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Q&A: What are beta levels?

What are beta levels and why might my doctor measure them?

Re: What are beta levels and why might my doctor measure them?

The Bump Expert

Well, let’s start at the beginning. When baby first starts growing in your belly (akauterus), your body begins to produce a hormone called hCG, or humanchorionic gonadotropin. You might hear this hCG stuff referred to as the “pregnancy hormone” -- it’s the same hormone that a pregnancy test searches for in your urine. It takes a few days(around 11 to 14) after conception for enough hCG to show up in your pee, but whenit does…congrats! You’re definitely pregnant.

When the doc measures your “beta hCG” levels, it means she’s checking to see just how much hCG is running through your blood. Any hCG level above 25mIU/ml is considered positive for pregnancy, but your doc may check your beta hCG levelsfor other reasons, like to determine if your pregnancy is progressing the way it should. (In about 85% of normal pregnancies, hCG levels double every 48 to 72 hours until they drop down and level off after around 8 to 11 weeks.)

Erin Walters

Q&A: What are beta levels?

So since I ma 5 weeks today! Mine would be pretty high then? I have my 1st doc appt tomorrow. Were they are gonna me a pregnancy test (even though I have already taken two), take my blood and I'm not quite sure what else..Will they check my blood to see how high it is?

kandmw |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I just found out that I am pregnant and my beta count was 2000 three weeks ago on Friday. Without a sonogram they are saying I am 14 weeks. I read somewhere that it can go from 50 to 300 or so in 4 to 5 days. I asked to have the test done. You may want to ask them if they don't offer it first.

maritcarrot@hotmail.com |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

My Dr. said they are a good early indication of multiples too!

ashley.kaufmann |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

Because I recently had surgery to remove a polyp from my uterus via laproscopy and hysterascopy my fertility specialist/surgeon suggested that I come 2-3 times a week for a beta blood test to see if my numbers are doubling. This is after I took 2 tests at home. I had my first one 4 days after my missed period and my level/number was 2000. They had me worried at first, because they said when I reach 10,000 then I would get an ultra sound and I was thinking my numbers would start at like 200. So I am well on my way. The next one will be on Christmas Eve, so I am hoping it's good. They told me to this will indicate if I have a tubal pregnancy, miscarriage or healthy pregnancy.

msmissygirl |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

Congrats msmissygirl !! Good luck at your next apt on Christmas Eve. What a great time to find out wonderful news ; ) I just got my blood drawn today. I am hoping for high numbers as well ( 5weeks pregnant) Any idea what my number would be? Over 2000 I assume ... Twins are in every generation on my side ... maybe twins ; )) Merry Christmas everyone and best of luck ~ OX

mmOx599 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I went to our primary care provider for my first "I'm pregnant" physical & blood test, since we just moved here and didn't have an OB/GYN yet. At 4 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, my BHCG was at 8600. Holy cow! I know we calculated the dates properly; after all, it's how we became pregnant - we were trying based on ovulation calculations. Waiting until my first OB visit in Feb. to see what she thinks of those numbers :\

leesa24 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my hcg was 7000.

scrappnqueen |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

At 5 weeks 1 day my beta was 7,346!!!


Q&A: What are beta levels?

How do you find that out? does the Dr. tell you what ur HCG level is at? I get my blood drawn tomorrow... im so nervous. My husband and I are pregnant after a loss... I just wanna do everything right :/

hisprincessxo |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

At 5 weeks 4 days, my hcg level was 20,105. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks 5 days and there is 1 healthy baby!

HOKIE7205 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I am on my 6th week of pregnancy and my BETA (hcg) level is 12.42...should I be concerned?

BabyDavis10 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

BabyDavis10 - I don't think you should be unless your doctor tells you there is a reason to. I recieved a call from my doctor today and am going back into the clinic tomorrow to get another blood test because he was not happy with how my levels were not doubling like they should. I am not too worried because I have no clue how far along I really am, so this could be normal. Lots of women have low HCG results and have perfectly healthy pregnancies. Talk to your doctor, let them know your concern and have them check it out. But don't stress :)

ChrisMiss31 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I wont find out im pregnant until may 9th, but just this past monday i had an iui and my hcg level was 1170..... I go back this monday the 2nd to have it taken again? Does that mean any specific?

JStepien |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

my son is 3 1/2 years old and since ive had him ive had 2 miscarriages and 1 tubal pregnancy. i get my hormone lvl every chance i get especially since i have the history of ectopics. i just went last thursday and my hormone count was 1443. they wanted to re check it and on tuesday (5 days later) it was 8311... they said i am about 5-6 weeks pregnant.

starlite87 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I'm 5 weeks and my doc hasnt said anything at all about drawing blood... I know I'll be hearing the heartbeat at 10 weeks but nothing until then. Is that normal? or should I be looking into other doctors?

jicabot |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

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rubinsteinsamuels |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I have had 4 m/c in the past 5yrs and when I was referred to a fertility dr. They found a large polyp in my uterus (which was just removed over 6mos ago) and then they found lost of cysts on my ovaries (which were removed 4mos ago). My fertility dr said the reason kept losing my embryos were because at 8wks there was no more room to grow . so 5days ago I got a positive pregnancy text and when I did my blood for the hcg count, mydr said they were really high. My count is 49,564- dr said I am quite along. I have an ultrasound this week thurs and another blood test. Tomorrow I am to start heparin shots and progesterone oil shot whoile continuing to take my prenatals, baby aspirin, extra foilc acid. I am pre-diabetic and was taking metforim, and have stopped it - so dr will tell me ifI have to restart or stop. Good luck to all of you, my heart and prayers are with you

Cortuno |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

We've been going through fertility treatment with a popular provider. Yesterday I went in for a beta HCG and I was told that it was negative. Today I went to urgent care for bronchitis and they told be that my HCG levels were weak but that I am pregnant. Anyone had a similar situation? Calling the fertility center tomorrow to have a second blood test. We've been trying for 3 years. Its almost too good to be true.

Kpluml |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

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watson012 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

My Beta Levels went down and then up again any idea what this might mean?

SarahHanna |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

At four weeks my beta was 535. Is that normal???

x0amie19 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

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atyu2020 |

Q&A: What are beta levels?

I just went to the hospital and had a beta level test done. the dr said my level was at 149. I am worried that is bad. if you go from the fist day of my last period I should be 5 weeks today. if you go off the date I ovulated I should be 2 weeks pregnant... anyone got any advice?

dothepenguindance |