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Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

Why do I need prenatal vitamins? How do I pick out the right one?

Re: Why do I need prenatal vitamins? How do I pick out the right one?

The Bump Expert

First of all, the best time to start taking care of baby is before you even conceive. Why? Because you’ll provide your body with essential nutrients that’ll not only help you conceive, but also have a healthy pregnancy.

Folic acid is crucial because getting enough now can vastly decrease the risk of neural tube defects (such as spina bifida) as baby develops. Folic acid is so important that experts recommend all women of childbearing age (even those not TTC) get 400 mcg of folic acid a day.

Make sure to choose a formula that also contains zinc, which can actually increase fertility. And, research shows that women who take vitamins with at least ten mg of vitamin B6 before they conceive or during the first few weeks of pregnancy reduce the likelihood of morning sickness. (And that’s a pretty convincing reason to take your vitamins right there!)

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I am only about 4 weeks along and have been taking Women's One-A-Day, Zinc, and an additional 400 mg of Folic Acid fo the past few months. Is it necessary to replace the daily women's vitamin with a prenatal vitamin containing DHA? Or can I continue taking what I currently take?

kimbee888 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I'd suggest reading the label on your one-a-day and see if it has the right amounts of vits and minerals. My daily vitamin has everything except it has less iron than what's recommended. The book "what to expect when you're expecting" has a section that lists the amounts of vitamins and minerals that should be in your prenatal vitamin.

EnigmaJC |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

This is my first pregnancy and I want to take the best possible prenatal vitamin that I can afford. I purchased Braingstrong but have now been reading mixed reviews, any thoughts?

lexiilee |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I read that a 400 mcg of folic acid is essential to all women in the age of firtility even they are not TTC but as soon as you realise that you're pregnant the dose should be raised to 5 mg daily in order to avoid the defects of the neural tube especially during the first trimester.

etoil |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

For my first pregnancy as well as this one I took Nature Made Prenatal Multi with DHA. I was not one of those people that can take 2-4 pills a day so anything once a day was great for me. These didn't have any after taste or make me feel sick. The extra DHA in them was a plus for my doctor since it helps promote brain and eye development. It also has a ton of Folic Acid.

dlscheiber |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

The Perfect Prenatal by New Chapter. It specifies that it is good on an empty stomach, and it really has never made my stomach hurt (and I have lots of stomach issues). It also has all organic ingredients, one of my favorite being folate instead of folic acid.

hugsandkissez00@yahoo.com |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I have been taking Women's One A Day prenatal for almost 3 months while my husband and I are TTC. I even found it on sale one for buy one get one half off really good deal got two 3 month bottles right off the bat(@ walgreens) better deal then online sites. Hope this was helpful , good luck.

freedomize_me |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I also take Women's One-A-Day Prenatal. It has one pill for vitamins and minerals and one for Omega 3 DHA. I actually compared it with all the recommendations in the 'What to expect when your expecting' and it held its own. The only concern was a little too much Calcium. The book recommends no more than 250mg and Women's O-A-D lists 300mg. I intend to ask my Primary Care Physician if its a big deal at my confirmation appt.

lsleeper22 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I'm taking just once naturals prenatal and dha smart essentials. They came in the box together. They haven't hurt my stomach at all, which is unusual because it took me a long time just to find a regular daily vitamin that didn't do that when I wasn't pregnant!

Lyd624 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

Im taking rainbow light its also gentle on stomach and has additional DHA 250 smart essentials they came in abox together and have all the vitamins needed

lilmommafirst |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I just found out I'm pregnant and decided to switch to Garden of Life raw prenatal + DHA supplement. It has 800mcg of Folic Acid + ginger for morning sickness. So far it's easy on my stomach, but it's 3 a day and the smell makes it tough to get down. Would welcome any alternative natural suggestions!

carlyjeane |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I started vitafusion prenatal gummies. They taste good and are not big. they do not make me nauseated. I take 2 gummies a day per the package labeling. Has anyone taken these?

chiladybug79 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

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atyu2020 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I've taken the vitafusion gummies before also, and they're yummy! I switched recently to the One a Day prenatal vitamin duo because I wondered if it was a better one to take while pregnant...but I'm wondering if they're more similar than I thought? I would love to go back to vitafusion's gummies if they're as good for me and baby as the one-a-day prenatals are. Anyone know?

LEStoler |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I just found out that I'm pregnant and started taking Vitafusion prenatal vitamins. I love that they are chewables, but since they don't contain iron, should I be concerned and try something else?

JJolieGR |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I am now 4 weeks pregnant and started taking the Vitafusion gummies, and I also take an Iron supplement with it, at the same time with an orange or something natural with vitamin C to help absorb the iron. I had iron deficiancy anemia 6 years ago so I'm really taking the iron thing serious and making sure it absorbs!

Tasji23 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I just found out on 4/4 that I was pregnant, I have been taking the raw vitamins called Vitamin Code and I have not had any bad nauseating feeling, I had tried the one a day when I was not pregnant but I could not handle them, my stomach was quesy all day. The code vitamins are found in Sprouts formerly Henry's, they recommend take 3 a day.

hercules25 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant as well, found out 3 days ago...I bought me the Vitafusion prenatal gummies and i love them. It takes great and no after taste, and it also has DHA and Folic Acid. It doesn't contain iron, but you can always take iron on the side.

yennymorales80 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant, taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal and Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA neither upset my stomach and I can take the prenatal on an empty stomach. They are pricey, but this is my baby's brain I'm developing.

melissa.shae.chavez |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I'm taking garden of life prenatal vitamins. I HIGHLY recommend them! They are easy on the stomach and havent made be queasy.

ElisaH214 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

A few people have mentioned the prenatal gummy vitamins...I have actually been taking these for 4 months (while TTC), but am going to switch to another prenatal vitamin when I'm done with this bottle. Yes, they taste good, but you still need an iron supplement, B6, and B12, PLUS they're coated in sugar so cannot be the best choice.

Millsap1984 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

My doctor prescribed me a prenatal vitamin, but it doesn't contain any DHA. Should I be worried? Thoughts? How important do you think DHA is? I'm 4 weeks along, by the way.

mrichards212 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am taking Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA. They are the easiest prenatals I've ever taken and although it doesn't have the full day's amount of Beta Carotene, Calcium and DHA, I can make that up in what I eat.

MommieLocs |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

Just make sure to avoid too much Vitamin A. It can be harmful to the baby.

SunBunny3 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

Folate is both much safer and much more usable by the body than Folic Acid. I use New Chapter perfect Prenatal - it has folate instead of folic acid and lots of great other essential vitamins and minerals.

kiyac |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I recommend Vital Nutrients Prenatal. Has raw Folate which is much easier to absorb for many women than Folic Acid, which can typically be synthetic.

kreardon11 |

Q&A: Prenatal vitamin basics?

I use raw Vitamin Code Prenatals. it has 800mcg of folic acid and ginger amonst other vitals! I like it as I do not like to take pills and with this I can open it and dump the ingredients inside my morning smoothies :)

Earthartisanmama |

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