm just praying for a miracle that the Lord will heal her heart and she won't need any surgery on it when she is born.

rachelk81 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

With my first I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks then another one right around 20 weeks. This is when generally you will find out the sex of the baby, if you want to know. With this pregnancy I had my first ultrasound at around 13 weeks, but they found that I was not as far along as we thought, then had another at 20 weeks, and found that I have a 2 vessel cord(or a single artery umbilical cord). Now I go every 4 weeks for an ultrasound(to make sure he is growing like he should be) and starting at 30 weeks I have to have non stress tests done twice a week to make sure the baby is not under any stress. If he shows any sign of distress they will deliver him right away. Praying that all goes well and we can make it to at least 37 weeks!!!

tmhouston22 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I'm 27 weeks and have had two real ultrasounds to measure babies development, heart beat and all the other things they normally look for. Also, to check on how my fibroids are effecting my babies growth. I did get a couple of impromptu scans when I went to the emergency room. My favorite thing, with my second "real" ultrasound, was being able to see the baby yawn when the tech woke her up. I have one more ultrasound scheduled before my due date and I can't wait to see what she does then.

Babychank |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first at 6 weeks for dating purposes (they moved my due date back a bit), and will have a second one between 9-12 weeks as part of the First Trimester Screening. Third at 18-20 weeks for gender and growth purposes!

amberdgraham |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks. The doctor wasn't sure if the baby was developing. Had another at 9 weeks found out the baby was doing fine. At 13 weeks I had another for genetic screening. The told me I was most likely having a girl. At 23 week had my second trimester ultra sound and still a girl and very healthy at 1 pound 4 ounces. I have another coming up at 33 weeks( I am at 30 weeks 2 days now) they want to check on her weight and to see if she is still breach. Lets hope all goes well :)

tinagrocks |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I am given with all my pregnancies an ultrasound around 6 weeks give or take.. i have a history of miscarriages .. then around 18-25 weeks another then somewhere after 30 weeks and with my middle two kids i had one a month aleast after the first four monthes becuz my one daughter was measuring small (born at 37 wks induced and only weighed 3lbs 1 oz) and they thought the same thing was happening with my 4th child i am not on my 5th child 7 pregnancy and at 14 weeks with only one ultra sound so far.. i hope to hear my beautiful baby's heartbeat at the doc in two days... i have already seen the heartbeat and heard it for a split second. I am a paranoid women bcuz of my miscarriages so i think something is always wrong but so far i have not went to ER which is quite unusally for me...But i have realized its in God's hands and he is protecting this baby as he has my other four children :)

cileah098 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

awwww. i know its mostly hormones, but i started crying reading all your posts :) congrats to all of you!!! and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby!! i had my first at 6 weeks because i started spotting and they wanted to check it out and date the baby :) we heard the heartbeat and me, my hubby and my mom all cried (happy tears) it was completely amazing. my blood work came back and i have anti kell, so my ob is sending me to a maternal-fetal specialist so they can closely monitor the baby, so im hoping and praying everything will be ok. :)

wildcowgirl |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

The ultrasounds have been my favorite part since I have been sooo sick. I had a vaginal ultrasound at 8 weeks (my first appt) it was great because we got pictures and were able to hear the heartbeat so fast and loud! My second was the 12 week NT diagnostic screening. We debated on doing this but it was covered by our insurance - and I am so glad we did this. The ultrasound was really long (like 45 mins) and I saw the baby the whole time - jumping and moving around. It made me laugh and cry - so cute. Worth doing the NT test just for that and the pics we got to take home. My OB does the 2nd trimester u/s at 22 weeks so I have about 6 more weeks to go!

ktrose9325 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

With my daughter i had an ultrasound at 12 weeks for gt and then at 19 weeks for gender and growth and all that fun stuff. This time i went in for my first apt and they were unable to find the heart beat. They sent me for an emergancy us. Found out that my due date is 3 weeks later then expected. I am 9 weeks not 12. We have another one schedueld in a month for gt. insurance covers it and well worth it. then well have another one after 20 weeks for the normal ultrasound. They are also testing me early for GD but she thinks i should be fine since ive lost 30 lbs since i had my daughter. It depends on the doc or midwife and if you have a reason for the ultrasound. but treasure every second you have in that room watching that lil one move and the heart beat. Also its great to find out the sex. i cant wait. although i think its a girl this time also which im happy with

messfam07 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at about 7 weeks because we weren't sure how far I was, that's when we found out it was TWINS! Now I have one at just about every visit, just to make sure they are both growing at the same rate and check for any other possible problems. So far everything has been great and I love getting to see the babies all the time. I'm 17 weeks now and we should be finding out the sexes in about 2 weeks. And we can't wait! Good luck to everyone =)

000krissy |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I'm almost 31 weeks along, based on my first ultrasound, when they dated me 19 weeks. My pregnancy wasn't planned, and we were late finding out, so I'm scheduled for another two ultrasounds, for growth and dating purposes. I think, routinely, you only get two ultrasounds; one at approximately eleven weeks for aging purposes, which I essentially missed; and the other at approximately twenty weeks, to make sure the baby's growth patterns are on track and that everything is going as planned :) Other ultrasounds are usually on if your baby was breach at 20 weeks and they cannot physically tell the position, or if other complications arise :)

AlyssaE03 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

Ive been diagnosed with chronic placenta abruption which is where the placenta starts tearing away from the uterus and now I have to have non-stress tests and ultrasounds every week to monitor our little angel. Since I started having intense contractions and bleeding at 23 weeks, it's a great relief to be able to see her and hear her heartbeat every week.

maybride@live.com |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

to c if everything to growing the way it post to

barager21 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks but nobody told me that I was supposed to have a FULL BLADDER. They said I was supposed to drink 32 oz of water 1 hr. before the appointment. Nobody told me that! Luckily, she was still able to hear the baby's heart beat and take a picture. She wasn't able to get accurate measurements because my bladder was empty. So remember to drink plenty of water for your ultrasounds and try to hold it.

mardukes |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

my obgyn told me that i had to drink 32 oz of water before my first trimester screening ultrasound (around 13 weeks), but for my 20 week, apparently that's not necessary. i'm going in for that one tomorrow---so excited to hopefully find out the gender!

annaelizabethgrace |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks to see how far a long I was. The one again every drs app I've been too and then some for emergancy purposes. I am high risk so I get to see my little man every time I go in. I also had one after I found out I had a 1/26 chance for him to have downs. Me being only 20, I got the ultra to look for markers (no markers) AND an amniocentesis. If your results come back abnormal, don't freak out like I did. My poor little man must've been like "is my mommy okay? whats going on?!" If you do decide to get an amnio, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AFTER!! I stayed on bed rest for the whole 3 days they recommend. It reduces chances of miscarriage which are now 1 and 170,000 by the way..

amandamariesardelis |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

@mardukes I'm going for my first ultrasound on Thursday and I was told to drink 32 oz of water. Not looking forward to that (since I have to hold it) but hoping it will pay off once I have the ultrasound done ;)

koseefowokan |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks, then 7, then 12 and finally the 20 week. We found out gender and he tried to get a few measurements but she was in a bad position and squirming too much to get accurate ones so he's bringing us back for a 24 week one. They never once have told me to drink a lot of water beforehand but I drink enough anyway to have a reeeally full bladder for that and the urine test (doesn't help when he presses around and I swear she jumps up and down on it!) I've been told I'm lucky since I've had quite a few ultrasounds and my other pregnant friends get usually just two by this point

cuppcakequeen17 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I am high risk having diabetes and high blood pressure... plus I am 38 yrs old... and I've had multiple miscarriages in the past... however I am 7w2d, and I have had 2 u/s already and am scheduled for another one on June 12, at which time I will be 8w5d... I can NOT wait to see my baby again.

photogirlie821 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

june 28th at 10:00 AM

Katy12143 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

Someone told me, that if you usually wait a while before going into your appointment to drink all the water in the waiting room (or on the drive there) so you aren't so miserable.

Katy011413 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I am actually an ultrasound technician (and 5 weeks pregnant:) ). I recommend you drink your water an hour before. A lot of women are dehydrated from morning sickness so it takes longer for the water to reach the bladder. I hate telling patients that they have to sit and wait another hour past their appointment time because their bladder isn't full. The good news is that you get to pee after the first part of the test and before the transvaginal exam. That one we need an empty bladder for!

smh368 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I'm in Taiwan. They do an ultrasound every two weeks and print out the pics for you each time. Going to the doc so much is crazy.....

angelmae3995 |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks. I think it was an honest mistake made by the receptionist. I didn't know any better being my first pregnancy so hubby and I went and saw the baby and got our due date of June 4th. Second ultrasound was last week at 7 weeks and we saw the heart beating. My next one is at 11-12 weeks to measure the baby's neck.

avborges |

Q&A: What happens during an ultrasound?

My first IVF, we did ultrasound 6weeks 5 days to find a blight ovum. It was a very sad day indeed! We did vaginal since it was so early that you can't see with a regular topical ultrasound. Now, I am pregnant with my second attempt with IVF. We will wait till 7 weeks before the ultra sound which is a few days away. I am curious about all these women doing the genetic testing. Why bother unless you are willing to abort the baby? My friend did this test where they go in and collect samples from the placenta to do the testing. She said it was painful. That night she started cramping and the next day she miscarried. The doctor called to tell her the test came back and the baby was perfect. Well...she miscarried. So, ladies, if you are not willing to abort the baby, the risk isn't worth it.

MarcelleStenzig |