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Varicose veins during pregnancy?

Is there anything I can do to avoid getting varicose veins? Or, if they do come, how can I deal with them?

Re: Is there anything I can do to avoid getting varicose veins? Or, if they do come, how can I deal with them?

The Bump Expert

Veins carry blood from your extremities back to your heart, which means they're basically working against gravity. This ain't easy, especially in a pregnant lady. And, thanks to your expanding uterus, increasing blood volume and changing hormones, your veins are even more pressure than usual right now.  And, in the spots under the most pressure (usually your legs, rectum and vulva) blood can accumulate, which results in swollen -- varicose -- veins. Though they're mostly harmless and tend to disappear after delivery, they certainly aren't fun. 

To prevent varicose veins -- or at least keep them under control -- try to prevent excess pressure from building up, especially in your legs. To improve circulation, prop your legs up whenever possible, exercise, avoid tight clothes and shoes, get lots of vitamin C, and try not to gain more weight than your doctor recommends. Support hose can also help, as can sleeping on your left side (so your uterus doesn’t press on the vena cava, a major vein on your right side).

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Varicose Veins?

I'm the marketing coordinator for Decatur Vein Clinic and have undergone varicose vein treatments myself. I was quick to notice that the answer posted above has some POOR ADVICE!! PROPPING YOUR LEGS UP ARE BAD FOR VARICOSE VEINS!!! Prolonged sitting or standing is a contributor to varicose veins. Therefore, movement will help reduce the pooling of blood in the legs, because movement pumps blood back up towards the heart.The moment you have first symptoms of varicose veins - aching, swelling, throbbing, itching, burning, restlessness or other pains in the legs - have your doctor fit you properly for compression hose. Our phlebologists here at Decatur Vein Clinic often advise wearing hose as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Varicose veins don't have to be visible in order to have the painful symptoms. Treatments are covered by many insurance plans, so after you're done have children, get your unhealthy veins treated! And go somewhere that does non-surgical laser treatment or injection sclerotherapy, so you can return back to daily activities after every appointment. Stripping is the ancient way of doing it, so avoid the surgery! If you do have varicose veins, they will only get worse (sometimes causing spider veins) so have them treated as soon as possible!

jnentrup |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

My midwife suggested wrapping the problem area with an ace bandage if you don't want to do full tights.

dianemoon |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

Motherhood do a great range of support to compression hose. They are very reasonably priced too under $10. My job entails lots of standing and I could tell the difference as soon as I started to wear the compression hose, my legs didn't feel as achy after a full days work. I am 23 weeks now and my legs feel great!

Gidlow |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

What happens when you have them "DOWN THERE" and not on your legs? Any treatment for those ones. They are VERY painful!!

Albright777 |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

Hi There, Im in my 23rd week of my second pregnancy and have been told that aside from resting when needed and sleeping on my left side there is nothing that can be done. The good news is that they disappear right after the baby is born! Sorry :( I feel your pain ...literally lol!!

cartersmamma |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

How about taking Butchers Broom? I asked my midwife about it after researching, and she recommended.

sungreen13 |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

I am 31 and have bad varicose veins (chalk it up to genetics + pregnancy...I started getting them when I was in high school). They get worse with every pregnancy and have never "gone away". They are very tender during my period when I am not pregnant. I wear medical support hose and would be miserable without them! The moment I get out of bed it's pins and needles among other sensations so I try to put them on ASAP. I've heard that it's better to wait until after you're done having kids to get treatment, but I am not sure why that is? With how sore mine are, and getting worse with every child I would assume it to be okay to at least get treated once. We don't have a set number in mind for how many kids we're having. We just take it one at a time. Any advice?

rachpaulus |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

My left nostril is constantly clogged & randomly bleeds. This did not happen before I was pregnant. Now I have awful, ugly veins coming out of my left nostril :( I have no idea how to get rid of these - any suggestions are welcome!

bwhittlesey |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

they DO NOT go away after pregnancy-good luck with that!

akjosicki |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

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watson012 |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

From WEBMD: Elevating your legs for varicose veins is helpful. When you elevate your legs, ideally at or above heart level, it helps keep the blood from pooling in your lower legs and improves blood flow to the rest of your body. There are simple ways to improve the blood flow in your legs and prevent or improve varicose veins: Prop up your legs when you are sitting. Use a footrest at work and a footstool or ottoman at home to elevate your feet. Lie down and prop your legs above heart level at the end of the day. Try lying on your back on a bed with your feet propped on the wall or on pillows to improve blood flow back to the heart. Avoid crossing your legs at the knees when sitting. If you can't prop up your feet, set them flat on the floor or cross them at the ankles. Crossing legs at the knees squeezes veins and blocks blood flow. Regularly tense the muscles in your legs and point and flex your feet when you are sitting for a long period of time, such as during airplane travel or a long car trip.

katut1 |

Varicose veins during pregnancy?

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Varicose veins during pregnancy?

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